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How to Get Started With ChatGPT

Reading time: 5 min.

With the emergence of AI technology for copywriting, it’s going to become even more important to nail down those copy skills. Increased access to tools that polish copywriting puts an even higher value on personality-packed conversion copy, and that is something you’re completely capable of doing — even if you don’t consider yourself a good writer. 

How, you ask? With ChatGPT. 

Now, you may be one of those people who are pretty AI-adverse, but do you really, truly, understand everything it can do for your business? All I’m saying is don’t knock it ‘till you try it!

Because when I first started playing with it, I did not think it was all that and a bag of chips. But now that I’ve learned how to use it…let’s just say it’s growing on me.

If you’re curious as to what ChatGPT can do for your copywriting, if you’re ready to get started using AI in your biz, or if you just want to keep reading to see if I’ve lost my mind because there’s no way AI can be a good thing…keep reading! 

I’m showing you a few ways to make the most out of this shiny new copywriting tool.

Provide longer descriptions

If you can give this tool better inputs, you’re gonna get better outputs. If you give vague info, you’re gonna get vague info back. So the best prompts are going to be ones that are longer than one sentence. 

It’s like having an intern on your team. If you’re giving that person instructions, you wouldn’t just give them one sentence and then get frustrated that they can’t do their job correctly. You know you have to give more detail than that. 

It’s the same thing with ChatGPT. The more detail, the better output. 

Stay organized and thread your chat

When you have a new topic, start a new chat, and label them as much as you can. It can be a lot at first to organize these smaller bits of information, but knowing what each conversation was about makes it so much easier to go back and get what you need. 

Especially if you’re using it on multiple projects!

Use your copy bank

You’re going to be doing a lot of copy and pasting when telling this thing what you want it to do. Having snippets of instructions, descriptions about your brand voice, and prompts for what you want to write on hand really does help. 

Trust me — you don’t want to type the same ol’ same ol’ every time you use this thing. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Yes — you can ask the AI bot questions! If you get the wrong output or it’s not quite what you were looking for, you can ask it to make adjustments. 

But whether those questions need you to narrow down or broaden your scope depends on the content you’re trying to get. Sometimes it’s easier to ask broad and then zoom in — and sometimes it’s easier to start off pretty niche the expand if you’re still not getting what you’re looking for. 

Sometimes you might need to workshop and prompt the AI 10 times before you get what you want, but it’s still worth it.

Need help on how to ask the AI bot for changes? Try these questions while working through a prompt in the chat:

  • Do you have questions?
  • That sounds too [adjective], can you [tell it how to shift]?
  • The goal of this is [state your goal].
  • I like X, I don’t like Y. 

6 prompts you can start using today

Never tried using ChatGPT before? These six prompts can get you started! 

Ask it about your business

Start with the basics — ask it about your biz! This is fascinating and I think you’ll learn a lot about how to use it and the limits of what it can do. Because it definitely has its capabilities, but also lots of errors!

It’s NOT foolproof. You need to fact-check this sucker. And that’s exactly why starting out with this prompt is so helpful. 

A perfect example of this — I’ve used this prompt a few different ways, a few different times and it always tells me I have been featured in Business Insider. Fake news! I haven’t. So that right there told me…you can’t trust everything the robot says. 

Ask it to write about a hundred words on a product of yours

With the caveat — using a specific copywriting framework or formula. You can do this with any copywriting framework or formula you know out there. You could even use the PARIS framework that I talk about. 

You can literally ask this thing to write copy in that format. ChatGPT knows it exists and it knows the steps of it! Crazy, but kind of cool, no?

Ask it to make a social media calendar.

This is something I experimented with recently, but the idea is to create some kind of publication schedule. A lot of times it’s hard for me to see the forest for the trees and I have prompts all over the place.

So I gave it my original plan, (posting five times a week) and then I gave it a basic snapshot of what I wanted to do. Then I gave it some more information to include a full laundry list of all my post ideas. Things about our agency that we need to promote, client work, etc. 

What I got actually wasn’t too shabby! If you want to see how it turned out — make sure you watch the full video here!

Let it optimize your schedule 

I would like to give props to my friend Brittany Long for this, but this one was interesting, and I tested it out for myself! I asked it to analyze my schedule and give me a suggestion in 30-minute increments of how I should use the rest of my day. 

I gave it my to-do list and how long each task would take. Then, told it to end my day at a specific time, and viola. I was pleasantly surprised!

Use it to analyze voice and structure

This is one of the most helpful tips you can use. You can see whether or not your copy is on-brand, and where the gaps in structure are. This is especially helpful if you can’t quite put your finger on what’s up.

Use it to analyze tone, voice, and structure, and even have it rewrite the copy for you in the targeted tone, etc. you want!

Want even more prompts? 

Now that you’ve seen how to get started with ChatGPT — Don’t forget to look down below to grab the full free list of prompts! I have 200+ additional things you can ask the AI bot to do. And it’s 100% free, so what are you waiting for? 

Download the prompts here!

Reading Time: 4 Minutes Reading time: 5 min. With the emergence of AI technology for copywriting, it’s going to become even more important to nail down those copy skills. Increased access to tools that polish copywriting puts an even higher value on personality-packed conversion copy, and that is something you’re completely capable of doing — even if you don’t […]


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