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July 1, 2017

Powersheets Progress: My July Goals

Reading time: 3 min.

Each month, I tell you about the goals I’m setting for a few reasons–chiefly for (a) accountability and (b) because I used to HATE setting goals, until a certain someone (ahem, Lara Casey) wrote me about how she worked towards cultivating what matters with Powersheets, and a lightbulb clicked.

Fun July fact: Benjamin Franklin actually had a list of 13 virtues he wanted to establish, and he rated himself each day on how he was doing cultivating those goals.

June was a season of jaunting from coast-to-coast, as Wes and I threw lines over a boat (well, he did, I laid out on dad’s fishing boat) with my family down in the gulf waters of Orange Beach, Ala., taking off from that trip to fly west and experience San Francisco and Napa Valley for the first time!

With two weeks sliced out of June, July will be a head-down-do-the-work kind of month, but reading Lara’s latest book, Cultivate, has helped me remember that sometimes, it’s a summer season in our lives as well: we water, prune, water, prune, water, prune.We don’t start new things as much as we tend and care for what’s been

Sometimes, we don’t start new things as much as we tend and care for what’s been established.

That’s July for me.

(Oh, and I got to help Lara edit the manuscripts almost a year ago … I grinned a mile wide seeing my name in the back of her book–God has used her minister to me, and one day, I’ll get to hug her and say thank you for how she’s served Him and modeled that for me … grab Cultivate, it’s worth the quick read!)


Powersheets Progress: June Recap

(past posts in the series: January, March, JuneHow I Got Started with PowersheetsHow-To Use Your Powersheets Alongside Your Simplified Planner,)

Monthly Goals

  1. Get back to taking the Sabbath & keep it HOLY :: My last launch month was NOT organized this way. June was MUCH better!
  2. Launch the AW Store with 5 items :: Nope, pushed it to July … and being okay with that.
  3. Launch a secret project I’m working on ???? :: Soft-launched the AW YouTube channel … whoop!
  4. Go on 4 dates with Wes :: Check! Napa and San Francisco obviously topped the list!
  5. Memorize Romans 8 :: Do 4 verses count? Progress!
  6. Read 3 books :: (I read The War of Art, Cultivate, Audacious, and The Rules of Civilityhere’s my 2017 book list post, if you’re a reader, too!)
  7. Make 2015 photo book :: Check!
  8. Have 2 dinner parties :: Nope … I didn’t plan for two weeks out of town in June … onward to July!
  9. Hold 1 tech-free day on June 18 :: Check!

Weekly Goals:

    1. Call a friend or family member each week :: Check!
    2. Support my associate copywriters and clients better than I have been doing during launch month :: Check … at least I’m getting better (and I love you two!)
    3. Uphold Marketing Mondays, writing blogs, a freebie, and a Facebook live talk :: Check! Only missed one week of Facebook living … which is such a fun way to bring you all some tips.
    4. Do 1 thing for self-care and to center myself on who I’m created to be each week so I can pour into others :: Check!
    5. Practice my yoga headstand and handstand :: Check!
    6. Cook 2-3 times a week :: Check!

Daily Goals:

  1. Love on Wes! :: Check!
  2. Hold PRESENT mornings (again, you can read more on that here!) :: Check!
  3. Eat something green or raw :: (Mostly) check!
  4. Respond to texts and social media comments :: Nope. If you’re a business owner, how do you keep up with this!? I want to respond to everyone, but I’m running low on hours!
  5. Afternoon check-in with Jesus :: (Mostly) check!
  6. Read the news for 15 minutes or an article online that isn’t business-focused :: (Mostly) check!


Powersheets Progress: July Goals

Monthly Goals

  1. Finish Bible study on 1-3 John
  2. Read 4 books: Scrum, A Moveable Feast (never read it!), Expert Secrets, and The Celebration of Discipline
  3. Grow email list by another 2K
  4. Finish and announce website revamp
  5. Plan 4 dates with WHC
  6. Plan Creative @ Heart talk
  7. Launch shop with 5 items
  8. Hit July sales goals
  9. Create 8 videos for the AW YouTube channel

Weekly Goals:

  1. Have girl time!
  2. Uphold #MarketingMondays, writing blogs, a freebie, and a Facebook live talk
  3. Uphold #FinanceFridays
  4. Do 1 thing for self-care and to center myself on who I’m created to be each week so I can pour into others
  5. Practice my yoga headstand and handstand :: I HATE going upside down, because I’m just terrified.

Daily Goals

  1. Focus on showing Wes I respect him
  2. Hold PRESENT mornings (again, you can read more on that here!)
  3. Eat something green and drink water!
  4. Check in with my team
  5. Review day at the end of each day (you can see how I do that here)

Again, I always just appreciate the chance to share this with you–it really, REALLY helps me to blog my goals … I tend to then tackle them, wink.

What about you? Have you blogged any life or business goals lately? Post below–I’d love to read them!

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