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How to Productize Your Services & Get More Time in Your Business

Reading time: 5 min.

You have a lot of superpowers as a service provider, but creating more time is not one of them! 

I love what I do as a service provider, and I love being able to do it as many times as I can without wearing myself out in the process. 

But I can’t be everywhere at once. 

There are only so many hours in the day, and eventually, your services will cap out. You can’t create more time.

But what are you supposed to do if you know you need to grow and make more money, but don’t have more time to dedicate to your clients? 

You productize your services — and that’s what I’m going to talk to you about today. 

Let’s look at how to productize your service, including how to create a repeatable system that you can do over and over again while still giving people that high-quality, white glove service they expect from you!

What does it mean to “productize your services”? 

Why would you even want to productize your service? 

Some of the best advice I have ever heard is to build a business that is sellable. Even if you never want to sell. 

While, yes, I’ve built a business that could potentially sell in its entirety, I took this business to mean something a little bit different. 

I think about selling bits and pieces of it — turning the services I provide into something to sell instead. 

But what are the benefits of productizing your services?

Provide a high-quality experience in less time

When you productize your services, you’re able to promise the same results, again and again, without extra time or edits. 

Manage time and resources better

Productizing your services means you know exactly how long something will take you. No more guessing or wondering if you’ll still be profitable because the client had so many changes! 

Writing proposals becomes easier 

Writing proposals is a heck of a lot easier. Sarah, who is the head of the side of my biz, once said, “If you cannot get a proposal out the door in under 30 minutes, it’s too custom.” Yes and amen. 

Sales calls are easier

Don’t we all want sales calls or pitches to be easier? You can skip that freakout moment on the call where you’re not quite sure how to price something.

With products, there’s none of that. You can skip all the drama and get right to the good stuff (making money!).

People see you as an expert

Being able to have a specific, productized service gives off a little less of” jack-of-all-trades” vibes — and way more “this person knows their stuff” vibes.

It makes it easier to sell

When you have a productized offer that’s clear and easily accessible, people can essentially self-select into that offer without needing a discovery call, proposal, etc.

That’s less time from “interest” to “invoice paid.”

Create multiple revenue streams

The average millionaire has seven streams of income. You can’t be a millionaire from services alone by that logic! 

This is why I created my digital product shop (and have thousands of buyers who are happy with their purchases). Because of the shop, I’m still able to serve clients in a 1:1 capacity, too. 

If you want to “create more time” in your business, it boils down to productizing your services. You can serve more people in less time, without burning yourself out. And make more money! 

The key is to know what you’re an expert in, find a way to create a system that other people can follow, and create products that help them follow those steps easily. 

How to productize your services

Now that we’ve covered why you should productize your services, let’s talk about how

While you can create digital products that are standalone offers, you can also create a more “productized” service that is a few steps away from your more bespoke packages.

Go through every single task in your client process

Write every step that you follow to complete a client project. You have the onboarding, yes, but what do you do to actually deliver your clients’ services?

Is there a template involved? A form? A specific set of steps you follow? 

Next to each “task,” add how much time (to the 15-minute mark) it takes for each task. On custom projects, there will be more tasks to sort through, and obviously, the smaller ones will have less. 

But ultimately, doing this will show you the process from a bird’s eye view, and you can start to see things that can be repeated over and over again in a product. 

For example, let’s say you’re an SEO strategist. As part of your process, you might start running a client’s website through your proprietary SEO checkpoints. 

That can be a product all by itself — whether it’s a productized service (a quick SEO report following your process) or a checklist/DIY training!

Give people options

When you work with 1:1 clients, every project feels a little bit different and there’s some nuance. In my agency, we found a great way to work with that by having an a la carte menu of more productized services.

This includes email templates, launch templates, etc. that help them execute on what we deliver in a 1:1 package, while also not requiring more work from us!

How can you give your clients options to tailor their project, while still keeping it within your specified confines of time

The best solution that I found over time with this is making sure that you have some way for people to tailor their time to yours. 

Whether you have power hours or strategy calls or they can buy a half-day, it’s all about blending that DIY or productized element with a more hands-on touch. 

This is so valuable because it helps people feel cared for in a more “custom” sense, but doesn’t require every ounce of your time to do. 

Make your business even more efficient

I’m borderline obsessive about my time in my business, mainly because I’m a mama and I love being able to be offline and with my family. 

This means I’ve definitely got to have systems in place. That’s exactly why I decide to productize my services. 

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. 

You’re an expert in what you do. 

Make sure that you’re giving your clients the best experience by getting as much of your brain as possible on their product, while also prioritizing your time away from the biz (because yes, that does matter to client work too). 

If you want more efficiency tips like these, these are the kinds of things you’ll learn inside the Art of Efficiency

This is a 3-stack, 3-week system for designing your most productive weeks. 

Essentially, I’ve bottled up my step-by-step productivity process for creative entrepreneurs — and I want to share it with you!

The waitlist is open and you’ll be the first to know when we get started! 

Join me here!

Reading Time: 4 Minutes Reading time: 5 min. You have a lot of superpowers as a service provider, but creating more time is not one of them!  I love what I do as a service provider, and I love being able to do it as many times as I can without wearing myself out in the process.  But I […]


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