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How to Launch Your Evergreen Products + Services

Reading time: 10 min.

How to LAUNCH Your Evergreen Products + Services // I LOVE launching … but not as much as I love sustainable marketing that works when I can’t. 🙂

You KNOW with your creative small business you need to be talking up and “launching” them (a fancy way to say make a big marketing campaign) your products and services to make sure people know about them.

But mama gets tired over here—anyone else?!? Big product and service launches take it OUT of you, but what if there was a way to quit rewriting the same sales copy, lean on sustainable systems, and still ensure folks have that Aladdin magic carpet overview of all the fabulous things you do?!

If that sounds like a dream, I have some good news— in this post, I’m taking you behind the scenes of an email marketing campaign that serves to pre-launch and sell to your audience, and giving you all the nitty-gritty copywriting tips along the way.

These are tips and strategies that we’ve given to copywriting clients and launch consulting clients to make sure that they are taking their evergreen products and services and getting them out there in front of their audience.

How to launch your evergreen products and services- Ashlyn Writes


Essentially, this is how you can launch your evergreen products and offers so you can sell the heck out of your tried and true, bread and butter offers.

Also, keep reading until the end because I’m going to tell you about how we repurposed essentially an entire funnel and it ended up leading to a 1/4 million dollar launch all while I was pretty much laying horizontal on the couch with a green face from morning sickness anddddd trying to move cities (which was a bear of an undertaking I kind of forgot that moving was difficult)!

It is high time to let your marketing copy work hard so you don’t have to all the dang time.

Let’s go.

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No. 1| Long Term Nurture Sequence

This is my ride or die tip—kind of a secret sauce tip that I don’t talk about all the time.

Enter: the Long Term Nurture Sequence.

The Long Term Nurture Sequence, or as we call it around here the “LTN”, guides your audience and your new subscribers through every single one of your offers.

We have built LTNs and drafted all the copy for sooo many clients. We’ve also consulted clients who already have the pieces and the copy, through how to structure it.

This is essentially a super long email sequence that is running in the background of your business while you’re creating other offers and promoting other offers. As a new subscriber or a new audience member in your universe, I need you to at least tell me about all the different things that you do and give me a chance to raise my hand and say, “Yeah that’s for me I need that.”

So the other week I was speaking at The School of Styling in New Orleans and laughing with another speaker—I think we’ve all had that moment in business where someone says “you do XYZ!? I had NO idea!” I think sometimes we’re doing the thing and providing the offer so often that we forget that some people don’t even know that we provide it. So let’s fix that with this LTN.

Setting up your Long Term Nurture Sequence for your evergreen product or service

+ Identify what evergreen offers you have in your product and service suite or your offer ladder. 

If you’re a service-based business— what different buckets of offers do you provide to your clients?

Quick distinction: I’m not talking so much about tiers within those offers like different price points of the big offer itself, but I’m talking more offers that are driven specifically to a certain type of customer or different ideal client audience member for each one. What  of those offers or services do you have?

Quick example: Let’s say you are a calligrapher. You may have that full soup to nuts wedding invitation suite. You also might offer envelope calligraphic services that you’ll do for any event, wedding or not. Maybe as a third offer, you have semi-custom invitations for different kinds of parties or birth announcements. Do you offer day rates or mini sessions? If you offer products, physical or digital what kinds of lines or collections or products suites in and of themselves do you have?

If you’ve never really drafted this out in your business before, it’s a great exercise—specifically for the purpose of creating this LTN, you gotta have that in front of you. The long-term nurture sequences job is to come in and introduce somebody with a windup and the pitch for each of these evergreen offers.

I’m a pen and paper kinda girl, it helps to write out how you would move them through and what you would pitch them to and then the next and then the next.  I’ve had clients go up their offer ladder and I have clients say that they would rather go down their offer ladder through this… totally dealer’s choice. That is a YOU thing to decide, it works differently based on your business.

+ Hype Piece. Okay, at this point you’ve got it drafted and you kinda see this sequence that you’re taking people through. Now, let’s fill in the different points of that.

For each offer, start with your prelaunch or nurture emails. Pitch to some sort of hype piece or central thing that you’re using as the vehicle to communicate the offer. Maybe it is a challenge or an evergreen webinar or maybe it’s just a video that you have a sales video where you can really talk it up and explain what’s inside that offer. I have tons of ideas, for different kinda hype pieces that I talk about if you’re inside Primed to Launch™.

+Sales Sequence. After you pitch that hype piece you’re gonna move into the sales sequence.

I would maybe recommend some variations on that based on if they wanted to get in on the hype piece or they just straight-up want to hear about the offer, pitch it to them.

+Delivery Sequence + Buffer Sequence. Whether they take you up on it or not, you’re gonna push them into a delivery sequence or you’re gonna push them into the buffer sequence. Between each big offer that you’re pushing out there and talking about from a sales standpoint, you’re gonna have a moment where you’re just straight-up serving. You’re bringing out your greatest hits, your best newsletters, your best past content, podcast recordings, episodes, adn blogs that you’ve done. You’re just serving like crazy.

>>For these buffer sequences, I would recommend no less than at least 3 different emails that go to them just straight from a service standpoint getting to know them. You’re trying to get your best content in front of them, and really help them out. You will repeat this for every offer that you have.<<

After that, bring them into your first offer for some sort of evergreen product that you have. So that pre-launch sales sequence, all the way through to then a buffer sequence where we just chill out and we serve them until we introduce them into the next one. All these little chunks of emails string together to form your long-term nurture sequence.

You may want to consider going ahead and keeping your weekly newsletter going out on a steady day of the week. While you have this running, you may consider pulling them all the way through the LTN before you drop them into your weekly newsletter. It’s kind of up to you. We’ve had clients do both. We’ve also had clients have a six-month campaign for this, a three-month campaign, a 12-month campaign. All up to you here.

Bonus tip #1: Don’t forget that while in a perfect world, they’d just move through your ladder, some people are going to enter your universe in different places. They may buy at your highest price point or your middle one, so decide as you install your email copy what automation need to be set up to accommodate for this.

Bonus idea #2: You could continue to add on your best, most successful newsletters to the bottom of this campaign and keep this your “bottomless broadcasts” as we call them.

By now, you should at least have an offer roadmap of a couple dozen or even more emails that you can string together for a long term nurture sequence—give yourself time to implement.

It’s a GOAL. It may take you 3 months of focused time, it may take a year. At LEAST build the map, ok?

You know me, if there’s a way to make more sustainable marketing practice, I’ll do it … HA!

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No. 2| Launch your Evergreen product or service during 1 of your Quarterly Champagne Campaigns

I want you to insert one of these evergreen offers into 1 of your 4 “Champagne Campaigns” in a year.

You’ve got this long-term nurture sequence running in the background, now what I want you to look at your four big marketing campaigns a year. Take one of those things that you’re always providing and pop it in one of those four spots.

I love this P.T. Barnum quote that says: “Without publicity a terrible thing happens—nothing”. The reason that live launches and marketing campaigns work so well is because they make noise—they’re loud. If you’ve got this great product or service and you don’t make a big stink about it a few times a year then people just don’t know about it.

I teach this inside my Primed to Launch™ curriculum, so if you’re in PtL you know about this, but I highly recommend having four massive go big or go home campaigns a year. That’s it… just FOUR. BUT I want you to go all in all chips on the table for those moments. You can sprinkle in other spotlights and campaigns in the midst of that but these four are gonna be loud. **Don’t forget, even if something is evergreen, it can still go in one of these spots.**

Tactical Tip:  Again, like we talk about inside Primed to Launch™, simply because the offer is on evergreen, you’re gonna have to add in something to make the offer juicy. Maybe it’s a featured bonus or a flash sale or some kinda extra coaching component. You gotta do something because if it’s offered there regularly to have the integrity to pull it in and launch it, I at least would recommend that you bolster it up a little bit.

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No. 3| Lazy Launch

Hold a lazy launch for a product spotlight on one of your evergreen products, services or offerings.

I mentioned this earlier, but in October we launched my signature program, Copywriting for Creatives™. It is my baby, but I was in my first trimester of a second pregnancy— AND we were in the midst of moving cities with a rental home in between. Copywriting for Creatives™ is not evergreen but this was my first lazy launch, so I still wanted to use it as a case study and talk to you about it.

What I learned is launching this way is so helpful from a health standpoint and a mental health standpoint.

🚨MAJOR CAVEAT: I don’t think a lazy launch will work if it hasn’t gone into play multiple other times and ou’ve done the research and all of the practice to figure out if this offer works. If the marketing message is communicated well. If you’ve got that dialed in and you’ve done this before— this was our 9th launch of Copywriting for Creatives—and you’re at a place where you can afford to do a lazy launch… I recommend you do it.

Warren Buffet said, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today “because someone planted a tree long ago.”  I feel like that’s what this launch is. It was financially successful because we had done so much work.

Here’s how it worked.

As we ran this lazy launch, which I would recommend you at least keep as an idea at a back pocket for someday when you’re gonna need it, we went all-in on the hype piece.For this product launch, the hype piece was the webinar. I knew that I was going to go all out and put all of my energy into showing up for live workshops and really be present for the people.

The things I didn’t worry about:

+I hardly posted on social media about this launch at all.

+I didn’t rewrite the whole sales page

+I definitely didn’t rewrite the whole email funnel. In fact, we basically lifted and repurposed the email funnel from a past launch altogether.

Tactical Tip: Let me get tactical and tell you that from an email marketing standpoint, I’d do 1 of 2 things:

Option 1: repurpose the funnel you used during a live, go-big-or-go-home launch, resurrect it and let it run.  Your hype piece will be new, but the rest will run on auto.

Option 2: Hold 5-ish days of messaging and promo emails, and then pipe down.

Again, if you like this idea of a lazy launch if it appeals to you, my biggest recommendations are put in the work when you’ve got the energy when you can give it your all, go for it because you never know when you’re gonna be able to repurpose that and use it during a time when you just can’t.

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Like I said earlier, in October I could barely do anything and I was ~ sooooo~ grateful to have this that I could pull out.

Yes, the funnel needs to be built but the real bonus is to just repurpose any of the messaging that needs a refresh or rewrite those five emails if you’re just gonna do a week of a spotlight show up for the hype piece anddddd that’s it.

Want even more ideas about launching and creating a pre-launch campaign that gets people salivating over your offers? I would encourage you to check out my Primed to Launch™ Playbook. This is my answer to how to strategize, organize and craft marketing content that power glides into your upcoming launch. It is full of launch calendar timeline templates weekly content planning templates and so much more.

Here’s to you working from a place of more rest, less hustle.🥂



How to launch your evergreen products and services- Ashlyn Writes

Reading Time: 10 Minutes Reading time: 10 min. How to LAUNCH Your Evergreen Products + Services // I LOVE launching … but not as much as I love sustainable marketing that works when I can’t. 🙂 You KNOW with your creative small business you need to be talking up and “launching” them (a fancy way to say make a […]


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