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Spread the word, er copy—
And get paid to do it.

Spread the word, er copy—
And get paid to do it.

Not to mention you should be getting paid if you’re mentioning our stuff—that’s a pretty big deal for a small business with a big heart, and we want to say thank you for the ultimate stamp of approval.

Serve your audience with conversion copy tools, courses, and more while earning a 30% commission.

You tell the story better than ANY copy we can write. 

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let's go.

Monetize your AW mentions with easy-button efforts, using trackable links from our trusted third-party affiliate partner, Refersion.

We want to make it easy for you to earn money for your recommendations.

Whether it’s a can’t-miss read or emotional support candle scent, we love a good recommendation over here. 

= cash money, baby.

and now?

Here’s how the AW partner program works—

Anyone can sign up for the AW affiliate program. Oui, you read that right. You don’t have to be a member of every course + product to share the love. If you believe an AW tool can help your fellow entrepreneur, go wild. 

We DO ask that you—
1. Get the gist of copywriting & back the AW message
2. Be hungry to serve your audience (size doesn’t matter!)

Sign yo’self up.

Share with your crew

Nab your custom link to whichever product you want to promote & get sharing with unlimited invites. No special skills required. Post your FreshBooks affiliate link anywhere and start earning income, whether it’s a blog, article, social media account, forum, or in an email to your network. Along the way, we’ll hook you up with a resource stack of things like—

Swipe copy (duh)
Imagery assets
JV webinar opportunities
A dashboard to check-in on your progress

work from a place of rest—not hustle

love it, link it, let it roll.

You’ll get 30% commission on any offer—from Copywriting to Creatives to templates from The Copy Bar, Primed to Launch to The Copy Bar Collective membership. If they become a paying customer through your affiliate link, you get the kick back. It’s our way to say thank you, and mean it. 

Earn sweet, sweet cashola.

anything under our brand umbrella counts


So far, we’ve given our partners $496,000

... that’s an ROI we're here for.

Poppin’ off perks—

10%? Yeah no—those don’t move the needle much. We’ll hand over 30% commission on any sale you make.


Since we can’t combine chocolate + sea salt, we’ll do the next best: combine your link with 30 days of longevity for your potential customer.


Need support? Extra imagery? Friendly help with a Southern accent, coming right up.



You’re not just earning that make-it-bath math ROI. (Which, we hope you do.) You’re helping other creative small business owners stay in the game & make more money with their words. 

Join us on mission to equip and serve women                steward their time, talent, treasure,
& story.

as they

Get a front-row seat to sales copy tips & hacks I’m applying to write first-rate/top-shelf funnels for clients, what’s on my desk (and in my earbuds), and what lessons I’ve learned … sometimes the hard way. Hope you’re ok that I’m a little more personal here than I am in social media land. 😜

These emails are read—and swipe filed—by people you probably follow in the creative industry … and you can get ‘em, too.


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