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August 23, 2017

Celebrating Two Years of Marriage: Our Trip to St. Lucia

Reading time: 3 min.

Wes and I just got back from St. Lucia to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary!

It was one of my 60 before 30-years-old goals to go on a one-year anniversary and two-year anniversary trip with Wes (see our wedding on Southern Weddings here & the Southern Bride of the Summer feature on Southern Weddings here for inspiration!), and traveling has been worth every penny! I don’t come from a big traveling family and I didn’t study abroad in college or anything, so getting to see places from Napa to Versailles, London to St. Lucia, and Punta Cana to the Kentucky Derby race track with Wes these fledgling years of marriage has been.a.blast.

Wesley Hope Carter, yes, you came with travel benefits (wink—so yes, sometimes we fly standby … not every trip, since it’s hit-or-mess, but it comes in handy!), but the way you steward our relationship and show me how going off-the-grid, exploring, and just laying on a sea shore with your best friend is worth working hard and saving for is one of my favorite things about you.

Slash traveling an extremely huge perk of being an entrepreneur. Here’s a quick little recap of our jaunt to the Carribbean, including the books we read and more!

Oh—and my COMPLETE novice Nikon photography will have to suffice … I’m new at owning a big-girl camera, so if you have any tips, I’ll take ’em!

Palm trees in St. Lucia

St. Lucia Sandals Halcyon wedding venue

We’ve decided to alternate our big annual trips as much as possible: an exploring, walking-heavy trip popping in and out of cities, cafes, and museums one year, and we’re-okay-doing-nothing-but-relaxing trip the next.

Wes, here are the things I’ll always remember about this little anniversary trip:

  • Looking at you when everyone told us to “do excursions,” seeing your raised eyebrows, and knowing that you’re for sure my soulmate when you said, “I’m totally okay just resting and sleeping and laying by the pool the whole week.”
  • Staying at an all-inclusive … which meant 5 out of 6 nights, we went to the sushi bar for appetizers. Suffice it to say they knew our order.
  • Reading 5 books—’cause when do you ever have 5 hours in one sitting to just read!? Chasing Slow, 168 Hours, Booked, The Finishing School by my friend Val Marie, and Expert Secrets.
  • Journaling slowly through The Finishing School prompt questions … Val, they’re so eye-opening that I may have to make them an annual check-in assessment with myself! ????
  • Poolside chatting with our favorite bartender Miss Agnes, with her lilting island accent and cocoa colored skin, because I love to watch you with people.
  • … and trying our way through her drink menu. I guess that was me more than you and your pina colada dedication.
  • When given the option of the party pool or the quiet pool, we chose the quiet pool. 6 out of 6 days. It’s fine.
  • Sailing in the bay, and being thankful you’re cunning and street smart when the wind all of a sudden blows directly into us … and watching you make the attendant’s day with a big ol’ tip after he had to drive out in a fishing boat and save us.
  • Our cheesy-but-maybe-some-are-okay resort photographer photos—he put Olan Mills to shame, but I make you do enough photo shoots that you know how to work it.
  • All the times you checked in to ask me if I was feeling relaxed. That was your goal for me, turns out.

You know me better than I know myself, babe!

View from St. Lucia Sandals Halcyon resort

St. Lucia Sandals Halcyon wedding venue

I traveled as a consultant my first year after college graduation—28 days on, 2 days off for around 9-ish months—so between all those airport jaunts, I got good at packing. I think I’m *finally* hovering around that prowess level again after two years of being married to a Delta employee and speaking at events for Ashlyn Writes.

Our little room was adorable … and the fact that you can get on-demand champagne at an all-inclusive is this bubbly-lover’s favorite perk.

St. Lucia wedding venue Halcyon Sandals resort

St. Lucia Sandals Ashlyn and Wes

Ashlyn Cartter and Wes Carter_Ashlyn Writes

They didn’t turn out TOO AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com, right? ????

See ya next time, island time!

Venue: Sandals Halcyon in Castries, St. Lucia

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