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July 8, 2016

How to Organize a Wedding Guest List Spreadsheet (+ free template download!)

Reading time: 3 min.

Being a wedding calligrapher and being my own proxy wedding planner last year taught me a thing or two about organizing a wedding guest list spreadsheet!


Here’s your guide to creating your own wedding Excel template — orrrrr a guide to just using my free wedding guest list template as your own. 🙂

“For the sake and sanity of me as a bride, a good, organized wedding spreadsheet was a MUST,” my sweet cousin Leslie texted me when I asked her if this was a good idea for a post.

After working professionally as a calligrapher for three years, I’d seen my share of guest list templates (and gotten a lot of unhelpful lists that made my job hard!), so in planning ours, I combined the best of all I’d seen. I give this out to friends, and thought I’d give it to you, too!

This Google Sheet or Excel spreadsheet turns into the basis to form all of your shower lists, gift lists, invitations, and more.

How to Organize Your Guest List Spreadsheet

  1. First, head to sheets.google.com and click “Start a New Spreadsheet.”

  2. You’ll want to add some more tabs, so hit the plus sign in the bottom left.

  3. Add tabs for Bride’s Fam, Groom’s Fam, Rehearsal Dinner, Bridesmaids Luncheon, Bachelorette Weekend, and add any shower or party you’ll be having.

  4. Now, go back to your first tab, likely the Bride’s Family.

  5. Lable A1 the name of your spreadsheet, like “Her Family.”

  6. Drop down to the second row, and list out your columns from L to R. I’m from an etiquette stickler part of the world, and if you are two, here’s the order I went in: Last Title First Middle Suffix Inner Envelope Names w/ Children Mailing Address City State Zip # in party Gift Received Acknowledged

  7. Copy and paste that row — after you “dye” it a purty color, of course — into each tab you have built out.


Voila! Now, give your groom and his family time to complete their side, until both families have their tabs mostly done (hint: you’ll be adding names you forgot from time to time!). It could take a while, but once it’s built out, you can use your spreadsheet ALL the time, for things like:

  • Giving to your wedding calligrapher to write your inner and outer envelopes in calligraphy, or whipping into a Google Word doc in this format for her so it’s already centered:

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Felder Avenue

Montgomery, Alabama




Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald


(Trust me. She’ll LOVE you if you give her a Word Doc!)

  • Adding gifts and checking the “Acknowledged” column once you put a thank you in the mail
  • Divvying up into different party address lists, because your hostesses will ask for them
  • Pulling a quick headcount
  • Peeking back at gifts someone gave you when it’s time to send them a gift 6 months later (hashtag true life)
  • Compiling your first Christmas card list (also hashtag true life)


I sure hope that helps! Prefer to grab my Google Sheets version of the download? It’s all yours girl.

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  1. Allen Frazier says:

    Call me crazy…. I cannot found the link to download the spreadsheet. 🙂

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