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How I set goals for March with Powersheets by Ashlyn Carter copywriter at Ashlyn Writes


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March 1, 2018


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Reading time: 4 min.

February, you were cozy, full of rain showers, airports upon airports, plane row middle-seats, and sleep-in mornings.

This first morning of March, I felt like a bear stretching post-hibernation, and ready to bounce towards a bit of a “hustle-ish” season after a few months of quieted winter days.

2017 wrapped with a big house move and a FULL slate of client work, so I intentionally let January and February be slower. I didn’t take on a gargantuan, 36-email 1-on-1 client project (just sweet Desiree Hartsock’s bridal line giveaway launch), I solo-traveled a lot, and I slept a lot. 

I learned in February you have to choose your absence.

You have to—and you get to—choose your ignorance.

I chose to be fully invested in a copywriting conference, learning from my idols … instead of worrying about my own business’s content for one week.

I opted for sleepy mornings curled up between a post-late-shift Wes and two fluffy German Shepherds … instead of a 6 a.m. HIIT class.

So as we start March, let me ask you: what do YOU need to ignore?


Yes, please! ????

So, today, I’ll be telling you an update on my March goals, and the February recap video.

Let’s go!

How I set goals for March with Powersheets by Ashlyn Carter copywriter at Ashlyn Writes

As a quick backgrounder, each month I post my goals—save a few details and things I keep private—for two reasons: to give ideas and encourage other women, since back in 2015, I needed someone to show ME how to set normal-people goals while I was in recovery for mental illness issues, and to hold me accountable to the person I claim to be online.

Past posts in the series:

Powersheets Progress: February Recap

Here we go! This year, my Powersheets goals updates have a new home on the YouTube channel! You can subscribe to the full playlist over here. >


Monthly Goals

  1. Prayerfully walk into Lent and my Esther study :: As many of y’all know, I LOVE Jen Wilikin Bible studies (and dey FREE!!), but I’ve done them all. This month I did my first Precepts study—I kinda like it!
  2. Read 3 books :: Whoop! Read Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis, The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp, and 2 books from Michael Hyatt’s LeaderBox subscription service, NAME by NAME and NAME by NAME.
  3. Settle our guest bedroom :: Work in progress. 🙂 Not finished.
  4. Go to the ballet & to the High Museum :Seeing Atlanta Ballet’s Don Quixote by myself was a blast—it helped that 2 guys gifted me and another lady free 5th row tickets since their dates didn’t show and I made a new friend! Art museum is still on my list!
  5. Enjoy a copywriting conference I’m headed to in NYC :: The Copywriter Club IRL was a DREAM come true!
  6. Build out and deliver curriculum at the Castle Getaway :: SO honored to be a speaker at this sweet event for bloggers, focused on finding joy amid the comparison games of online businesses. I blogged it over here.
  7. Have people over to our new house this month or next :: Had 4 sweet girlfriends over while our husbands were snowmobiling through Wyoming.
  8. Prepare well for our April Copywriting for Creatives students
  9. Write 2 blogs, deliver 1 new video training, send 1 newsletter, and host 1 live each week :: Mostly check—I skipped a week when I was in NYC and broke all the rules of someone who does email marketing for a living, wink.


Weekly Goals:

  1. Hold my Blueprint Model money date on Fridays
  2. Workout 3/4/5x a week :: Yeah … no. I traveled so much that I hardly worked out at all! I did go on some great walks, though!
  3. Enjoy time with the girls :: Also probably a little ambitious since I was on airplanes half the month!
  4. Take off one full day a week—no emails, no social media, no work
  5. Take 1.5 hours each Friday to learn something new
  6. Practice calligraphy JUST FOR FUN :: Nope. Only did once!

Daily Goals:

    1. Eat greens
    2. Pray for Wes
    3. Get texts & Slack messages down to 0 :: Still a work in progress!
    4. Leave work by 6 p.m. :: Traveling makes everything hard …
    5. Get 7 hours of sleep


 Powersheets Progress: March Goals

Monthly Goals

  • Grow my email list by 5K (good), 5.5K (better), 6K (best)
  • Rennovate my Copywriting for Creatives modules and system :: This program is my baby, and the last time I did a huge update on it was one year ago. I want to freshen it up for our 2018 students and our alumni!
  • Relaunch updated website & shop with updated imagery from brand stylist
  • Read 3 books :: The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and my two LeaderBox books this month!
  • Finish the guest room and master bedroom in our new house
  • Plan a spring garden
  • Have 4 date nights


Weekly Goals

  • Do my Blueprint Model spending plan budget check-in & tithe each week
  • Create 1 YouTube video, 1 Facebook Live, 2 blog posts, 1 email newsletter, and 7 pieces of Instagram content a week
  • Enjoy NON-business community or girl time every week
  • Pitch 3 opportunities a week for my business


Daily Goals

  • Pray for Wes
  • Answer all my text messages
  • Practice inversions
  • Use the gym or MOVE!


Again, I always appreciate the chance to share my Powersheets goals with you—it really, REALLY helps me to blog my goals … and I’m SO excited to get to bring you this new video series each month.

Be sure to watch it, and hit subscribe to catch all the videos in the series!

Reading Time: 4 Minutes Reading time: 4 min. February, you were cozy, full of rain showers, airports upon airports, plane row middle-seats, and sleep-in mornings. This first morning of March, I felt like a bear stretching post-hibernation, and ready to bounce towards a bit of a “hustle-ish” season after a few months of quieted winter days. 2017 wrapped with […]


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