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July 11, 2016


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Reading time: 5 min.

Ah, sales pages. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

Despite the fact that business revolves around sales, noooobody wants to feel “salesy.”

Salesy is associated with superficial, aggressive, and cheesy. Not cute. Not effective.

So let’s flip the script and redefine salesy real quick:

In its simplest form, “salesy” means making a sale.

Honesty hour. We’re in the trust tree, right?

So when I get ultra intimidated by a fellow female — ‘cause let’s be real, we’re girls, and that totally happens — I’ve figured out how to get my mojo back: walk right up, shake hands, say hey. At the end of the day, that’s the best medicine I’ve found to take the edge off. I realize she’s cool, I had a moment, and she’s a normal human being.


Guess what?


Your sales page? It’s the same way! Spoiler alert: I’m going to get you over your fear by the end of this post. We’re gonna walk up, say hey, and take the edge off of this mega-intimidator.


Giant #1 to slay is “TCF:” The Cheeseball Factor. TCF is the reason no one likes sales pages, because no one likes to be slimey, cheesy, and used carsalesman-esque.


But let’s slay that giant, shall we? You are in business to support your family, and at its quintessence, being salesy just means making a sale. Locking in a dollar. Giving someone something they think is more valuable than the money for which its spent. Don’t want to feel slimey? Then just give them true, honest value! Be proud of what you sell, sister. If you can’t get behind it, can’t nobody.

Now that we’ve had a pep talk, let’s walk through 4 “musts” to brighten your sales page.


One: Be clear in your value.

Especially in the creativepreneur and blogger space, we tend to be a little “woo woo” here. A little “no, YOU hang up.” Girl, end it. Make it obvious why they need what you’re offering! Best tip here is to paint the rainbow path to the pot of gold, as one fellow writer says. Paint a before and after picture. What could her life with you be like? Wedding memories to show her kids when she’s 80? Calligraphed and mailed wedding invitations so she can focus on her day job during engagement? A stronger, healthier body and mental awareness thanks to your yoga studio? Pain points + her life with you + pain points + her life with you.


Bonus tip: Use the client’s words to describe pain points.

Two: Rock solid credibility.

Strut your stuff, girl. Don’t assume they know you, your accolades, or your A-list of clients. Back in the trust tree? Mentioning my professional bio is tough for me, so I like to sum it up in a line, and then? Let the testimonials speak for me. I always list 3+ testimonials on my about page to show I’m worth the cost.

Don’t have a testimonial page? Easy. Start a GoogleDoc. Call it client testimonials. Start copy/pasting the nice things clients say in your emails, and ask them if they’d be ok if you used their name and website on your site (hint: usually the peeps are ok with free advertising).

Use numbers. Facts. Stats. Convince the analytical decision maker side of her head that the emotional side of her brain is onto something good. It’s science, trust me.

Three: Give “insert me” imagery.

You know when you’re #unsure about some rockin’ pants, you try them on, and it’s like, oh wait, I can see myself wearing these at (insert event here)?

Sales is the same way.

Get into the nitty gritty of what she’s getting. What does it look like to be a Chancey Charm bride, I asked my client Sarah. What does a wedding day in the life of an Elleson Bride look like, Hollie and I talked about. Give her the features — it may be fabric, lessons, or sessions. What can she expect? Reassure her with a “peek” on the inside. What does the course look like on her screen? What does sitting with you in your home office for a meeting look like?

Bonus tip: Copy is the scaffolding for the words here, people. Build out your words 50%, back it up 50other% with visual imagery, like icons and brand photography.

Four: Inject personality.

Ever heard that people buy from people? They do. Simply being unique? It doesn’t carry the weight it used to. You need to come at it with heart, you need to sing your worldview from the peaks so someone hears it and thinks, “What? You, too? Ok, now we have something to talk about.”

It’s the internet. It’s huge. You can do you. You don’t have to sell to ‘erybody.

Feel better? What’s the toughest part about sales pages for you?

Reading Time: 5 Minutes

You are in business to support your family, and at its quintessence, being salesy just means making a sale. Locking in a dollar. Giving someone something they think is more valuable than the money for which its spent. Don’t want to feel slimey? Then just give them true, honest value! Be proud of what you sell, sister. If you can’t get behind it, can’t nobody.

Here are four ways to brighten your sales page.


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