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the how-to guide for batching your work into themed days >

a swipe copy page for your client welcome magazine >

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prep for your next launch with the famed launch copy checklist >

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I've blogged a tish-bit about books I think creative entrepreneurs should throw in their bag on airlines and beach days. Here it is. For all my book recommendations, click below to shop on Amazon what I've had my nose in since becoming an entrepreneur!

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go-to copywriting tools

the copywriter club

Rob's my Copy Dad, and I told Kira recently she's my Copy Big Sis. Click here to listen to my episode on their podcast, and tune in for expert copy hacks from the founders of The Copywriter Club.

these books


Testing? Duh you are, you're a copywriter. I like to use Sumo tools to see what's converting ... and what's not.


google docs


Study up—anyone that asks me about becoming a copywriter, I recommend these books.

Spell check on steroids. Download it and werk it—psst, the free version is all you need. It's fab.

Not fancy ... but this is the best tool for interfacing with clients with deliverables, getting feedback, and getting in ship-shape for install.

This is the platform I've found best for drafting client deliverables, from sales pages to email sequences.

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lovevery heirloom baby toy subscription

nancy ray's photo guide

artifact uprising

Created by Danny Lelieveldfrom the Noun Project

What keeps our little family running outside of the studio:


Get yo'self paid, without the PDF'd docs you DIY (I used to do that, too) and take care of your people with easy-to-sign agreements.

For client management



No monocles or twirling mustaches here. It's super easy (and pretty) to keep all client details in one workspace, instead of inbox-capades.

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