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5 Questions Everyone Wonders about Copywriting

Reading time: 5 min.

I’ll go toe-to-toe with ya and betcha that you’ve got SOMETHIN’ on your list write for that business of yours, right?

I mean, your inbox is slammed with newsletters from Lululemon to Rising Tide Society — and you’ve got your own newsletter and blog to write — plus, it seems like there’s always ANOTHER Instagram caption to type … or a mission statement to finally flesh out.

5 Questions Everyone Wonders about Copywriting by Ashlyn Carter - blogging and creative copywriting tips.

Oh, and if you’re planning on launching something? Welp, best getcha party pants & gameface on to spin out #allthethings: from sales page and email sequence to ad copy and MORE, there’s mucho to write.

There is SO much copy circulating, but for good reason. Statistically, words work: visitors make a decision after reading about only 20% of your website and your audience is 3x as likely to see an email newsletter than a social media post.

Whoa, baby!

I’ve fallen head-over-heels for quipping a line and drafting copy for creatives since starting up a calligraphy business, and I wanna tell you the top 5 q’s I get from creatives when it comes to copywriting. ‘Cause friend, I got you: I know it’s so scary to figure out the RIGHT words that are gonna pack punch for your business. I mean, I worked in marketing for 10 years and wrote emails for companies like Delta Air Lines … but I too started out my newsletter with ZILCH subscribers when it came to my own business.

We all gotta start somewhere!

With oh-so many messaging lessons learned along the way, I’m bringing you the top questions I get asked so you can stomp on your writer’s block and get drafting.

Let’s do it to it!

Ok, don’t light me on fire, but what exactly is copywriting?

It’s okay, half of everyone asks. The other half say “copyrighting” in their emails to me.

(Wrong “writing/righting”)

Short answer? Persusaive words that elicit action. Any words used in your business to help market it. Want more? Click here to read my full post about what copywriting is.

Ummm … I think I need to start writing blogs & emails regularly for my business, right?

Ding ding ding! Let’s start with the mindset: strategy + serving = engaged audience! When you mix a pinch of smart strategy with a dash of serving-focused content, that’s when the magic happens. Start mapping out a simple content strategy (Want a complex one? Here’s my favorite. It’s bomb.com & just $27.) that serves up a TON of free content and value to your tribe.

Then, K.I.S.S. — pick one batch day a week/month and write out all your Instagram captions (I use Plann), blog post(s), and email newsletter. Start thinking about big sales and launches you’ve got coming up, and back up at least 3 months to serve and prime your audience before you sell.*

* – F‘real. I work with a LOT of creatives launching courses, and I won’t write their copy for them unless they have been serving their email list and community for MONTHS. Launches don’t work as well otherwise!

What kind of copy do I need for my website?

Good question! First off, don’t start with your website. Yup, you heard me.

Start by developing your brand’s mission statement, core values, elevator pitch, client excavation, and voice/tone guide. Whittle that all into one document.

THEN, build out your website copy. Here’s a guide to how I write websites using GoogleDocs!

Do I HAVE to hire a copywriter?

Nope! What’s important to understand is that you gotta be a copywriter for your OWN business. To get there, it’s important to think of who your ideal client is, how you can solve their problem, or how can you provide them with something valuable that they will LURVE. The first step in writing to your ideal clients is knowing them, the second step is effectively marketing to them with copy!

Later on, if you need to hire a copywriter to up-level your website or draft all the pieces for your product or service launch, you can get there. Bottom line? If you can’t write for your business, learn how. There’s some great copywriting courses and free content out there … you can always pay someone down the road.

How often should I write a blog/send an email/post?

It doesn’t matter! The key? Be consistent. How often can you consistently reach out to your list: (ex: weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) What is a reasonable amount of communication you can commit to? Pick that, and rock and roll with it!

Can a copywriter really sound like me?

Yes! BUT … remember that the key to your copy isn’t YOU as much as it is serving your audience. A good copywriter will marry your voice and tone with exactly the pain points and info your ideal client is looking for, so just keep that in mind! When you’re looking for a copywriter, the idea isn’t so much finding one that SOUNDS like you as one who has worked in your industry … that way, she’s trained up on who your ideal client is right outta the gate.

I want to give you a jam-up plan of attack when it comes to writing for your business, and it starts at the core: it starts with mastering your message! I created a mini-workbook to help you get all of your business pre-copy down on one document: from mission statement and core values to your elevator pitch.

THEN, you can start writing your website, blogs, etc. Reverse engineering my copy worked for my business fo’ sho’, and I get so excited talking about it!

In this, I spill the beans on how to get started with your foundational brand copy so you can write a website and emails begging to be read.

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Reading Time: 6 Minutes

With oh-so many messaging lessons learned along the way, I’m bringing you the top questions I get asked so you can stomp on your writer’s block and get drafting.


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