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June 10, 2016

How to Attract Your Dream Client: 5 Things You Need

Reading time: 4 min.

You can’t write copy for your social media captions, website, or emails if you don’t know who you’re talking to. In a past post, I talk about why you need to talk to uno persona.

Now, I want to give you the mad libs formula to fill in and keep on file in your business plan, so you can always write to that person. Page four of my business plan is devoted to hashing out Client Targeting, and I reference it often.

How to attract dream client ashlyn writes

The client targeting process has 5 key things you need:

1. Understand your client with solid market research.

What’s the minimum viable product? What’s the hole in the market you can fill that your target’s on the lookout for?

2. Become a student of your target client’s lifestyle, dreams, and needs.

Sketch out the basic run-down of the most lovely darlings you’ve ever served. What are their ages? What do they do? Where do they live? What did you do for them? What did you like about working with them? Where were they in life, and in business?

3. Record her pain points.

Ask her — yup, I’d actually suggest “interviewing” about 10 of your dreamies — what their biggest issue is, and what they’ve done (that didnt work) to try to fix it.

Pay attention: when do they say “ya know, it would be great if …. ” or “I wish I just had … ” Those are key giveaways to their needs!

4. Search Reddit, Facebook groups (use that search icon at the top!), and Amazon reviews for issues.

Keep digging … wherever it is that your target hangs out, what do the masses say the deep needs are?

5. Build a copy bank of her words.

I record my findings from all of my research in an Excell doc, which helps me reference exactly their own words as I write sales pages.

Ready for the mad lib? I want you to dig deep into bizarre, stalker-like questions, so you can genuinely write copy that transports your vision into copy that is authentic and profitable.

My Target Audience Mad Lib Template

She wants to be ____. She’s (ADJ). Above all, she yearns to devote her time to (WHAT) and (WHAT). She’s from (PART OF THE WORLD). Her priorities are WHAT, WHAT, and WHAT. She loves eating WHAT and drinking WHAT, going to WHAT in the fall, WHAT in the summer, wearing WHAT on most days. Her favorite brands are WHAT, WHAT, WHAT, WHAT, and WHAT. In her free time, you’ll find her DOING WHAT, WHAT, WHAT, and WHAT. She loves her alma mater of WHAT. She trusts brands that are WHAT and talk about WHAT. She would love to WHAT, if only she had WHAT, or if WHAT. In the past, she’s tried to WHAT and WHAT, but it hasn’t fixed the issue. The biggest experts she trusts on this are WHOM and WHOM.  You’ll catch her reading WHAT and WHAT to learn more, and deep down, she really needs to be asking WHAT and WHAT when she’s talking to you.

She most likely hears about me from WHAT or WHAT. She doesn’t know WHAT, and needs help with WHAT, WHAT, and WHAT.

In CITY, I’d run into her at WHERE, WHERE, WHERE, or WHERE.

Her money habits are spending money on WHAT, WHAT, and WHAT. She weekly shops at WHAT, but if she’s going to splurge, it’s on WHAT, WHAT, and WHAT. She sees money as WHAT.

She would follow me because WHY. She gets her news and info from WHAT APP, WHAT APP, WHAT WEBSITE, and WHAT.

Here’s what she’d ask me about if we met: WHAT, WHAT, WHAT, and WHAT.

People I know like her are NAME, NAME, NAME, and NAME.

That’s it! If it doesn’t weird you out too much, I’d suggest writing up a little bio on her. Give her a name, come up with her backstory, and write it all down as your avatar.

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