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July 5, 2019

Book More Clients: 4 Secrets to Convert Inquiries with Your Email Template

Reading time: 4 min.

Let’s talk about how to book more clients with your inquiry response.

It’s one of the VERY first impressions that you have on your potential clients, so it’s important you nail it, right? Today, I want to share with you how I recommend responding to inquiries with a solid email template.

I wax poetic about the glories of email templates and having a super solid inquiry response template for your each of your services and offerings is something you need to have in your arsenal. Copy that closes the sale is important everywhere, but it’s especially important here …

… Plus, no one likes the crickets back from when your inquiry never replies back, right?


You want to call for the sale without being too slick and cheesy, you want to show your value, and you want to consistently close so you know there will be food on the table. Noooooo pressure. 😉

Whether you’re the one in your inbox, or you’re looking to start outsourcing your inbox (which, GO YOU!), this is one of the emails my students ask the MOST questions about, and I get it.

From my potential calligraphy client inquiries to copywriting inquiries, to—more recently—inquiries for my speaking services, I’ve HAD to make templates for these to ensure our potential clients are answered with a friendly, professional response in my brand voice.

Templates get a bad rap sometimes, but can still give a super tailored and personalized response, and that’s the part of my workflow I want to show you here.

So, these are my four inquiry template response hacks.

Let’s go! (Plus, grab this freebie checklist of the templates you need to have in your biz!)

Inquiry Response Hack No. 1

State the problem back to them.

So, one thing you can do to book more clients is to bake in room in your template to figure out the problem to state this back to them.

They gave you a great nugget in their inquiry response. They told you what’s frustrating them, or what they’re having a hard time with! People buy when they feel heard, seen, and understood, and you can do that when you state their problem back to them in a sense.

If you don’t, I would recommend including a space in your contact form where you ask them about this. This is what ours looks like in HoneyBook:

You may be interested in: My HoneyBook & Trello client workflow how-to

Inquiry Response Hack No. 2

Don’t give them TMI.

Before I spoke at Trouvaille Retreat last year to wedding industry entrepreneurs, I asked all the attendees to pull me a copy of an inquiry response they’d recently sent out to a potential client. 

All of them included TMI, and from our point of view, I get it.

The overwhelming majority of them gave TMI in trying to book more clients—easy mistake!

Think about where your potential lead is—they don’t know as much as you do. They don’t know the cute names of your packages, they don’t know the jargon of your industry, they may not even really know what an appropriate budget SHOULD be for what you do.

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

When I was creating email templates for Delta Sky Miles customers back in marketing agency days, I learned the goal here is to get them to the NEXT step in the process …

and then that next piece of copy is to get them to the NEXT step in the process …

… which leads them to the NEXT step …

… and so on and so forth.

They really only need enough information to get to the next step. That’s your goal as you work to book more clients.

Inquiry Response Hack No. 3

Give them one call to action.

I cannot talk about this enough. We need to grease the slides and make it easy for them to buy. So, make it very, very clear what you want them to do next.

You know yourself—if you KNOW you get them on the phone or video chat and you can convince them, ask them to “click here and set up a time to talk with me that works with your busy schedule.”

If you do in-person consults, give them 2-3 times to choose from and ask them to email back.

If you send a client pricing magazine, ask them to click and open it.

It’s okay to have multiple call to actions, but make it really clear in the copy of your email template.

I’ve talked about some ways I automate things like this and book more clients in this blog post, The Best Automations Your Creative Business Needs!

Inquiry Response Hack No. 4

Send some champagne!

What we’re doing here is baking in a classic sales lever, like scarcity or authority.

This one? Reciprocity. You know how you have to fight back when someone gives you a compliment to NOT say a compliment back?

Ashlyn Carter Ashlyn Writes copywriting

You likely already are sitting on a great resource your potential client would love to have.

Maybe it’s a killer how-to blog post, maybe it’s a freebie you’ve sent out in the past.

Why not send it along as a p.s. at the bottom of your email template?

Review every quarter, and also create a 3-day reminder template email to send when you DO hear crickets. It happens—people are busy! 

It’s our HONOR as creatives to get to be leaders for our clients, so I really want you to step into that position of leadership with your potential clients and close the sale in your inbox.

So, those are my 3 hacks to build into your inquiry response email template and book more clients. Comment below with which one of these 3 hacks you’re going to bake into your email template.

Don’t forget to grab your freebie: 28 email templates you need to have in your business!

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