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Wolf + Bloom Seamlessly Introduces New Product Lines Using Bedrock Messaging Data


“I was finally able to launch my business with a website I’m proud of—after 6 years of building it! I have a website that has crafted connection and many authentic and real conversations with customers.”

The Challenge

Heather Stout’s the brilliant mind behind Wolf & Bloom, and came to us with a bevy of physical products ripe for the selling. But seeded in the back of her mind was a fledgling idea: what if she could package and launch a pop-up party service of sorts, combining her passions for empowerment and community with an in-person experience … ?

Like most entrepreneurs (well, and humans), Heather hit a sticking point. Despite her enviable style, cool-and-confident persona, and tongue-in-cheek sass, he couldn’t quite put her finger on what to say in marketing copy, and as a result, hated the process.

“Copywriting for me was non-existent. It was something I hated and feared … so I didn’t even try to do it. I didn’t have the tools, resources, or community I needed for support to face that fear,” she said. 
 “So, I felt overwhelmed, stressed, terrified, worthless, and questioned whether I’m even doing the right thing starting my business.“I had hit a wall that I wasn’t able to climb.”

Ok, so can we agree no one should ever feel that way? Yes, we can.

The Solution

Using AW’s Copywriting for Creatives system to research and land brand positioning and package that into sparkling website copy, Heather’s ideas got the Swedish-massage messaging special.

“I choose to learn from Ashlyn because of her knowledge and her heart. She is absolutely brilliant but more importantly, she has a heart for people. And she’s just super fun to boot,” Heather said. Aww, shucks. Backatcha, homeslice.

After delving into brand messaging and research, she got a move on to the copywriting portion and templates of the curriculum, putting the CfC Template Collection to work. With Ashlyn and the community’s support, Heather put pen to paper to create words that resonate with her ideal market.

An added perk? CfC has the type of curriculum Heather can come back to as she offers and positions new services. “Everything I need is there to revisit, and that is comforting.”

The Visual

The Results

After 6 years of building her business, Heather got Wolf + Bloom up, launched, and off to make a dent in the lives of women.

“With CfC, I was finally able to launch my business with a website I’m proud of—after 6 years of building it! I have a website that has crafted connection and many authentic and real conversations with customers. Plus, I also launched my shop, and have been able to impact women in their day to day lives with my products,” Heather said.

The best part of CfC for her was “that dang Onlyness Factor and being able to define what I actually do/how I do it,” Heather said. That’s what we call the exercise to dig deep and figure out your unique value proposition around these parts, and Heather nailed hers for Wolf + Bloom. She jumped on numerous copy audit opportunities, citing how she enjoyed “being able to be face to face with Ashlyn and other creatives.”

“Most importantly, CfC helped me define what Wolf + Bloom is and what I do. It’s a program that teaches you to write your own copy and provides the support/encouragement you need along the way. Because of CfC, I also now have the confidence to pitch my business when networking, because I have a clear vision and copy that supports that.”

“Writing still terrifies me, but now instead of letting that fear paralyze me, I know I’m capable of pushing forward. I feel supported and that is something that is irreplaceable.”

“Ashlyn has created a program that not only gives you all the tools and resources you need to be successful when writing your own copy, but she has created a community that supports and encourages you along the way. I couldn’t have asked for a better program and have recommended her to everyone I know.”