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How to Create an Online Quiz & Grow Your Email List

Reading time: 5 min.

I have a secret—my favorite opt-in I’ve created (and I’ve made about 52 since 2016) is hands down my quiz opt-in. Not because it gets us the most leads organically but because it was the most fun to engineer and build. Which is exactly why I’m walking you through how to build an online quiz lead magnet for your business, too.

(Confession: since my 17 magazine fuzzy pin days I have always loved a good quiz. ;))

I used Interact quiz builder to create my online quiz and it helped me grow my email list by thousands in a short time—proof that people love a good self-diagnosis opportunity, even the silly ones. 😉

How to create an online quiz and grow your email list- Ashlyn Writes

As a conversion copywriter I have helped build the funnel off of so many client quizzes. From Elizabeth Rider to Jenna Kutcher, and architecting the back end of it ~sooo~ many times, eventually I was like … I wanna get in on this myself and build my own quiz … see what it’s like.

I launched it in 2018 — it was roughly called “How To Find Your Brand Voice Vibe”. Since inception, it’s garnered leads and this is with no paid traffic. The only way that I’ve really pushed it out is through things like Pinterest and social media but it’s garnered more than 18,800 leads.

Let’s jump in.



Here are 3 ways to know if a online quiz opt-in is right for you 

  1. I’m a “you like me or you don’t” type of person. If you don’t like my style of writing or talking or personality, I’d rather you figure it out quick and see ya. No harm, no foul. If that is you, online quizzes let you interject enough of your style that people can decide that along their way—I mean, have you ever signed up for a freebie and immediately hopped off because you didn’t like the brand, just wanted the free stuff? An online quiz requires a few more hoops to jump through (aka q’s to answer) … that’s a good thing.
  2. You’re willing to dig into ACTUALLY solving a problem or helping folks self-select.  Because it takes some time. We naturally LOVE diagnosing our self and studying our personality … like, ad nauseum. A quiz taps into that part of our human psychology. A psychotherapist said it well when she said “We’re constantly trying to balance between individuality and tribalism … Personality tests satisfy both ends of this continuum,”
  3. And if you’re wanting a bit more data right outta the gate for your subscribers, it’s helpful too. You’ll get to tag and sort your quiz takers based on what they like, where they are in business, etc. which comes in handy later down the road. There are two questions in my quiz that don’t even correlate to the ultimate answers and archetypes (we’ll talk more about that below!) — they’re truly just there to help give me some insight and data so I can serve those people better by getting them content that is *actually* useful for them.

Alright, lets jump into those 4 steps to building out your quiz.

(P.S.—I’m going to walk you through how to do this in Interact … I researched a lot of different tools as I was trying to figure out where I wanted to build mine. I’ve used them from the beginning and have not switched.)

No. 1| Start at the End

The first thing that you want to do is go ahead and decide the archetypes or the answers that your online quiz will be funneling and channeling into.

Start with the end in mind and go back to what you actually want your quiz to find out — you’re reverse engineering the quiz.

I would recommend somewhere around 3-4 answers because the more you have, the more complicated it gets to write the quiz answering question copy. Maybe it’s their tier in business. Maybe it’s something about their habits or what drives them … don’t stress yourself out with this.

It can be something fun, it doesn’t have to *necessarily* be something that you put a lot of research into.

What I wanted to do in my quiz is showcase the four different buying and selling patterns … since most people tend to sell like they like to buy and I help people with sales copy. So, that’s the angle I took with my quiz.

From here, I researched and tried to figure out what type of personality and voice vibe that person would have under each of the 4 archetypes.

If you need a visual, click here to see my quiz, “Find Your Brand Voice Vibe & Selling Style”.

No. 2| Draft the copy for the quiz questions.

Based off of the archetypes that your online quiz is leading into, you can now start to draft the copy for the questions.

Let me show you what that process looks like in Interact ⬇⬇


This is where your voice or your style is so very important. Like I said earlier, I want my quiz (& really anything in my business) to be so Ashlyn in the voice that people can decide very quickly if they like it or not. 😉

Related: Find Your Brand Voice: How to Add Personality to Your Copywriting

No. 3| Create quiz answers to correlate with each archetype.

After you get your question copy typed (I would recommend somewhere between 10 or less) and you now want to come up with the answers that correlate with each archetype.

Pro tip here: make sure that the answers, especially if you’re trying to do more of a serious quiz that diagnoses people and helps them understand something, make sure that it’s indisputable what each answer will be.

Let me walk you through that real quick. ⬇⬇

 No. 4| Paste the copy for all the questions and answers into Interact

Now you want to go into a tool like Interact and paste in the copy that you’ve written for both the questions and all of the answers.

And that’s it. From here you can get ready to publish it and set it out in the world. 🙌

Here is a quick peek at what this looks like ⬇⬇

I firmly believe in the value of stewardship of both your time and your story (do I sound like a broken record ??;)).

Like I mentioned earlier, a quiz has been a great opt-in for me because I created it TWO years ago and it’s *still* bringing in leads. That is the kind of thing that I want to build in my business — something that can stand the test of time.

I would challenge you to do that with a quiz … they’re going nowhere fast.

When you’re doing it, make sure that you’re building it in a way that communicates your brand voice , and story. By doing that, you’ll attract and repel the right people and collecting some intel about them so you can better serve them later.

Allllll while getting them a killer assessment, tool or just a break from life for just a few minutes through that quiz.

Now, you know how to build your quiz opt-in but what about the engine at the bottom of it? That’s driving all of your messaging, your website. Check out this video where I talk all about how to pick up the perfect design template for your website. 




How to create an online quiz and grow your email list- Ashlyn Writes


Reading Time: 5 Minutes Reading time: 5 min. I have a secret—my favorite opt-in I’ve created (and I’ve made about 52 since 2016) is hands down my quiz opt-in. Not because it gets us the most leads organically but because it was the most fun to engineer and build. Which is exactly why I’m walking you through how to […]


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