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I've been called the OG of copywriters for creatives, wink—I hook up women with words as a launch copywriter & brand strategist. Even while raking in more than 7-figures since I've been at it, I believe working from a place of rest (not hustle) IS possible—and I want the same for you.
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Reading Time: 3 Minutes Well, here come the growing pains. 😉 After some careful consideration and (maybe a little too much) thinking, we need more hands on deck around here: I’m thrilled to announce that Ashlyn Writes is hiring again! We are a tiny but mighty team of all-remote mamas, sister-friends and big believers in working from a place […]

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We’re Hiring! | Apply to be our AW Customer Delight Manager

Reading Time: 6 Minutes Love my monthly goal planning & Powersheets review with you guys—don’t forget to comment below with a link to your goal check-in, especially if you’re using Powersheets. April marked my first FULL month back as a working momma, our SIXTH Copywriting for Creatives™ launch, and time digging in the dirt with a baby strapped on […]

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Powersheets Progress: April Recap & May Goals

Reading Time: 10 Minutes The hardest thing I did was birth a human. The second thing I did was birth a business. The third hardest was putting my money where my mouth was, walk away from the artificial firstborn for the human firstborn, and trust it didn’t mean I was losing myself, but simply transforming. Maternity leave is a […]

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John Talmadge’s Birth Story

Reading Time: 5 Minutes  Writing website copy for creative entrepreneurs makes me the happiest … but I’m always telling my clients I want to teach them to fish, so to speak. This past week I was on a call with a big-sister type entrepreneur I look up to a lot, complaining about my inbox and needing more of my […]

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3 Copy Upgrades You Can Make to Your Website in 10 Minutes

Reading Time: 6 Minutes Suffice it to say I waltzed into my second Copywriting for Creatives launch week wide-eyed and nerve-wrecked about my own launch copy. I’ve been labeled a go-to “launch copy girl,” the copywriter behind launches for clients with lists of 30K+++ (and smaller lists of 2K!), helping marionette the psychology behind multiple six-figure launches. (Hear my […]

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How I Doubled My Launch Goal: An Inside Look at My Last Launch (& Launch Copy)

Reading Time: 4 Minutes

After much, MUCH thought, prayer, and consideration, we’ve decided to expand our tiny-but-might team of two (me and my studio manager, Shan [my mama!] … 3 if you count my sweet husband and ‘Board President’ Wes!), and link arms with someone who will add great value to our business … and our lives. Ashlyn Writes has grown like wildfire over the past 11 months, and we’re so very excited to move forward into the next phase of our business. We’re at max-capacity on the copywriting arm of our business, and the copy side of things? Well, it’s beyond my ability as one person.

Thus, we’ve created the Associate Copywriter position, a contracted job that will help efficiently move AW forward.

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We’re Hiring! | Apply to be an Ashlyn Writes Associate Copywriter

Reading Time: 6 Minutes

I’m always asking how I can clarify my own copy and messaging to make this happen. Likewise, I team up with the dreamiest roster of women clients working to do the same thing: distill their message so they can work from a place of rest, not hustle.

We’ll look at 3 things in this Ashlyn Writes case study:

  1. Stats + numbers (so you can see actuals)
  2. Assets (things I’ve created for my biz)
  3. Why It Worked

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Case Study: How I Earned $8K+ in 1 Month by Clarifying My Message & Copy

Reading Time: 1 Minute Perfectionism somehow was braided into my faith. The wires got crossed. For me, perfectionism wasn’t interchangeable with legalism, which is how many in church circles associate perfectionism. No, the Enemy was more sly than to paint it so simply. Perfectionism, for me, was the standard set by Christ-following friends (and not-friends) scattered across my Instagram feed. It […]

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Freedom from Chasing Perfection for Lifeway

Reading Time: 1 Minute Pricing for solopreneur writers — copywriters, marketing strategy writers, editorial journalists, and bloggers — isn’t something that floods creative industry airwaves. But creative pricing magnates like Kristen Kaplan and Shanna Skidmore (look ‘em up) shattered my fear of charging what I’m worth as a writer. I’m proud of my prices, feisty about ‘em on a […]

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6 Simple Pricing Hacks for Making Money as a Writer for Rising Tide Society

Reading Time: 1 Minute Click to read full story: http://www.risingtidesociety.com/work-well-alongside-anxiety-depression/

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How I Learned to Work Well Along with Anxiety and Depression for Rising Tide Society

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