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I've been called the OG of copywriters for creatives, wink—I hook up women with words as a launch copywriter & brand strategist. Even while raking in more than 7-figures since I've been at it, I believe working from a place of rest (not hustle) IS possible—and I want the same for you.
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November 1, 2017

Powersheets Progress: My November Goals

Reading time: 4 min.

Ah, Powersheets—my favorite goal-setting resource ever.

My best friend from growing up Becca texted me last week: “Powersheets. Yes or no, since I don’t have a business?”

I immediately voice noted her: “Yes. This is the first resource or workbook I found that helped me look at the past year and see exactly what I did with those 12 months, and then come up with baby steps that will help me be the person I want to be at the end of my life.”

She pic texted me this morning that she got ’em. 😉

Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes and goal setting with Powersheets

Goal setting is one of my favorite ways to worship the Lord and steward my time, leaning into gifts He’s given me—and find equilibrium between my two speeds: pedal-to-the-metal and Netflix-and-chill.

It seems I have no middle speed, and Powersheets help me pace myself as I learn to set goals, check them off, and give myself grace along the way.

The 2018 Powersheets are HERE, and my sweet friend Lara Casey and the incredible team at Cultivate What Matters celebrated the past week by unveiling the new designs. I was so grateful to get a set in the mail (it turns out if you fangirl Powersheets as much as I do, you wind up being a top affiliate—I come by it honestly, I promise! As I always say, these are the worksheets that helped me process through eating disorder recovery, quit my job to start a business, and grow into a brand new marriage), and I’m thrilled to dive in next month!


But, before we get to 2018 …

… let’s wrap up 2017. 😉 Here are my November goals below!

Powersheets Progress: October Recap

(past posts in the series: January, March, June, July, AugustHow I Got Started with PowersheetsHow-To Use Your Powersheets Alongside Your Simplified Planner,)

Monthly Goals

  1. Finish Bible study on Exodus, Part 1: Check! I’m OBSESSED with Jen Wilkin’s old podcasts and free workbooks. Find them here!
  2. PRAY! It was launch month, aka I’m on my knees in my prayer closet constantly asking for business wisdom. Launching isn’t easy, ha.
  3. Open doors to 140+ Copywriting for Creatives students: CHECK! We have 145 beautiful new CfC students—and I am head over heels for this new crew!
  4. Lead 2K women through the #WriteYourSite Challenge: Check! Whew—no one told me challenges were hard, but seeing lightbulb moments for creative women learning how to write better website copy was.the.best.
  5. Create a 2018 calendar: Check. I needed a dry-erase wall calendar. 🙂
  6. Install sales funnels in my own business, not just for my clients: Nope. Wishful thinking … hopefully by the end of the year!
  7. Read 2 books: Check. Lapsing into a Comma (basically a style guide for writers) by the Washington Post’s Bill Walsh and Between the Dreaming and the Coming True by NAME … SO GOOD.
  8. Go on 4 dates with Wes: Check!
  9. Vet client systems to improve them for the new year: Nope. Definitely need to focus on this!

Weekly Goals:

  1. Run 2x a week: Nope—I actually hardly worked out at all during our product launch, and I talked to my business buddy and friend Jenna about that … moving forward, I need to set myself up more team support during a launch—I hardly even had time to sleep!
  2. Uphold #MarketingMondays, writing blogs, a freebie, and a Facebook live talk: Check!
  3. Have girl time each week: 3 times out of 4 ain’t bad!
  4. Make progress on my Free to Focus course from Michael Hyatt: Notice I said “progress” as my goal. 😉 Not finished yet, but loving it.

Daily Goals:

  1. Track my time
  2. Bypass afternoon power naps since it’s launch month. 😉
  3. Eat something green and drink water!
  4. Check in with my team
  5. Review day at the end of each day (you can see how I do that here)

Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes and goal setting with Powersheets

Powersheets Progress: November Goals

Monthly Goals

  1. Enjoy 4 dates and respect Wes well: Real talk. I’m pretttttttty Type A and go-getter, so Biblical submission is hard for someone who wants to be queen of the household and call every single shot. Wes really is brilliant and a wise leader … so I’m learning to stop being such a bossy pants.
  2. Study the book of Exodus, part 2 with my Jen Wilikin podcasts and free workbooks.
  3. Read 4 books: Prayer by Paul Miller, Crucial Conversations by NAME, Rest by NAME, and a fiction book.
  4. Hit my Black Friday sales goals.
  5. Serve our 145 new Copywriting for Creatives students well.
  6. Write out the 2018 marketing plan, specfically January through June.
  7. Hit sales goals after speaking at Showit UNITED.

Weekly Goals:

  1. Do 1 thing for self care every week, like sit in the sauna at the gym for even just a few minutes!
  2. Cook at least 2x a week.
  3. Love one friend + one family member well
  4. Enjoy girl hangout time!
  5. Product 2+ blogs, 1 newsletter, and 1 freebie or freebie video training each week.
  6. Run 2x a week and JUST GO OUTSIDE!

Daily Goals:

  1. Hold PRESENT mornings (again, you can read more on that here!)
  2. Eat something green and drink water!
  3. Check in with my team
  4. Read
  5. Write down how much I slept: I tend to clock wayyy below the recommended hours by the end of the week. It doesn’t make me feel good, and I want to work on this!

Again, I always just appreciate the chance to share this with you—it really, REALLY helps me to blog my goals … but what about you? What are you up to this month?

And um—HAVE YOU EVER TRIED POWERSHEETS!? The 2018 ones are ready, so give ’em a whirl with me!

Freshly sharpened pencil bouquet ready, I'm here to make sure your words sell. I help women like you steward your story well, so you can work from a place of rest—not hustle.

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