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Stationery 101: The 4 Different Types of Stationery You Need

Reading time: 4 min.

Note cards and different types of stationery paper abound — so what kind of stationery is needed for what task? Let’s hash it out.

Stationery Types Stationery DIY Stationery set

First off, there’s something magical about stationery and snail mail, right?

It’s ephemeral nature.

Tattered envelopes after a long journey.

The way envelope glue tastes.

The way no two handwritings look alike.

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve thought that there was something noble and mysterious about writing, about the people who could do it well, who could create a world as if they were little gods or sorcerers. All my life I’ve felt that there was something magical about people who could get into other poeple’s minds and skin, who could take people like me out of ourselves and then take us back to ourselves. And you know what? I still do.

— Anne Lamont

I’ll champion snail-mail over digital binary and HTML codes being sent my way through an internet any ‘ol day. I hope you love it, too! But it’s important to know the different types of stationery, which all have their own purpose.

(And hey. It’s ok if you didn’t know this ’til now!)

Let’s go through the four types of stationery, from most fancy to not-most-fancy:

Formal Monogram Notes

  • Color: White, Ecru, or Pale.
  • Monogram Color: Typically neutral-ish, and yes, metallic is neutral!
  • What to Print: ONE PERSON’S MONOGRAM (notes are from one person, signed by one person — that’s prob the biggest mistake I see), or a crest or logo.
  • Size: Usually 5.25×3.5
  • Used for: Wedding gift thank you’s, short messages or thank you’s to folks, RSVP to very formal invitations, job interview thank you’s, condolences.

Calling Cards

  • Color: White or Ecru.
  • Name Color: Typically black.
  • What to Print: Example, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hope Carter … I mean, you could also just have your own with just your name … but you probably won’t be using those often.
  • Used for: Goodness. I slap one of these on every wedding or shower gift I ever buy! It’s great for that, and looks good for baby gifts, too. Just maybe not bachelorette and b’day gifts. 🙂

Informal Notes

  • Color: White, Ecru, or Pale.
  • Name Color: Typically neutral-ish or black.
  • What to Print: Lady’s full name.
  • Size: Usually 5×3.5
  • Used for: Thank you’s for just about any ol’ thing, gift enclosures, short messages or thank you’s to folks, notes to your grandmother or favorite high school french teacher … basically, anything except wedding gift thank you’s. You need your monogram on that sucker.

Correspondence Cards

  • Color: Colors! These are pretty informal.
  • Size: Usually 5×3.5
  • Name Color: Old-school girls may veer toward more neutral colors (think white with a fun royal blue monogram), but you can spice it up with this one.
  • What to Print: Your full name, first name, monogram — take your pick!
  • Used for: This card is your most informal, so whip it out for any casual correspondance: funny notes to your girlfriends, notes to stick in your roommate’s car on her big test day, letters to your mama, and more.

Notice a trend? Guys have their own stationery. Girls have their own stationery. Don’t go half-and-half! There’s also the option for a Mr. and Mrs. Note … I’ll be honest, we got a couple of these from couples who were unable to come to our wedding, but it’s a pretty formal way to RSVP in 2016.

Now the fun starts — you just may get to go shopping! No rush: piece-meal it. Likely, no one is judging you for this kinda thing, but hey, it’s a bit fun to keep with tradition and play Downton Abbey with a stationery wardrobe, isn’t it?

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Reading Time: 5 Minutes

First off, there’s something magical about stationery and snail mail, right? Note cards and different types of stationery paper abound … but what kind of stationery is needed for what task? Let’s hash it out! Keep reading for the 4 types of stationery you need.


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