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Powersheets Progress: July Recap & August Goals

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Let’s do it to it, Lars—here’s my Powersheets review for the month …

… and …

… it …

… is …

SABBATICAL MONTH! I wait all year for this! More on that in a sec.

Each fresh start of the month, I’ll be telling you an update on my goals, and including what went on last month—there’s a whole playlist of these on the YouTube channel … click here to subscribe!

August Powersheets

As a quick backgrounder, each month I post my Powersheets review goals—save a few details and things I keep private—for two reasons: to give ideas and encourage other women, since back in 2015, I needed someone to show ME how to set normal-people goals while I was in recovery for mental illness issues, and to hold me accountable to the person I claim to be online.

Past posts in the series:

Let’s go!

Powersheets Progress: July Recap

Here we go! This year, my Powersheets review goals updates have a new home on the YouTube channel! You can watch the latest installment above, and subscribe to the full playlist over here. >

A highlight of my whole summer was spending a week in the countryside of France—I was speaking at my friends’ workshop (Abby Grace & Katherine), but REALLY let’s get to it: I got to live in a French chateau built in the 18th century for a whole 6 days.

With no AC, I slept with the breeze (nary a moth or two) blowing in my little bedroom, sat in an old Louis XIV chair for my morning routine each day, and got to pull out my college French as I wound through the little villages on my way to Dangeau, where Chateau de Bouthonvilliers was.

Chateau de Bouthonvilliers-20


My little bump of a baby boy’s kept growing, praise the Lord for good reports and ultrasounds, too!

I even got to trek home to Alabama for a baby shower for one of my very best friends at my parents’ home!

I’ve been doing Jess Connolly’s free Summer to Thrive series, and so funny—the Fruit of the Spirit we were studying the week I was in France was faithfulness. She had us mentally tick off how the Lord has been faithful through the years to us, and sitting in that chateau was perfect: even down to how He knit me to adore ballet and art, have a Belle-obsession at age 6, study French from 1st grade through college—i.e. give me parents that put me in school—showed: He FAITHFULLY wound a personality in me that’s continued from kindergarten to age 30 … and that’s just the part I’m aware of.

He’s good.


Monthly Goals

  • Educate myself on our family budget and implement an updated #FinanceFridays plan :: Check! Like I said, we have a great budget (thank you, Blueprint Model), but since we moved slash got pregs, it was in need of an update. I also plan to revamp the business’s Blueprint Model in August for 2019, like I planned the business’s 2018 year in August of last year.
  • Finish my Jen Wilkin 1 Peter study :: Progress, but not finished!
  • Finish the patio decor, breakfast nook, and living room :: Nope … getting there. 😉
  • Plan our sabbatical trip :: YES! Details below on where we’re going! Here’s how I plan a sabbatical >>
  • Develop a new talk and enjoy France :: IYES AND YES!
  • Grow email list by 3k this month :: About half, and started an ad campaign I’ve been meaning to begin!
  • Create, test, and pre-launch mini-course on productivity :: Created! I’ll be testing it while I’m out on sabbatical, but doors will open end of August. Click here to stay in the loop on that!

The Blueprint Model strikes again. I’m leading a crew of women through it again starting in January: click here to be first to know when doors open!


Weekly Goals:

  1. Exercise at Exhale 3x a week :: 2/4 weeks. How do you pregnant women workout anyway!? WOOF! I can’t catch my breath!
  2. Spend time with the girls 1x a week :: Check!
  3. Love on one friend, love on one fam member :: Check!
  4. Take the Sabbath & digital detox every week (can be Saturday or Sunday) :: Check, except for the last week
  5. Do 1 artsy thing each week (draw, paint, take a Spencerian calligraphy lesson, etc.) :: Check, except for the last week
  6. Read 1 book/week :: I, Eliza Hamilton by NAME, the No BS Guide to Time Management, Moms On Call by NAME, and by Charles Krauthammer
  7. Hold my #FinanceFriday session :: Check! This is my weekly workflow where I pay myself, manage our family Mint.com, pay off our credit cards, run payroll for my business, check the business PnL, and talk to my bookkeeper about things if needed


Daily Goals:

    1. Pray with my Val Marie Paper journal
    2. Pray specifically for Wes
    3. Tidy the home … I feel like I’ve gotten lax on this working from home while Wes is gone all day—bowls in the sink, cups everywhere, you know the drill. Gonna try to pick up a bit more after myself during the day!
    4. Move my body for 30 minutes


 Powersheets Progress: August Goals

BAH! I am so excited about our annual Sabbatical! We plan a sabbatical about a year in advance (click here to read how I do that) for August, our anniversary month, but …

… it kinda got turned into a babymoon this year. 🙂

Someday I feel like I should post my Paris/London itenerary for 2 because I get asked on Instagram for it a lot, but I feel like my masterpiece is our Madrid/Barcelona/Toulouse/Amsterdam itenerary for this month.

We do a mix of rest day, walk day, and alternate years, too—one year’s a slooowww paced beach trip (like our St. Lucia one last year), and the next will be more like a Europe trip.

We’re setting traditions as we’ve only been married 3 years, but this is one we want to stick around!


Monthly Goals

  • Finish content/set it to roll while I’m on Sabbatical in Europe!
  • Build out productivity course to launch by EOM :: Yup! I get asked a lot from my current students about my routines, email templating/inbox/folder system, how I plan days and months, etc., so I’m making a mini-course about it and trying to keep the price really low. It’s coming at the end of August! Click here to stay in the loop on that!
  • Revamp our Brand Story package to better serve clients
  • Go to the outlet mall and finish the patio decor, breakfast nook, and living room with our budgeted funds
  • Grow email list by 3k this month
  • Update our family budget & add 1 new (tiny) person to the headcount for 2019 🙂
  • Go to the High Museum with my mama
  • Hang out with 2 of my best girlfriends in Knoxville, where one lives
  • Finish my Jen Wilkin 1 Peter study


Weekly Goals

  • Grow in wisdom by reading 1 book a week
  • Send out 2 blogs + 1 YouTube each week I’m gone, post on Instagram 6 times (also mostly scheduled!)
  • Hold my #FinanceFriday session each Friday


Daily Goals


Again, I always appreciate the chance to share my Powersheets goals with you—it really, REALLY helps me to blog my goals … and I’m SO excited to get to bring you this new video series each month!

By the way, since it’s August, I do get a lot of questions about if it’s worth it to start Powersheets now, and YES! The workbooks actually come in 6-month and 12-month planners, but like Lara Casey says, there’s nothing special about August 1. 😉

BUT … the 2019 ones are coming soon, so stay tuned!

Reading Time: 6 Minutes Reading time: 5 min. Let’s do it to it, Lars—here’s my Powersheets review for the month … … and … … it … … is … SABBATICAL MONTH! I wait all year for this! More on that in a sec. Each fresh start of the month, I’ll be telling you an update on my goals, […]


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  1. Found you yesterday and have been delving in ever since! I wanted to get on your list about the mini marketing course but the link is broken. Is there a new one?

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