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The PERFECT Copy To Have On Your Website Homepage

Reading Time: 14 Minutes Your website homepage design is your front door/entry into your world. After all, you get ONE chance to make a first impression (just like my dad told me growing up ;)). Turns out dear old dad was kinda right at least when it comes to your homepage of your website. But have you ever tried […]

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The Ultimate Website SEO Audit: 8 Ways to Boost Landing Page SEO

Reading Time: 9 Minutes I often get asked, “How does SEO tie into your website copywriting?” Welp, since both my clients and students tend to work in businesses in highly competitive spaces, I’ve had to learn a system for drawing in your clients with both copy that converts and ranks on Google (totally used to not know this, more […]

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How To Write Headlines That Sell on Your Homepage

Reading Time: 8 Minutes Figuring out how to write headlines that sell (or subheadlines) for a homepage isn’t the easiest of tasks. Today, we’re going to dig into some more helpful copywriting tools—last week, I posted a video of 5 mistakes you’re making on your website, asked for ideas of what to cover next, and this seemed like a […]