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September 1, 2018

Powersheets Progress: August Recap & September Goals

Reading time: 7 min.

Powersheets review time again! If you noticed, I skipped my August video …

… because I was on SABBATICAL! One of my very favorite months of the year and annual traditions of our (now) three-year-old marriage.

Each fresh start of the month, I’ll be telling you an update on my goals, and including what went on last month—there’s a whole playlist of these on the YouTube channel … click here to subscribe!

September Powersheets review Plan with me Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes

As a quick backgrounder, each month I post my Powersheets review goals—save a few details and things I keep private—for two reasons: to give ideas and encourage other women, since back in 2015, I needed someone to show ME how to set normal-people goals while I was in recovery for mental illness issues, and to hold me accountable to the person I claim to be online.

Past posts in the series:


Let’s go!

Powersheets Progress: August Recap



Here we go! This year, my Powersheets review goals updates have a new home on the YouTube channel! You can watch the latest installment above, and subscribe to the full playlist over here. >

August was so, so sweet.

I blogged a behind-the-scenes post of our sabbatical, but 3.5 weeks of the month, that’s just what we were doing.

Stepping away from work for longer than one week or one weekend reminds me I’m set free to ENJOY working. Sabbatical is a declaration of freedom: I’m not a slave to my business, money, expectations, Instagram ???? , or even the things that make me so insecure as an entrepreneur.

Again, I have the full scoop on why we do this over here, but on our big annual trip—usually our anniversary trip, this year also dubbed our “babymoon”—we galavanted through Madrid, Barcelona, Toulouse, and Amsterdam!

How to Spend 3 Days in Amsterdam_Ashlyn Writes_Sabbatical

Sabbatical is a sweet time too of the Lord reminding me to be romanced by HIM and the ways that He shows me He loves me. I think being around things I love—art, architecture, flowers, walking, exploring, reading—always reminds me of the ways He creatively speaks to me.

My VMP prayer journal helps me dig into prayer, but I also wanted to say how much I LOVE Jen Wilkin’s Bible studies. My friend was asking me this past month HOW you know what to read in the Bible, and that’s such a good question.

How to pray Ashlyn Writes

Truly, Jen is one of the women that showed me (through her books and podcasts!) what it means to read Scriptures. She’s starting up her online study again for 1 & 2 Samuel, but if you’ve never found her stuff, let me proudly introduce you to like, 8 or so FREE Bible studies …

… they’re all on this podcast! They’re seriously amazing.

Anyway, I finished those up this past spring, so I started her 1 Peter study this summer and just finished it this month.

Preparing for maternity leave in December has been harder than I thought with my waxing and waning energy levels … a few of my sweet friends (Nancy, Kat, and Lauren) have GREAT blogs on it, but those are the only 3 resources I have been able to find! Hopefully, after all this, I’d love to spend some time talking a bit more about how my team and I are preparing for this.

>Monthly Goals

  • Finish content/set it to roll while I’m on Sabbatical in Europe! :: Check! This made the end of July SO hard, but it worked. I felt like I was prepping for maternity leave and getting an education on how that goes! I pre-wrote every single social media post, blog, and video script (+ filmed ’em!) before we left. PHEW! Click here to read my 2018 sabbatical post!
  • Build out my new The Art of Efficiency™ program to launch by EOM :: Check! I get asked a lot from my current students about my routines, email templating/inbox/folder system, how I plan days and months, etc., so I made The Art of Efficiency mini-course about it. Launching the day after coming back wasn’t ideal, but HELLO changing the annual plan when you’re cooking a little one inside (I hate that phrase now that I type it, HA.). We have 125 sweet new students that are helping build out the program as founding members!
  • Revamp our Brand Story package to better serve clients :: Not check. Still on my quarterly goal list!
  • Go to the outlet mall and finish the patio decor, breakfast nook, and living room with our budgeted funds :: CHECK! Well, patio & breakfast nook done, only need one thing on the walls downstairs and we’re about done, 8 months in!
  • Grow email list by 3k this month :: Check!
  • Update our family budget & add 1 new (tiny) person to the headcount for 2019 🙂 :: Nope! We decided to wait until after our annual CPA meeting, since the end of August, my car died … all while we were planning on replacing Wes’s old pick up truck this year. Rearranging our finances and am off to do that this month! We have a great budget (thank you, Blueprint Model), but since we moved slash got pregs, it is in need of an update. I also plan to revamp the business’s Blueprint Model in September for 2019. Click here to be first to know when doors open!
  • Finish my Jen Wilkin 1 Peter study :: YES AND YES!

Weekly Goals:

  1. Grow in wisdom by reading 1 book a week :: Check! I read Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckermeir and Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books by Tony Reinke, and I re-read Deep Work by Cal Newport, re-read Every Good Endeavor by Tim Keller.
  2. Send out 2 blogs + 1 YouTube each week I’m gone, post on Instagram 6 times (also mostly scheduled!) :: Check!
  3. Hold my #FinanceFriday session each Friday :: Nope—I skipped the whole time we were in Europe, whoops! This is my weekly workflow where I pay myself, manage our family Mint.com, pay off our credit cards, run payroll for my business, check the business PnL, and talk to my bookkeeper about things if needed.


Daily Goals:

    1. Pray with my Val Marie Paper journal
    2. Have a daily art break
    3. Move my body for 30 minutes

 September Powersheets Goals

Auburn football, visiting my family (just the original 4—my mama, daddy, and sister Kristen!) in Orange Beach, Alabama, and fall activities have me PUMPED.

I’m also SO excited to see my mastermind sisters again at our very last meet-up at Camp Wandewega this month!

My word of this month?


I just want to keep up my energy and finish the drill strong before I have this little one. I’m almost into my third trimester, and I—while still am so exhausted and have a hard time sleeping thanks to the wacky funhouse that is my dream cycle these days—am more upbeat than I’ve been all year.

Here goes nothing … and I’ve got a WHOLE new respect for working mamas, like the one that raised me!


Monthly Goals

  • Schedule + pray over 3 nursery school visits for baby Carter! 
  • Finish serving 125 new founding members inside The Art of Efficiency™  :: I have already enjoyed getting to know these women and getting to talk about systems and efficiency—the best part has been creating it around exactly what they’re asking for, since it’s the first time I’ve run the program. TAE Insiders, thank you, thank you for coming along with me and helping shape this. I know there are so many good productivity tools out there, but I want to do my best to pack as much into this <$500 price point as possible. You guys have been so helpful shaping this!
  • Decorate the dining room  :: I’m hosting a shower for one of my best friends around Thanksgiving … eek!
  • Update Copywriting for Creatives™ for October’s enrollment & new students, and give alumni access to the revamp :: This is one of my favorite tools, and I ADORE the community of 600+ students inside. I want to re-do the curriculum with a fresh face and make it even better before I go on maternity leave.
  • Grow email list to hit my goal number this mont :: Check!
  • Finish updating our family budget & add 1 new (tiny) person to the headcount for 2019, plus our 2019 business goals financially 🙂 :: Nope! We decided to wait until after our annual CPA meeting, since the end of August, my car died … all while we were planning on replacing Wes’s old pick up truck this year. Rearranging our finances and am off to do that this month!
  • Begin my Jen Wilkin Bible study on 1 Samuel :: Want to join me? Click here to get the resources this “semester” … it is FO’ FREE!!!
  • Automate my monthly Duty Day a bit more for maternity leave :: Click here to learn how I run a “duty day” >>
  • Finish my online Birth Prep class

Weekly Goals


Daily Goals

  • Pray using my Val Marie Paper journal
  • Keep up my daily Work to Rest Winddown Ritual, how I prep for the evening and quit work!
  • 30 min. of social media a day
  • Clock 4 hours of deep work on work days
  • Check in with my team on work days


Again, I always appreciate the chance to share my Powersheets goals with you—it really, REALLY helps me to blog my goals … and I’m SO excited to get to bring you this new video series each month!



The 2019 Powersheets launch OCTOBER 24! I am so, so excited. Make sure to click through below to get on the list to know when they’re available, because they tend to sell out!

Freshly sharpened pencil bouquet ready, I'm here to make sure your words sell. I help women like you steward your story well, so you can work from a place of rest—not hustle.

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