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January 1, 2018

Powersheets Progress: My January Goals + NEW Video Series!

Reading time: 3 min.

Well, we did it: we moved, wrapped up the first full financial calendar year of the business (and 42 clients and a partridge in a pear tree) and celebrated Christmas—all within two weeks.

Welcome home to the Carter Craftsman! 😉

‘Twas a cardboard-scented, grace-filled holiday of realizing a lot of my to-do list and Powersheets goals needed a 180 degree reset after we signed on the dotted line. This house is just 2.5 blocks from our other home, but it was my first REAL move (not dorm room move … not townhouse move when I live with 4 other girls and have only fully furnished a bedroom and the Tervis tumbler cabinet of our shared kitchen).

So, today, I’ll be telling you an update on those December goals, but more importantly (and excitingly!), I’ll be sharing the skinny on my January and new year goals: introducing my new video series to accompany my Powersheets Progress blogs!

Let’s go!

Powersheets how to set goals with Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes

As a quick backgrounder, each month I post my goals—save a few details and things I keep private—for two reasons: to give ideas and encourage other women, since I needed someone to show ME how to set normal-people goals while I was in recovery for mental illness issues, and to hold me accountable to the person I claim to be online.

Past posts in the series:

Here are my December goals—in other words, what actually got done. This wasn’t easy for someone like me—a total recovering perfection—to post, but hopefully, it offers a bit of encouragement: sometimes, ya just don’t check it all off because LIFE HAPPENS.

One move + one week without internet + two weekends out of town = the below results.

But I DID get to meet Amy Porterfield, her team, and some incredible new friends at the Entrepreneur Event in San Diego the first weekend … so, that was worth the out of town time!

Amy Porterfield Entreprenuer Experience from Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes

Powersheets Progress: December and 2017 Recap

Monthly Goals

  1. Honor my team & thank them by EOY: Check! Held my first EOY meeting with a team, and hopefully was able to thank them in a couple of ways.
  2. Move to our new house! Check! Follow along with #thecartercraftsman.
  3. Re-do my Blueprint Model Plan for our family finances, now that we have a new house payment. Half-way! I LOVE the Blueprint Model, the tool we use to plan the business finances (and background of the image in this blog). You can learn more right here.
  4. Finish my Jen Wilikin Bible study of Exodus: Check! I love, love, love these free studies for a very in-depth look at God’s word lead by a woman with on-point theology and a heart for getting women to know their scriptures.
  5. Read 2 LeaderBox book assignments and Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever: Check! Read my post about the 42 books I read here.
  6. Set up a quiz & funnel for AW by EOY: HA. Nope.
  7. Send Christmas cards for our family & business: ALSO HA. I think we’re going to be the New Year’s card people this year!
  8. Finish up my CopyHackers certification: Wait for it—no. Some things had to slide, and this got edited out. It just wasn’t as important as keeping other main things the main thing.

Weekly Goals:

  1. Go on a date with Wes: Check! We pretty much did this the whole year!
  2. Love one friend + one family member well
  3. Run outside 2x a week: Nope—I think I ran once a week and that’s it. It turns out moving is a full-body work-out, did ya know?
  4. Cook 2 (good), 3 (better), or 4 (best days a week): Definitely didn’t do this … I couldn’t locate our kitchen supplies for a few days!

Daily Goals:

  1. Hold PRESENT mornings (You can click here to read more about what I mean!)
  2. Check in with my team 1x each day: TRYING to get better at this.
  3. Drink water!
  4. Eat something green

 Powersheets Progress: January Goals

And here’s the update … this year, my goals updates are moving to—the YouTube channel! Whoop! I’ll still post them here, but you can subscribe to the full playlist over here.

In this video, you’ll hear me talk about why I believe so strongly in sharing goals, even with conflicting research (which should be noted, I do believe).

Plus, I dig into Powersheets and why I’ve found them as a good tool for me. You can take a peek at my 2018 goals … and here are my January goals, which you’ll see on my Tending List!

Powersheets how to set goals with Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes


Again, I always appreciate the chance to share my Powersheets goals with you—it really, REALLY helps me to blog my goals … and I’m SO excited to get to bring you this new video series each month.

Be sure to watch it, and hit subscribe to catch all the videos in the series!

Freshly sharpened pencil bouquet ready, I'm here to make sure your words sell. I help women like you steward your story well, so you can work from a place of rest—not hustle.

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