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I've been called the OG of copywriters for creatives, wink—I hook up women with words as a launch copywriter & brand strategist. Even while raking in more than 7-figures since I've been at it, I believe working from a place of rest (not hustle) IS possible—and I want the same for you.
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Reading Time: 8 Minutes So, it’s that time of year where you have heard about goal setting ad nauseum. Am I right? Today’s blog is all about how to set your 2020 goals and the tool and system that I’ve used to set goals both in my life and in my business since 2016. By the end of this […]

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Goal Setting

How to Set Your 2020 Goals with PowerSheets

Reading Time: 7 Minutes So you know that you’re supposed to grow your email list and you’re working on building that—but the thing is, you can have all the head knowledge and plans, but if you can’t say beyond a shadow of a doubt that your emails are doing their job and helping you market your creative small business […]

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Email Marketing

How to Write Your Email Newsletters Like a PRO

Reading Time: 6 Minutes You can do all the good work to write captivating copy that connects with your readers (YAY!) but if you don’t know what keywords to use, odds are those blogs and pages of your website you worked so hard to write won’t bubble up on your good-ol’ search engines. In this SEO copywriting tutorial I […]

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Business Tips

6 Ways to Instantly NAIL Your Keyword Research

Reading Time: 9 Minutes Around here, you’ll typically find me talking about things like words that do the heavy lifting in your business, or how to structure your workdays so you can work from a place of rest not hustle, but today’s post is switching things up a bit. I’m talking about something I recently did in my business […]

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Business Tips

How to Plan a Brand Photoshoot for your Business

Reading Time: 6 Minutes Ever thought about what your brand voice needs to sound like? Have you written or said things for your business and immediately thought, “Yuck, that doesn’t sound anything like me.” Or worse, that it sounded exactly like you snagged it from someone else’s brand … maybe a little bit because you did? Well, today I […]

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Copywriting Tips

How to Improve Your Brand Messaging

Reading Time: 9 Minutes How do you nail down a niche for your creative business when you feel like it’s ALL been done, and how do you overcome the fear that not enough people will need your niche to keep you in business?  For the record: both are TOTALLY possible. And, for the first time here on the Interweb, […]

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Copywriting Tips

The 4 Steps you need to know to choose a niche for your creative business

Reading Time: 11 Minutes You could spend money on ads, try to grow your Instagram following and add new products and services, or you could increase the conversion rate of the traffic, and the audience you already have. That’s the power in optimizing your website and keeping your visitors from bouncing away before they make that key choice you […]

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Business Tips

5 Surefire Strategies to Optimize Your Website & Up Your Conversion Rate

Reading Time: 9 Minutes I often get asked, “How does SEO tie into your website copywriting?” Welp, since both my clients and students tend to work in businesses in highly competitive spaces, I’ve had to learn a system for drawing in your clients with both copy that converts and ranks on Google (totally used to not know this, more […]

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Copywriting Tips

The Top 8 SEO Copywriting Tips You Need to Apply in Your Business

Reading Time: 7 Minutes I recently asked on Instagram what you want to know more about, and over and over again you asked me ALL ABOUT copywriting formulas. What are they, and how do you use them and how do you write them for your creative small business? In this post and corresponding video, I am giving you the […]

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Copywriting Tips

The One Proven Copywriting Formula You Need

Reading Time: 7 Minutes It’s easier than ever to start a creative small business—yay!—but now branding is one of the most important facets of your business to set you apart from someone who does the same thing.  Today we are talking about how to kick off your brand strategy process. So if you’re just getting started getting paid for […]

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Business Tips

How to Kick Off the Brand Strategy Process: 9 Secrets to Build an Unforgettable Brand

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