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Powersheets Progress: June Recap & July Goals

Reading time: 5 min.

July and a Powersheets review is here! Y’all, I love this month—I hung up the stars and stripes banner yesterday over the mantle, started re-watching the Founding Fathers documentary series on the History Channel, and already put my 6-mo.-old Tal through a test-run in his American flag smocked outfit: we ready.

Bring on the watermelon, lake days, pool afternoons, summer-shower-dodging, gardening, and farmers markets.

We’re half-way through 2019, and here’s an update on my goals!

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Disclaimer I always say: There are always some dreams and ideas that I’m not quite ready to share, but I always say I DO share for 2 reasons: 1) selfish accountability ???? and 2) for you to see how a very scatter-brained, former perfectionist dreams up her days.

Let’s go!

You know I’m gonna talk up Powersheets below–check them out here! This tool BASICALLY is what helped me figure out I wanted to quit my job and start a business so yes I will be extra about mentioning them. THEY ROCK.

Powersheets shop

June Recap & Powersheets Review

Here’s some realness for ya—and I hope this doesn’t come out sounding grumpy! June and May were not exactly my jump-up-and-down fave months so far this year, for no reason other than I’m “plum wore out,” as we say here in the south. 🙂

We were go-go-go, all while I was trying to figure out how to get back into the rhythm of work AND learning how to be a mom.

We leaned into being a Delta Air Lines/travel family for sure—between us, we had family trips to San Diego and Naples, to Charleston (me, for a mastermind meet-up!) and Orange Beach, Ala. with my family (plus, North Georgia and Kentucky for weddings).

… all in about 6 weeks.

That makes me tired just to read it again.

Ashlyn Carter Ashlyn Writes

Ashlyn Carter Ashlyn Writes Naples

John Talmadge is growing like a weed, with more than half his first year of life tackled, July at home’s gonna be sweet! I can’t wait for pool days and slow, steamy-hot afternoons to just cuddle and hang out.


ICYMI, we wrapped up construction on my home office … holy goodness, y’all. I’m so grateful.

Home office setup for creatives and buildout after shot

It was likewise exhausting, but we hammered the early summer out with our foot on the accelerator. Now? It’s time to kick back a bit.

Monthly Goals

Create a new program and launch it :: Check! Primed to Launch™ is out in the world, with nearly 2k students beta testing it thanks to a bundle I jumped in on. If you’re in the program, look out for some fun stuff rolling out as I tweak it!

Enjoy Orange Beach with my family :: Yup! We went down to the coast for Father’s Day and my birthday.

Ashlyn Carter Ashlyn Writes Orange Beach1

Read 3 books :: Y’all. I read NO books in June. Can you believe it!? I read 4 a month usually, but with all the craziness, I vegged in front of the TV way too much. Yuck. I read, but bounced around with books with no real goal. Def gonna address that this month.

Document office buildout with a blog & video :: Check! Click here to watch and read!

Attend my copywriting mastermind in Charleston :: Check!

Grow YouTube to 4.5k subscribers :: Nope. I jumped into a new YouTube coaching program at the end of June, and I’m excited to see how it helps us grow!

Evergreen The Art of Efficiency™ program so it’s always available :: Nope. Moving to July!

Evergreen Primed to Launch™ program so it’s always available :: Also? Nope. Moving to July as well!

Weekly Goals

Execute my Marketing Monday checklist each week :: Check!

Go on a weekly date with Wes :: Check! Sometimes they included Tal. 😉

Ashlyn Carter Ashlyn Writes fam wedding

Hold my Finance Friday money date :: Check!

Begin installing new website copy :: Nope. I realized this was a pretty bad “weekly action item,” because I didn’t spell out the tasks involved. Lesson learned, and I moved it to July!


Daily Goals

Drink water in the morning when I wake up :: Check! One of my best buddies Sarah Adler told me about chlorophyll drops from Whole Foods to add to your water to stretch that hydration factor a bit more, and I have really enjoyed them since starting in January.

Pray with my prayer journal

Move :: I’ve definitely lost the pregnancy weight, but here’s why—I don’t stop moving. EVER. With stairs, Tal getting heavier, constantly sitting down with him and standing up again, and going on walks, I now understand how moms bounce back. My old jeans fit again, but I still feel out of shape and weak. Why? Because I don’t do “real” workout classes anymore. I never go to yoga, stretch, or lift weights anymore, much less enjoy the sauna or steam room at my gym. Eek! I want to start feeling stronger again. Almost 7 months after baby, I think I’m ready to start making it a priority to leave the house for even a 30 min. class … sometimes I realize I’ve gone 6 days without driving or leaving the house. Yikes!


July Goals

Monthly Goals

Go to Alabama for the Fourth of July and visit with my grandparents

Finish the dining room within budget :: We moved into our house in December 2017, and still have an empty dining room. I want to finally decorate it so we can host a little easier!

Take the Systematic Theology course through Gospel Coalition’s free courses resource

Install new welcome sequence

Record 9 YouTubes to get ahead for sabbatical

Install new ashlynwrites.com copy and imagery from Abby Grace Photography

Re-record and prep to launch The Art of Efficiency for the 2nd time ever at the end of July

Create a sales page and email sequence for Primed to Launch™

Blog about Tal’s nursery

Finish my Feeding Littles online class about starting Tal on solid food :: SUCH a good purchase! It was $50 and has been really helpful. Thanks to everyone who told me about it! He’s had fun learning about food … and sticking EVERYTHING in his mouth. 😉

Ashlyn Carter Ashlyn Writes Tal at 6 mos

Weekly Goals

Pitch 30 opportunities in 30 days :: Gonna try this one! I used to market my business all the time when I started, and now? I never do. HA! I want to get back into it and try to send out 30 pitches in 30 days. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Read 1 book a week

Watch only 4 hours of TV a week :: Eek! I even feel like that’s too much, but I need to start somewhere since getting out of hand the past month.

Go on a weekly date with Wes

Hold my Finance Friday workflow

Hold my Marketing Monday workflow


Daily Goals

Take vitamins

Read out loud to Tal at bedtime :: Kinda got out of this habit during our crazy travels, so I want to jump back in, especially now that he LOVES looking at books!

Pray using my journal or war room

Et voila. Here goes the ol’ college try on some July goals—and a slower month filled with June bugs and porch sitting (covered in mosquito repellent, of course).

Do you blog your goals? Post the link below if you do! I’m nosy like that. 😉

Reading Time: 6 Minutes Reading time: 5 min. July and a Powersheets review is here! Y’all, I love this month—I hung up the stars and stripes banner yesterday over the mantle, started re-watching the Founding Fathers documentary series on the History Channel, and already put my 6-mo.-old Tal through a test-run in his American flag smocked outfit: we ready. […]


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  1. Andrea says:

    I’m going to start now that I figured out how to blog on WordPress/Showit today. Because I feel like my entire first 6 months were like your June (heck…I didn’t even do a tending list 2 months). Excited for AOE this Summer… definitely jumping back in as the actual wedding/event planning is quiet on the back half of the year.

    • Yes, Andrea… man were May and June hard, buttttt … Embrace that *Start Now* mentality and jump back in. Know that I’m right there with ya. So glad to hear you’re excited for Art of Efficiency! I am too! xx. Ash

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