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Marketing wasn't the problem. That I could form tackle in my sleep. It came easily ... maybe a little too easily. 

Because I didn't know when to stop.

It's pretty tough to be the "work from a place of rest" girl when you realize you can't spit out the sales metrics needed to cover overhead,
salaries, and tithing without looking at a cheatsheet—or call yourself a business owner when you're entirely not sure the percentage
mark-up on service is right.

So, I just hoarded. I never paid myself. I kept it all in the bank account,
terrified that if I started paying myself, it'd run out.

Until I met The Blueprint Model: one of the smartest investments I ever made.

Now that I have boiled down to an art the number of hours each client project takes, understand the profit margin on each service, and have a plan to budget for—not just wants—but dreams we have (hello, lake house for our family by 2030!), I feel freedom in my numbers.

I can write copy that sells more confidently, knowing I won't oversell again.

And that's why I created the Market Sustainably Track, your gift with The Blueprint Model

from un-friday paydays to regularly
scheduled paychecks from me to me.

If you've got a bit of that London style meets J.Crew fun,  this one's  for you.

Serving creatives so they can walk into their call? That's my heartbeat. Excited to meet you inside the program!

I can't wait