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May 8, 2019

Powersheets Progress: April Recap & May Goals

Reading time: 6 min.

Love my monthly goal planning & Powersheets review with you guys—don’t forget to comment below with a link to your goal check-in, especially if you’re using Powersheets.

April marked my first FULL month back as a working momma, our SIXTH Copywriting for Creatives™ launch, and time digging in the dirt with a baby strapped on tight as I got my garden set up.

Welcome spring, and SEE YA pollen season you were the worst. 😉 But I’m grateful for what you usher in.

2019 Powersheets review - guide to using powersheets

My word of the year is “emerge,” and I’m in-sync with whatever the heck the ranunculus in my garden are trying to do: stretching my arms and legs and getting back in the game of business + fam/friend time.

A quick thought on goals. This is nearly my third year blogging them. I wrote about why I started them here—I spend hours in thought on goals to have an outline of the year I want to live, even if it twists completely. I’ve found that if I set goals—which I do using Powersheets—I end the year more proud of the progress I’ve made, books I’ve read, and woman I’ve become.

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There are always some dreams and ideas that I’m not quite ready to share, but I always say I DO share for 2 reasons: 1) selfish accountability ???? and 2) for you to see how a very scatter-brained, former perfectionist dreams up her days.

Let’s go!

You know I’m gonna talk up Powersheets below–check them out here! This tool BASICALLY is what helped me figure out I wanted to quit my job and start a business so yes I will be extra about mentioning them. THEY ROCK.

Powersheets Review: April Recap

At the end of every month, I fill out a little 7-question worksheet I made (nerd much?) and tape inside my goal setting workbook during my Powersheets review sesh that asks a few check-in questions. This is very Type A I know, ok? But I pretty much don’t process anything unless I write it so this is showbiz for me, baby.

My ride-or-die 3 wins in April? EASY.

UN: John Talmadge had a “sip ‘n’ see” back home in Montgomery with my family, and it was adorable. Right? Just look at that smile. So classic. My parents hosted it at their house because a lot of my extended family hadn’t met Tal yet.

DEUX: We started my home office build out over the garage! I also splurged (argh, it feels like it!) and spent money on a coworking space in Midtown ATL. It’s just over $1.5k for my two months rent—ay yi yi, where’s the gin and tonic, that’s ‘spensive. But I keep telling myself that it’s worth it since the drilling and banging going on at home wouldn’t allow me to get anything done. Plus, apparently hammering in the background is annoying on YouTube videos. ????‍♀️

Ashlyn Writes Office Build-out

TROIS: Welcoming in 150+ new Copywriting for Creatives™ students inside this spring’s class! It was my second biggest financial launch (mid-May I’ll talk about the numbas & learnings from it), and HONESTLY my most stress free.


Here’s what all happened!

Monthly Goals

Plant veggies & patio planters :: CHECK! Quick story: I started calligraphy because after a day of work at my old PR job, it felt so good to make something with my hands. Gardening is the new calligraphy in my life. Lara Casey and Floret Flower resources have been INTEGRAL, and I’ve put sweet Amber Housely’s fabulous garden planner to work documenting my first (and now my second!) year.

Shopping when you’re 30.

Document my new office build-out :: YES! Check, and in progress!

Book a massage or an art class :: After our CfC launch, I wanted to unwind. People who gift massage certificates to new moms (looking at you, Aunt Patti & cousins) are goddesses incarnate.

Grow email list by 4k :: Check! 4,795. Pant, pant, pant.

Have my family over either for Easter or the Masters :: Check! We had a Masters party—we’re big golf fans … er, Wes is, and I know enough to be dangerous AND know that whacking golf balls on a driving range is a seriously fab way to knock off stress.

Sell 180 seats inside Copywriting for Creatives™ :: Almost! 180 was my stretch goal, and we were juusssssttt a hair shy of it. Speaking of hair, did you know how much you lose after you have a kid?

Write a PR plan for my business :: Nope. Still nope. This has been on my to-do list for uh *checks notes* 2 months now. Moving it to May!

Unpack my learnings from The Copywriter Club #IRL :: See above note … it applies to this one. Moving this to May.

Install updated website copy & case studies :: Still getting there—waiting for a clients, since we’re adding a bunch of case studies. 🙂

Begin a 2 Samuel Bible study :: Nope! Jen Wilkin’s free scripture-centered Bible studies ROCK, but I had no idea about how the whole morning Bible study routine goes with a 4 month old. I ended up using Fresh Start for Moms journal, and meditating on the scriptures in there for the 12 minutes I got alone before Tal piped up at 6:30 a.m. Gonna call that a “W.”

Weekly Goals

Read 1 book a week :: I read 2 … so halfway? Sure. 🙂 This past week, I finished Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis and read The Home Edit by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin. I’ve LOVED Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday by my friend Val Woerner, but decided to read it slower so I can soak up the truths. (I listed everything I’ve read so far this year in my last goals blog)
Move 3x a week :: Check! Mostly walking!
Hold my #FinanceFriday session :: I finally recorded a video on this! Click here to see my workflow.
Do 1 “soul” care thing at least once a week :: Check! Bubble bath, drawing, dance class, massage … you get it.
Send 1 email and 1 YouTube video to my email list :: Check!
Listen to a Sally Clarkson “Life with Sally” workshop :: I love this membership! If you’re in a stage of life where you’re learning how to be a family that follows Jesus, it’s really great.
Go on a date with Wes :: Check! Sometimes Tal joined us, sometimes he didn’t.

Daily Goals

Pray using my journal
Chug a glass of water in the morning before I hook up my IV to the coffeemaker per usual (and don’t tell me that caffine doesn’t help anxiety, I know, I’d just rather deal with the consequences because I LOVE COFFEE SO MUCH)
Do my daily rest-to-work and work-to-rest ramp up/ramp down routines. You can see them in this YouTube video!
Take my vitamins + meds

Powersheets Review: May Goals

Monthly Goals

Read 3 books
Enjoy San Diego with my family!
Grow email list by 5k
Update my email sequences
Refresh and optimize The AW Shop, where I sell copywriting templates
Write a PR plan for my business
Celebrate Memorial Day in Florida with our friends
Attend 2 non-Sunday morning events at our church
Grow YouTube channel to 4k subscribers


Weekly Goals

Exercise 3x a week (NOT walking, but something a little more challenging)
Do 1 “soul care” thing each week
Cook something new every week 
Post on Instagram 5x a week :: I just hopped into Tyler McCall’s Follower to Fan society—I need a little reminder why I love the app, so I’m excited! Plus I luh a good online class or program.
Listen to a Sally Clarkson “Life with Sally” workshop :: I love this membership! If you’re in a stage of life where you’re learning how to be a family that follows Jesus, it’s really great.
Hold my #FinanceFriday session :: This will always be on my weekly goal list. :_
Go on 1 date with Wes

Daily Goals

Pray daily :: I use this Val Marie Paper journal
Do my daily rest-to-work and work-to-rest ramp up/ramp down routines
Take my vitamins + meds
Chug a glass of water when I wake up

Whew. Holding things VERY loosely these days I figure out how my heart can hold loving a new baby AND loving a business at the same time.

Do you blog your Powersheets review or goals? Post a link below if you do—I love seeing what other women like me are working on!

Freshly sharpened pencil bouquet ready, I'm here to make sure your words sell. I help women like you steward your story well, so you can work from a place of rest—not hustle.

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  1. Rhiannon says:

    Phew! You INSPIRE me, sister. I love how you’ve structured your life and give you serious kudos for doing so so beautifully in your current season. Xoxo

  2. Betsy says:

    Hi! I am looking for your video on rest-to-work and work-to-rest routines, but I can’t find it. Could you by chance post a link? Thank you!

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