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Reading Time: 9 Minutes I often get asked, “How does SEO tie into your website copywriting?” Welp, since both my clients and students tend to work in businesses in highly competitive spaces, I’ve had to learn a system for drawing in your clients with both copy that converts and ranks on Google (totally used to not know this, more […]

The Ultimate Website SEO Audit: 8 Ways to Boost Landing Page SEO

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You don’t need more wordsmithery to make your dreams sprout wings, stand out,

you need word-sciencing.

Do you know where to start when it comes to writing sales copy for your website? Or are you staring off into the distance looking for your inspiration or the creative juices to strike, so you actually feel like you wanna write your website? Well, I’m here to help—today, we are gonna get you over that creative roadblock hump with these FIVE sales page examples. I want you to be able to draw inspiration and creative juice, but I also want you to see what’s possible with these sales page examples. 

4 Must-See Examples Of GREAT Sales Pages | Ashlyn Writes

In this post, we are walking through FIVE great sales page examples of incredible website sales copy that work. These sales page examples will help get your creative juices flowing so you (yes YOU) can write AMAZING sales page copy.

Let’s hop to it! 

⬇️ Grab the sales page template used by Abby Grace in Example #4 right here ⬇️

No. 1 | Simon Tai (Remixologist)

I’m going to bring up number one example, my friend Simon. Simon’s business is called Remixologist. They are a DJ group out of the New England area in the U.S. Before I deep dive and show you his landing pages on his website, I want to give you a little story. 

Last month I was at a conference, Meg came up to me and she was asking about how she marketed her business when there were multiple different target audiences that needed to be included in that. So many of us run into that in our business, comment down below if that’s you.

Here’s what I told Meg. (And this is actually very apropos because as I’m writing this right now, this is not my house. I am on a work-cation.)

Sometimes, I do my best creatively when looking the complete opposite direction from my copy cave for inspiration and ideas. That is what you can do by looking to gain inspiration for your website copy in your sales page messaging from industries that are completely different from your own.

sales page examples-aw blog

I have told students over the years insde Copywriting for Creatives, that I get some of my best ideas when I’m looking at website copy or landing pages for like the mattress industry. So random, right?!

For example, if you can go out there and look at a very different industry from your own and see what they’re using and how they’re positioning things and what is exciting to interact with from a user experience on their website and then bring those in to your creative small businesses website—that can be absolute gold.

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sales page example-remixologists

Ok, back to Meg and Simon. 😉

Simon’s business, they have a corporate side where they’re doing killer named clients, and they have a side of their business where they market to weddings and events. Couples and brides are a lot of the times the ones that are on these pages making this decision. 

sales page example-remixologists

So you’ve got that corporate event planner, that’s one target audience, and then you’ve got the decision-maker for the wedding. Those are two very different target audiences, right? Well, what stands out here is Simon, he was a client on the copywriting agency side of my business. We were able to land on homepage messaging that speaks to both audiences.

sales page example-remixologists

If you’ve ever struggled with writing your homepage before then it’s okay, because that is the page in the funnel that has to market to more than one different types of audiences—that’s a tall order. I tell this to students inside CFC—don’t start writing your homepage first.

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I’m the SAME way when I’m writing a sales page, I don’t start at the top of the page, I start in the middle of the page. I start with the offer. That’s the best list to start when you’re drafting your website copy. 

Takeaway Tip: your takeaway from this sales page examples is always look for inspiration in industries very, very different from your own. 

No. 2| Alina

All right the next sales page example is Alina. I’m bringing up this because I want us to look at more of a low price offer. Alina is a photographer. She immigrated from Romania. She now lives and works in the U.S. and serves the U.S. market. She has her client side of her business, but she also has an incredible suite of offers, particularly, I wanted to show you her presets. 

sales page example-Alina

What stands out on this page? If you’ve ever ordered a preset pack before I am definitely not a photographer, but I love buying preset. Even when I’m taking pictures of my kids, it just makes it look better for this best aren’t photographers. 

You may know that sometimes the download comes with really cool, creative names for the different presets in there. That’s fine and wonderful and serves a purpose. But for Alina’s sales page, what we wanted to do is to call attention and bring it the fact that she doesn’t do that, and she doesn’t do that for a reason. Instead, her presets have very specific names. So we were able to communicate that in the copy. Here’s why I bring this up. And it’s coming to the takeaway tip part of number two here. 

Sales Page Examples-Ashlyn Writes Blog

Many times you’re so close to your offer and looking at it that you can’t see other different pieces of it. That may be a great variation point.

It’s the biggest compliment when somebody tells me, oh my gosh, this copy or the way you outlined it makes me sound smarter than I am. No, you just saw that little, little aspect of your offer as just some throw away fact, but let’s pull it out. Let’s spotlight it. Let’s make it a hook to hang your hat on. And that’s why learning to test your message in a community is vital. 

Takeaway Tip: The next time that you have a piece of messaging ready to show off, maybe it’s a new landing page you have finished, or your homepage or your about page. I want you to send that piece of messaging to one of your business best friends and have them turn on loom and talk through it.

Even if it’s three minutes, four minutes of them scrolling down the page and telling you what they think, I promise you more times than not. They’ll bring up something. They’ll be reading the copy out loud, interacting with the design and they’ll say, oh, I really like this. Or, oh my gosh. Yes, that is so cool. If it is a long form page and if you’ve spent the time figuring out what your onlyness factor is like my students inside CFC do, and you’ve put in the time to craft a beautiful overview of what all is inside that offer— I am willing to stake my life that they’ll notice something you didn’t think was cool. Make it cool. 😉

No. 3 | Jenna Kutcher & Amy Porterfield 

I pulled all sorts of sales page examples for you, but what I want to bring attention to you now is a landing page that I created for a launch that Jenna Kutcher and Amy Porterfield were partnering on. This landing page needed to help make sure that people from Jenna’s audience, one audience, understood when they were landing there, that from here on, they were getting, yes support from Jenna and her team, but also they were getting a product from somebody that maybe they knew, but maybe they didn’t. That is a message that we had to communicate higher up in the funnel. But sometimes you run into that, even on your own website.

 If you have things that you affiliate for in your business or partners that you work with, you have this landing page and we have something we need to work on called message matching. So the people coming in the traffic that’s hitting that page are expecting a certain message. They’re landing there with preconceived notions about whatever it is that they’re going to see. But if you don’t match that right off the bat and help then on down through your copy, explain what you’re driving them to…that can be confusing for them. 

Takeaway Tip: Address the elephant. I love this technique. So if there is an objection or something that people would say about your offer, what it is that you do, and it’s going to hold them back from purchasing, then this is a key thing that on that offer page, in that sales copy, you need to go ahead and call out. Don’t shy away from it. Call attention to it. Let me show you what this looks like!

If you’re inside Primed to Launch, you know, I talk about the dominoes that we want to fall over and over during the pre-launch process. But go ahead and in the sales page, copy itself, bring up the thing that is holding that person back, or the thing that yeah, the elephant in the room, bring it up.

No. 4 | Abby Grace

All right. That brings us to sales page example number four, Abby Grace Photography and full disclosure, the program that is in this sales page is near and dear to my heart because Abby is my brand photographer and she has taken this who knows how many photos of me over the years that I can use in my marketing. I bring up this sales page because it is a classic example of a signature offer in your business.

Takeaway tip: you can write your own copy that converts without a copywriter. The secret is using the right frameworks along the way, this sales page that I’m going to show you, Abby messaged us and it converted at 10% during the seven days that it was live. And average sales page conversion rate is from about 3 to 5%, 10%. That is amazing. But she used the framework and it helped her understand how to do the client and customer voice hacking that I’ve talked about in previous videos and how to orchestrate that inside this framework, she was able to spit out this sales page, converted like crazy. 

Let me walk you through her sales page —->

You can grab the Sweet 16 Sales Page Template that Abby Grace used from the Copy Bar here!

Now you have some sales copy to-do’s from the examples , but when you’re writing those, wouldn’t it be helpful to have amazing testimonials? Yes, yes, it would. I’ve got that teed up for you to watch here.  So, I’ll see you in that one.

sales page template



4 Must-See Examples Of GREAT Sales Pages | Ashlyn Writes

Reading Time: 8 Minutes Do you know where to start when it comes to writing sales copy for your website? Or are you staring off into the distance looking for your inspiration or the creative juices to strike, so you actually feel like you wanna write your website? Well, I’m here to help—today, we are gonna get you over […]

Let’s talk about your sales copy and your sales pages, because the copy on that offer page is gonna make or break your website launch, your offer launch, whatever it is you’re putting out there, and finally sling it. BUT at some point you need to shut up a little bit. Because, what’s the MOST effective way to write copy … without really writing copy? Figure out how to get better testimonials, of course!

Sometimes the very best thing you can do in your sales copy is have amazing testimonials that sing your praises.

I have told clients before that I can do a pretty dang good job writing copy, but sometimes at the end of the day, there is nothing I can do that’s gonna move the needle for someone quite like seeing someone out there that is a mirror image of the problems, the feelings, everything that they’re going through and seeing somebody out there like them, get the success and get the result that they’re looking for. That speaks volumes! 

That’s exactly what I wanna talk to you about, how on earth do you figure out how to sell without saying a word. I’m talking testimonials, baby. 

How to convert more sales with customer testimonials | Ashlyn Writes

I have always been a stickler for testimonials, for screen grabs, for being able to have some sort of a library of testimonials and social proof. I’m gonna show you what that looks like inside my business, but here’s what it’s come down to. So we recently launched a beautiful new website for my business and going through that process, which felt like birthing another baby, I realized how much of my time allotment working on the whole project went to collecting and solidifying social proof, testimonials, case studies, all that. 

We revamped the portfolio page of my website, which is fresh and sparkly. It smells like new paint, virtually, and I have lots of learnings, and that’s what I wanna share with you.

Also, as I get started, I’ve mentioned by website a couple of times, I always begin drafting the website copy for my business and for our clients inside a Google Doc. If you want a starter template to write your own website copy, then be sure to look down below, you can grab a free template to go ahead and get started formatting yours. 

Let’s jump in!

website copy template- ashlyn writes



No. 1 | Have a great client experience

Okay, Captain Obvious answer, but I think it needs to be said in the creative bubble. Grassroots marketing and referrals are still a FANTASTIC way to get clients. In fact, some of my favorite clients and students come our way because their best business friend recommended my business/shop/course.

Whenever someone asks me how to get more clients, this is one of my first answers:

Have a client experience so good it sells itself.

I LOVE writing about client experience, and there are a kazillion ways you could enhance your client experience.

One of the best ways to delight a client even before they’ve met you is to be recommendation-worthy. Click To Tweet

Here are seven ways you can update your client experience:

  1. Send client gifts, of course. Here’s a great article my clients Justin & Mary Marantz wrote on that. Aim to spend about 3% of the service price point on a gift.
  2. Craft a signature experience—bonus points if you can productize and streamline the service
  3. Look outside your industry: What does Anthropologie do during the customer experience? What does Warby Parker do … and how can you borrow from other industries?
  4. Surprise & delight your clients. We used to send “S&D tickets” to Delta Air Lines loyal customers—tix to an athletic or arts event in their city, just to say thanks.
  5. Go through your process as an outsider
  6. Update your workflow and process every single time you wrap up a client project
  7. Communicate like a champ—here’s my blog on “How to Create a Welcome Packet: Copy to Include and Omit”

No. 2 | Protect them and yourself with a good contract

I feel like “contract” sounds like such a scary word, but one thing you can start doing is reminding your clients it protects them just as much as it protects you. That’s good service and peace of mind!

I don’t know about you, but when a shop tells me the return policy or whatever, I feel like they put me at ease a bit.

It’s the same for your clients. When it comes to locking up your client experience and communicating all these things well, it starts with a firm agreement so you’re PROTECTING your client just as much as yourself.

Not to mention, you can bake in things that are benefits to them. Maybe you are …

  • Selling them the copyright to the work you create, too—what a win!
  • Making it pretty so it’s not totally dismal to read
  • Make it actually easy to read

Here are some examples …

Courtesy The Contract Shop


Courtesy: The Contract Shop

Here’s where I get my contracts—I partnered with my lawyer Christina to create this copywriter contract, but she’s pretty much got one for everything … photographers contracts, wedding planner contracts, website designer contracts, graphic designer contracts, coaches contractscalligrapher/stationer contracts … you get the picture.


Client contract template PDF from The Contract Shop

 No. 3 | Leverage technology

“Can you give me a testimonial” and waiting for a response is the wrong way to do this.

Antidote? Bake into your client workflow a way to easily get a testimonial at the right time, and make it easy on them.

Y’all know over here, I love HoneyBook. It is the client management system that we use for the agency side of my business. You can find more tutorials on that here in a playlist, but the thing I want you to start thinking about here is I want you to start understanding how to make testimonials and gathering of case studies or social proof part of your process, , whatever it is, you have got to have some sort of a format, and workflow piece of our business that is data mining and gathering these case studies and testimonials. 

I’m gonna show you a little bit about what our process looks like and flip the camera around, and show you the backend side HoneyBook. But I wanted to bring up another tool, it’s called boast.io. You can ask your clients and your students to submit a video of their experience, and that is wonderful. We all love video in this day and age.

Here’s what that looks like:

Go ahead and look at your client process and decide when you want emails to go out. They might be triggered or come straight to you, at three months, six months, and one year. Whatever it is, you decide, but going ahead and teeing that up in advance can be really helpful.

For me, this works well as part of our HoneyBook (you probably know by now i’m a bit *obsessed* with HoneyBook) client workflow. A set amount of time after working with our clients, they get a system email—personalized!—asking them to fill out a questionnaire about what working with us was like.

There are a million other ways you could ask for a testimonial, and go for what you need. Do you need Google reviews? Facebook reviews? Direct your client to the right spot, but give ONE, simple set of instructions—again, if you can load that process into your client relationship tool, like a HoneyBook, then you’re in business.

For example, look at this email that I got from a vendor that we had worked with in my business. Now obviously, they probably send this to everybody at this phase. I’m guessing that it is template language, but it helped. I was excited to get it. It was the first time I was seeing it. I talk about templates all the time, but this one definitely worked on me.

I know I’ve also mentioned in past videos, the importance of buying your service. What I mean by that is if you’re charging $5,000 or $10,000 or whatever you’re charging for your service, or your product, be sure that from time to time, you’re going out and spending that amount in your business life, if it’s a B2B service that you provide or in your personal life.

What does it feel like as a human being to spend that dollar amount of money? What expectations do you have for the client experience, for the customer experience, How do you wanna share feedback with them on what you loved, what you didn’t love? <—- That is probably one of the *best* tips I’ve ever been given. I heard that from my friend Tarzan, that is one of the best tips to enhancing your client experience or your customer experience.


You May Be Interested In: How I Use HoneyBook & Trello for My Client Workflow

No. 4| Always be gathering

Okay, my next to last tip is this, be nonstop and gathering your testimonials. Semay Lenar Doose struck me with this in one of her videos, she was talking about how she runs her business, and out of all of the things that she outsources, one that she doesn’t outsource is the task of gathering and steeping in the testimonials, and the success stories of her business. That was a while back, I’m sure at this point in her business, she does get some help with that at least, but I thought that was interesting that as the CEO, the visionary of the business, she spends time in the weeds, reading and sorting through customer and client feedback

Another pro tip here, and I’ve mentioned this in some videos before, but get really good at when somebody in your client experience gives you great feedback about whatever deliverable it was that you handed over to them, like, memorize this statement, I told it to a visual artists the other week, be good at saying, “You know what? I would love to clone you or have more people just like you, do you have anybody that you could recommend to me that needs this as well?” There’s a high likelihood that they would be more than happy to connect you with someone. People like being helpful. 

When people say XYZ changed my life, I would love to do anything for you, take them up on it. 

I am the queen of being bad about this, or thinking, yep, I’ll get to that, I’ll write that case study on down the line, but again, what I learned with this website relaunch is that really does matter. It matters to take the time and figure out what results people are seeing as a result of working with you, so you can use them in your marketing.

No. 5 | Make it Convenient for Clients

Do you talk a little more fluidly or even faster than you type. Can’t be just me, right?

When you’re reaching out to people and asking them to get back to you, sometimes it helps to let them do so in the manner that’s easiest for them…I’ve actually learned this veryyyy recently.

Over the past year, we hired and worked with a writing team that specializes in case studies and testimonials, which is why I talk about niching all. the. time. <<< how’s THAT for niching!?

Another tip I wanna give for you here. When we were writing a couple of the case studies, I outsourced to an incredible business, Joel, hey there, it’s called Case Study Buddy, I’m not an affiliate for them or anything. I just loved getting to watch their experience of asking my past clients what their experience with Ashlyn Writes was like, because I’ve had to see what it was like, and here’s what I learned.  If my client would rather look at the questions and then turn on a Loom video and talk through the answers, then they let them do that. SO brilliant.

In fact, I turned around and did this twice for vendors that I hired in my business, and both of them loved it. You get to hear the tone and inflections.

I was probably a little more easygoing and just more natural than I would’ve been typing…even though I pretty much say what I mean when I type, too 😉

Like I mentioned earlier, another great tool we’ve started using is Boast.io. You can send a link to your clients or your customers and ask them to record a quick video and get that back to you. Genius.

If you’re only asking people to fill out a testimonial form, consider adding one of these tools as a secondary option or try both and see which one people respond more to.

Whichever option you’re choosing, make sure that you’re giving them the room and the white space to give you more stream of consciousness feedback. 

Here are some other ways you can keep asking for feedback front of mind:

  • When somebody reaches out and gives a compliment to my business, instead of just saying, “I’m so grateful, thank you.” I’m trying to get better at turning around to say, “Thank you so much. Would you mind either recording a little video about that, or would you mind if I used that in a testimonial?”
  • If you have places to leave reviews on your website, could you direct them to go do that? (Seriously, I’m so bad at this, but I’m learning to get better and ASK! People say yes to stuff like this!)
  • During your client process, if your client shares how much they love you and your work, that can be a really good time to chime in and see if they would refer your name out. You can say, “Thank you so much. I would actually love to work with more people just like you. Can you think of anyone that you may know in your network that may need just this thing, too?”

I’m telling you, when people say, “Your X, Y, Z changed my life. Is there anything I can do for you,” take them up on it.

Preaching to the choir, y’all.

Whether you’ve got no team, a tiny team, or a huge team, I think it is our job, as the owners, to be on the lookout of any transformational opportunity that’s happened because of the work you’ve been up to. 

More on that in a sec. 🙂

No. 6 | Ask the right questions

Aka don’t ask binary yes or no questions.

Asking open-ended questions is going to get you richer feedback.

Try to arrange your questions to get these type of answers:

  • Figure out what life looked like before they hired you or before they worked with you …
  • Ask what led them to your product and why they decided to pull out their credit card and give over that precious information …
  • And find that “after” picture.

I get asked a lot about mistakes I see on creatives’ websites, here is a big one. ~Vanilla~ testimonials. Ex. “She does such beautiful work,” or, “She is just so easy to work with.”


Your testimonials have the power to overcome huge objections, so let them, which brings me to …

No. 7| Use testimonials to address objections

If you hear objections over and over again, see if you can get a testimonial that says the reverse of that, and put THAT on your services or sales page.

For example: If a bride is thinking that she has to handwrite the address of all of her guests on every single envelope, and she’s only asked you to design the suite. You’d definitely like the add-on upsell of being asked to hand address all of the envelopes … and you know it’s in her budget, she just thinks it will be “fun.” << famous last words 😉 Say this scenario happens every couple of clients.

Could you, then, have a testimonial locked and loaded on your services page to the tune of,  “Oh my gosh, I had NO idea how busy I would be planning a wedding. Having Leah’s artistry on every single envelope that went out not only made every guest feel so special, much more than my cursive would have, but it also shaved off about 14 hours of time I know it would’ve taken me.”

See what I mean?

This is something that we need inside the funnel. We need to combat that objection with a testimonial of somebody saying how much of a breath of fresh air it was to have that off their plate during the planning process. See what I mean? 

No. 8| Change around the wording to make it easy to read

Here’s the thing:

Testimonials that look like they weigh 5 lbs. aren’t getting you anywhere, but testimonials are your first-class ticket to getting your audience to trust you. Social proof? It’s invaluable!

In this old-ish FB live, I’m giving you my own testimonial formula that straight up WORKS and the permission to change testimonials your clients have already given you (Yup. You heard me … just follow up with their permission after re-stacking the sentences like I tell you to in this video).

Click below to watch!

Okay, so let’s recap, because I want you to have the most beautiful testimonials on the block.

  1. Problem, solution, resolution … that’s your money-maker order of sentences.
  2. How do you get that? It’s all in the ask! Don’t forget Tip 3.
  3. You don’t JUST have to get testimonials from clients. Peer testimonials and character testimonials are great.
  4. Updating/switching the order on a testimonial is a-ok, BUT you gotta run it by them to get final permission.

Organize your learnings well

And finally, being a launch copywriter, I see so.much.testimonial data—some organized well, some not so well. 😉 

Here are some ways that I have learned to organize testimonials in my own business:

First, use a foldering system. This works great for screenshots, whether somebody DMs you something or posts in a Facebook group that you happen to be in, it’s so easy to do a screen grab and drop it in a folder.

Second, create spreadsheets. These tend to work best for more long-form testimonials. (I spend a whole Copywriting for Creatives™ lesson talking about how to actually arrange these sentences in the way that will pack the most punch when you’re turning around and using them as copy on your website—CfC’ers, you know what to do!)

What do you think? Do you feel comfortable asking for testimonials to use in your marketing?

Use testimonials like confetti. Don’t just stick them on one page of your website, but make sure that you’re weaving them across your entire website. 

One place your testimonials should absolutely be is on your about page. If you want some ideas to ramp up your about page, you may be interested in watching this post here. 

Don’t forget to grab your swipe file for other ideas on integrating social proof copy into your website!

google docs website download-ashlynwrites



How to convert more sales with customer testimonials | Ashlyn Writes


Reading Time: 12 Minutes

Those paragraph-chunk testimonials that you’ve been pasting all over tarnation? Y’know, the 6-sentence beauty your last dreamboat client or conference attendee sent over waxing poetic about ya?

Yeah. Soooo …. no one’s reading it. Here’s how to fix that!

When you can turn the most casual website, visitor or reader, into a customer—you know your website copy is doing something right. So how do we make sure that those casual website visitors, customers, are actually swept off their feet with your sales copy?

Well, today I’m spilling a secret because if your website copy, if your brand messaging, doesn’t include this one key ingredient, it’s DOA, baby. You can almost guarantee the potential sales will be out the door before you even knew it. 

Now, I’m not going to keep you on the edge of your seat for too long here. I’m just going to go ahead and let the cat out of the bag. I want you to understand how to incorporate this little piece of data and information all the way throughout your sales copy. And, I’m going to pull a landing page screenshot from one of the new landing pages on our new website, because I want to show you the overlap of exactly how much of the messaging includes this thing. 

“Okay, get to it, Ashlyn. What is it?”

How to write compelling copy | Ashlyn Writes

The BIG secret is >>> your sales copy has to be chock-full of things that your customers, or your clients, are actually saying—not what you think they’re saying. <<<

What they actually said to you. That’s it.

If your website doesn’t have multiple, what I call them, “get out of my head” moments, then we’re missing out.

I know this sounds super simple, and you may have even heard this said before, but it merits being said again, or at least studying and looking at it a little in depth and how you can do a better job going out there and getting it. 

Let’s break down how to get this key piece of messaging and positioning right. Make sure to read until the end, I’m breaking down our new website—exactly how much is stuff that was said by clients and customers versus how much came out of my own head. 

Okay, let’s go ahead and get into it!

No. 1| Always be filing

My step number one tip for you is to always be filing. It’s like that sales saying, “always be closing”. I want you to always be filing information.

In a recent video, I mentioned my copy banking strategy. It’s a template inside The Copy Bar. I am obsessed with categorizing and pulling different messages that I hear with the same level of obsession, probably, that I was consumed by when I made collages in, like, the 90’s and the 2000’s. 

Abc Cameron GIF by The Bachelorette - Find & Share on GIPHY

But what I want to show you here is a data spreadsheet that we’ve started using inside my business. We’re actually putting this inside the new Copywriting for Creatives curriculum because it was so very helpful and we’ve dubbed it, “the research rainbow”.

This is what I’m using to file pain-points, sticky messages, desires, everything. So I’m filing this information. Great. Now, I always got my ear to the ground, figuring out how I can get it. And when it comes to collecting this stuff, yes, absolutely surveys—you probably knew that.

One tip that was major helpful for me as we revamped the website, I re-read every single client, and even customer application, from 2019, it was? Through 2020, into 2020 when I pulled my data. I started writing the copy at the beginning of 2021. I pulled that timeframe and I read all of these. When I have little snippets in these messages that I knew would fit into the research rainbow, I would copy and paste them into that.

Related: 4 Ways to Easily Organize Your Market Research

client & customer voice hacking quick start guide-ashlyn writes

You have to get obsessed with doing this.

It does take some time but this is not only going to help you with sales copywriting and marketing in your business, but with product development and research too. Or, when I say product, your client services, the things that you provide to them, it’s going to help you better those as well. 

Like I said at the beginning, I want you to stop using the words and the phrases that you think that they’re saying, and I want you to use the words and the phrases, they actually are.

My Copywriting for Creative students know I call this your client-and-customer voice hacking– the process of gathering all of this. There is enough nuance of a difference in what you think they’re saying and what they’re actually saying, that it will make a difference in your copy. By and large. And I know I’ve said this in some videos, the best copy is never in your head— it is in their heads— it’s your job to go out there and get it from them.

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No. 2| Fold customer voice into your above-the-fold copy.

Tip number two for you. I want you to fold client and customer voice into your above-the-fold copy. This may get some tomatoes thrown at me, but this is why I’m not really that big of a fan of the whole headline on a website that says, “Hi, I’m ‘blank.’ And I do ‘blank’ for ‘blank.'” Come on. We can do better than that—and I know you’re up for the challenge.

I’ve also talked about heat maps, talked about that in last week’s video. But a point I made in that video is worth saying again—100% of your website, visitors are landing on this above-the-fold piece of your website. And like Ogilvy said, if we’re not spending the time on that, then that’s 80, 90% of the dollar that we spent, wasted. Because the percentage of people that read this and decide to keep reading or not is sky high. 

So my tip here: spend the MOST time writing the headlines for your website.

In the copy bar shop, I do have a headline template that you can use. It’s going to help you craft 35, at least, first-draft headlines you can use for your offers and the services that you provide. At the end of the day, the concepts I’m bringing up, the fact that you even go out there and get what people are saying and the fact that you need to fold them into these frameworks that are tried and true and work. It’s easy to say, it is hard as anything, to execute.

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I want to show you an example of the website copy on one landing page of my website. And I want to highlight for you exactly how much of it is voice-of-customer data, or is attributed to client and customer voice hackings. Copy that didn’t come out of my head, but stuff that I gleaned, and insights that I garnered from listening and putting my ear to the ground. 

No. 3| Work down the page with a framework & keep folding in client and customer voice into the copy.

I want you to work down the page with a framework that works and continue to fold in this client-and-customer voice hacking into the copy. We talked about the importance of always be filing and we talked about how to insert your client and customer voice hacking into your above-the-fold copy.

 Love this classic marketing quote. “People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, ally their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies.” A copywriting formula, or framework: That’s going to help you have some sort of paint-by-number approach to the hierarchy of the messaging that you’re including.

client & customer voice hacking quick start guide-ashlyn writes

That will help you and support your message in 4 ways:

  • Formatting (we just talked about that)
  • Readability—it’s so much easier to read copy when it’s formatted like this
  • Ability to keep the audience’s attention—we talked a little about this in the heat mapping video.
  • Telling a Compelling Story

I have done videos before where I’ve talked, not just through storytelling, but about frameworks and why you should be using them on your website. I have the A-R-T-I-S-T framework for your “about” page. I’ve got my P-A-R-I-S sales copy framework. Love a good framework. 

All right, now you know your sales copy has to be chock-full of things that your customers, or your clients, are actually saying—not what you think they’re saying. If you are truly ready to double down on a client and customer voice hacking and writing sales copy that converts—do not miss your spot on the Copywriting for Creatives waitlist. This is my baby. I love this program so very much. Get yourself a spot on the early bird waitlist and you will know when seats open!

All right, now, you know all about how to pull your client and customer voice hacking data. I’ve hinted at it a couple of times, but I did a deep dive in why you need heat maps, what they are, and exactly how you can install them on your website—you can watch that here.



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