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June 2, 2017

Powersheets Progress: My June 2017 Goals

Reading time: 5 min.

Cultivating a life by setting goals helps me mark time and quit the “one day I’ll ____” statements, and you all are always kind to let me share goal ideas each month.

Heralding in June with my Powersheets goals posted on the blog, truly my reasoning for doing this is two-fold:

  1. It’s easy for me to skip things when I don’t tell anyone. By posting this, I tend to DO it.
  2. When I first considered setting grace-filled goals in 2016, I had no clue how to start. I just needed ideas. All I knew was that the first time I practiced goal-setting in 2015, I hated it. I saw progress, sure, but shamed myself with each unchecked box. Then I met Lara Casey’s Powersheets … but needed ideas!!! So, I hope that if that’s you, you’re able to pull ideas from this (even though there’s NO RIGHT WAY to do this!).

June lands sweet on my heart each year: it’s my birthday month, and I’ve loved how it falls in the middle of the year.

It’s been a mark to check-in annually … and just the word makes me think summer sprinklers, cool mornings melting into sauna afternoons, air-dried hair after swimming, and lightning bugs.

I love you, June.

How to use Powersheets to do goal-setting

Powersheets Progress: May Recap

(past posts in the series: January, MarchHow I Got Started with PowersheetsHow-To Use Your Powersheets Alongside Your Simplified Planner,)

Monthly Goals

  1. Launch Copywriting for Creatives to 55 students :: Well, I didn’t … I launched to 110. ????  ????????  Click here to read the in’s and out’s I learned with my latest launch!
  2. Speak at Trouvaille Workshop & the Atlanta Rising Tide Society Tuesdays Together meet-up :: Check!
  3. Launch new AshlynWrites.com website :: Nope. Soft-launched for our Copywriting for Creatives sales page, but I’ll make an announcment later … learned this one the hard way!
  4. Memorize Romans 8 :: Still working on this guy …
  5. Study the book of 1-3 John :: Nope, and this was hard. Brain lapse, and recalling the hustle it takes to do a launch … May quiet times looked a lot more like me on my knees in my closet asking for wisdom and energy, and less like highlighter in hand. Seasons for it all, right?
  6. Hold 1 Instagram/social media-free day :: Check!
  7. Go on 4 dates with Wes :: Check! Our Kentucky Derby date earned a life-time best date blue ribbon. ????????
  8. Fill May client spots :: Check!

Weekly Goals:

  1. Read 4 books :: Nope! Just read two: The One Thing and To Marry an English Lord <– Downton Abbey fan & history nerd? Nab this book!
  2. Walk the dogs outside 1x a week  :: Check! Because y’know, after you pay hundreds in puppy bootcamp, it’s the parents job to make sure it’s an investment maintained. Le sigh.  ????
  3. Doing for self-care each week :: Check!
  4. Blog 2+ times a week and create a PDF or webinar training to serve my tribe :: Check! Hosted SEVEN webinars, and gave my guts out with free content. Always feels good!
  5. Cook something yummy 2x a week :: Check!
  6. Check in the family budget on Mint.com :: Nope. We’re still not doing this, and I had loooong talks with Shanna Skidmore at Trouvaille Workshop about this. To be honest with you, I tend to need a lot of help with numbers outside stats and marketing analytics! Wes’ brain clicks at light-speed with money and math. Not I. It’s hard to learn how to steward a business where income fluctuates (see: launches!) several times a year, so Shanna’s comin’ in for the rescue, along with Steadfast Bookkeeping. They’re the best!

Daily Goals:

  1. Love Wes well :: Work in progress. I want to serve my husband as a student of his habits, needs, and desires, and do something each day that makes him feel respected and loved.
  2. Have PRESENT mornings :: Check! Read about what I mean with that here.
  3. Eat green things daily :: Ehhhhhhh ……………………………. See: cheese & crackers and carbs. I blame launch mode.
  4. Check-in with Jesus in the afternoons :: Need to work on this. I definitely get caught up in work and hustle during the day, and I would love to be better about coming up for air.
  5. Review my day before leaving the office each day :: Nope … I only did this about 10 times.

It’s funny how it’s the daily goals I have the hardest time with, right?

Still, I hope these little goals help you come up with ideas! It always helps me to see goals other people actually set. Give me the concrete goals, please!


Powersheets Progress: June Goals

June lands sweet on my heart each year: it’s my birthday month, and not that I’m obsessed with that day, but I’ve loved how it falls in the middle of the year. It’s been a mark to check-in annually, and just the word makes me think summer sprinklers, cool mornings melting into sauna afternoons, air-dried hair after swimming, and lightning bugs. I love you, June.

Monthly Goals

  1. Get back to taking the Sabbath & keep it HOLY :: Launch month was NOT organized this way. I want June to be.
  2. Launch the AW Store with 5 items
  3. Launch a secret project I’m working on ????
  4. Go on 4 dates with Wes
  5. Memorize Romans 8
  6. Read 4 books :: (thinking SCRUM, The War of Art, Mere Christianity, and the Celebration of Discipline — here’s my 2017 book list post, if you’re a reader, too!)
  7. Make 2015 photo book
  8. Have 2 dinner parties
  9. Hold 1 tech-free day on June 18

Weekly Goals:

  1. Call a friend or family member each week
  2. Support my associate copywriters and clients better than I have been doing during launch month
  3. Uphold Marketing Mondays, writing blogs, a freebie, and a Facebook live talk
  4. Do 1 thing for self-care and to center myself on who I’m created to be each week so I can pour into others
  5. Practice my yoga headstand and handstand :: I HATE going upside down, because I’m just terrified. I’m not too shabby at yoga (18 years of ballet training helps, but don’t ask me about hand-eye coordination) … but when everyone flips on their head, I sit on my mat and watch them, crippled in fear. I’d love to break through that!
  6. Cook 2-3 times a week

Daily Goals

  1. Love on Wes!
  2. Hold PRESENT mornings (again, you can read more on that here!)
  3. Eat something green or raw
  4. Respond to texts and social media comments
  5. Afternoon check-in with Jesus
  6. Read the news for 15 minutes or an article online that isn’t business-focused

Again, I always just appreciate the chance to share this with you, and I KNOW it’s likely annoying to some.

But, when I first started setting goals, I just needed ideas. I had NO CLUE how to set a goal!

Hoping this serves you as an idea bank for your own goals.

I’m fanatical about my dear internet friend and role model Lara Casey’s Powersheets workbook as the tool to help me lunge after building a life that keeps me pointed at who I want to be when I’m 80 years old. It’s never too late to start, and as she says, “there’s nothing special about January 1.”

If you want to join in the 2nd half of 2017 with some goal-setting alongside me, I’d love to Powersheets-it with you!

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