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Holiday 2018: The Ultimate Creative Entrepreneur Gift Guide

Reading time: 9 min.

Whoop! It’s holiday season—which, if you’re like me, means clocking a few hours with your laptop in front of the cozy fireplace with a seasonal candle … in lieu of your desk.

I did this last year, and thought it’d be fun again to do a gift guide for bosses and entrepreneurs. Sure, some of these can go on your true Christmas and/or shopping list, but I mostly wanted to dig around and let you know of a few things I’ve enjoyed this year from a business standpoint.

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Entrepreneur Boss Gift Guide Business Gifts Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes

You never know when your CPA is going to encourage you to make sure you round out those tax write-offs, right?

TRUE, not all of these will apply to that—but some will. 😉 WHOOP! I blogged about where I spend money and invest as a small business owner here, but this is a little bit more of a light read with ideas for you AND other business friends.

Also, just so you know, I do get a kick-back from some of these items from links on this blog, but wouldn’t ever recommend to you anything I don’t use and love in my own business.

I’m excited about this—I hope you are, too! Enjoy, and let me know below what’s on your list!

Prices and links reflective of time of publication.


Gifts for Your Stocking
Entrepreneur Boss Gift Guide Stocking Stuffers Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes

1. Ex Voto Vintage Engraved Monogram Cuff, $80 – Fellow entrepreneur Elizabeth is based in my homestate of Alabama, and this cuff hardly comes off my wrist. I love supporting her art!

2. Le Pens, $16 – I buy these by the 12-pack from Amazon … next to Caran d’Ache, they’re my must-have writing utensils. One pack of these gets me through the year in my office.

3. Branche Eye Mask, $42 – I am OBSESSED with this, and have been for years. Yes, it’s pricey, but I get much better sleep with it. I like the black one so it doesn’t get too dirty. So much of our entrepreneurial energy is dependent on sleep hygeniene—this plus earplugs helps me catch zz’s no matter where I am.

4. Primally Pure Lip Balm, $4 – See more about PP below, but this is so silky. I’ve always got one in my bag or desk.

5. Moleskine Classic Journal, $12 – I fill up a few of these a year! The Artist’s Way talks about how to start writing morning pages, which is a great way to tap into your creativity.

6. Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette – This is kinda an oldie at this point, but in 2018, I really tried to simplify my beauty routine so it takes minimal time every morning and I use as few products as possible. This is my go-to for traveling, putting on make-up to film YouTubes, and everything in between!


Gifts for Your Business

Entrepreneur Boss Gift Guide Business Gifts Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes

1. The AW Shop Copywriting Templates, $29+ – SHAMELESS, but I worked hard on this! I know it’s tough to swing the price for a 1:1 copywriter (or even a course), so it’s been my goal to be able to offer lower-price tools and templates in my shop. Shop everything 40% off through Mon. Nov. 26—no code needed!

2. Simplified Planner, $58 – If you follow me, you know this is my ride-or-die planner. 2019 is my third year to use one of these to keep track of everything in my life! Shop everything up to 50% off through Mon., Nov, 26—no codes or door-busting needed!

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3. Powersheets Goal-setting Workbook, $58 – This is also my third year to use Powersheets! I LOVE how they help me set intentional goals for life and business. Save up to 50% Fri. through Mon., Nov, 26—no codes or door-busting needed!


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4. The Blueprint Model, $2k – OPENS IN JANUARY—start squirreling your pennies! Wes and I worked with Shanna Skidmore 1:1 through the 9-step program to set a money plan to steward our finances, define enough, and run my small business profitably. The Blueprint Model is set up like an online course of that same process we walked through, with group coaching elements. I’m coaching a small group of entrepreneurs through the program as an alum again—click here to get on the list to learn more!

5. Tonic Site Shop Template, $375 and up – Tired of trying to DIY your website, getting stuck somewhere between script fonts and something called “CSS,” and throwing up your hands in the air like, “HERE, INTERNET GODS, JUST TAKE ME NOW?” Ensuper-duperuper customizable website templates (for Showit) from my friends Jenn & Jeff. Use the code ASHLYNSENTME for a cool $100 off any site design in their collection (even on payment plans!).

6. The Contract Shop Template, $255 and up – Treat your business to an attorney-approved contract—I PROMISE the sugar plum visions and sweet dreams are worth the peace of mind! Shop 40% off through Mon., Nov. 26! I like:

The Calligrapher’s Template (I helped out with this one)

The Copywriter’s Template (Aaand this one!)

The GDPR Bundle

The Website Privacy Policy Template


Techy Gifts

Entrepreneur Boss Gift Guide Tech Gifts Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes

1. Leather Charger Roll Up, $50 – I got this for Christmas last year, and have used it ALL year—from quick weekend trips to our sabbatical vacay.

2. WD My Passport External Hardrive, $69 – I travel everywhere with this … all it took was one busted piece of equipment and I learned I gotta back up that laptop!

3. Well-Kept Tech Wipes, $15 – Always love these, because they sanitize my equipment and don’t streak my screens! Trick to make them last longer: tear ’em in half.

4. Ember Temperature Control Mug, $80 – How many times do you reheat your coffee … ? I don’t have one of these, but I’m considering it!

5. Beats by Dre, $300 – Wes gifted me these for my birthday, and they’re a go-to for podcasts while working out, working in airports, and everything in between! Definitely a splurge, but if you constantly work remote or find yourself using earbuds daily, I think they’re smart.

6. Travel Power Strip, $17 – Okay, kinda nerdy, but I traveled with this as I spoke in 2018. It was SO helpful to always havea handy way to get powered up.

7. Torro Charger Bracelet, $40 – This would go right on my stack of bracelets and be a total win in the car … on the plane … or in the middle of a conference. WIN!

8. Annual Subscription to TunnelBear, $60 (NOT PICTURED) – IF you work from coffee shops, the library, or anywhere that’s not secure, GET THIS. My entrepreneur friend Abby’s husband Matt helped me, and it’s my security blanket to check my inbox, banking, and more when I’m working remote.

Canon Camera (NOT PICTURED) – Okay, this is my if-we-hit-our-final-numbers from me-to-me present: I LOVE filming my own videos, but all I have is a Nikon DSLR—I need a camera that can auto-focus like a champ and help me move a little faster as I DIY my YouTubes. My YouTube channel manager Trena recommended this one!

Entrepreneurial Wellness

Entrepreneur Boss Gift Guide Wellness Gifts Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes

1. Lush Bath Bombs, $7 – My teammate Sarah sent me these last year as a gift … HOOKED! I asked for a couple this year to look forward to some relaxing bathtime!

2. Caudalie Paris Beauty Elixir Eau De Beaute Mini Travel Size, $16 – This STAYS in my bag when I travel, and on my bathroom counter, too. I set my make-up with it and freshen up when I need it!

3. Primally Pure Deodorant, $16 – Bethany—the creator of Primally Pure—handed this to me the night I met her in my mastermind. I’ve been obsessed ever since! I had tried Native and chaffed a ton (sorry, TMI!), but this really works. Plus, she’s a fellow boss. 😉 Spend $60, Get a FREE 1.7 oz Deodorant of Choice on Black Friday 2018!

4. Le Creuset Enamel Kettle, $99 – I use my kettle pretty much every other day to make a cup of tea during the afternoon. We got it as a wedding gift … I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth!

5. Primally Pure Cleansing Face Oil, $18 – I also started washing my face with oil after hearing Bethany talk about it. Verdict? If you can get through the weirdness of changing, you’ll love it  Based on the scientific principle that like dissolves like, oil dissolves grime and build-up. This age-old method of cleansing—as a BONUS—lets your skin keep its natural moisture barrier intact. Enter “ASHLYN” to get 15% off your whole order!

6. Nike Sneaks, $63 – I MAY not put on business clothes every day, but I do try to follow a Lara Casey-ism and “put my shoes on” to get ready for the day. I wear tennis shoes nearly every day, and try to rotate between 2-3 pairs so I don’t wear them out for actual workouts! These are typically the classic style I like.

7. Klorane Dry Shampoo, $20 – I’m a huge fan of French beauty products. This one ensures I can hop on video calls even if I didn’t shampoo that morning!

8. Lake PJs, starting around $68 – Definitely on my labor/hospital bag wish-list! Like the eye mask, I tend to be a sleep diva and love matching pajamas. These are super pricy, but maybe having a kid means I can put them down as a push present? 😉

9. Val Marie Paper Prayer Journal, $47 – My FAVORITE tool for prayer. I use this prayer journal every morning to help me stay focused, keep a record of prayers the Lord has answered, write down and work on my scripture memory, and remember prayer requests. Val’s entire blog is a GREAT resource on prayer—don’t miss the chance to shop her journals!

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10. Pink Rose Quartz Face Roller, $14- I didn’t get a fancy one, but have loved waking up my skin in the morning with this guy. Click here to learn how my friend Sarah uses hers.


Office Decor

Entrepreneur Boss Gift Guide Office Decor Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes

1. Hattie Pearson Dog Portrait – Hattie is a family friend, and I’m IN LOVE with her dog portraits! My mother-in-law is giving us one for Christmas. We got my parents a dog portrait the other year from local artist Julia NAME, and I love her work, too.

2. French Basket Bag, $30 – Can you picture this with magazines and books all in it!? This reminds me of our sabbatical in France.

3. Plant Mister, $18- Keep those office plants alive!

4. Well & Good Dog Shampoo, $10 – My pups stay curled up in my office if it’s cold or rainy. This hypoalergenic shampoo is my fave.

5. Agate Book Ends, $60 – So, MOST all of my office is from Ballard Designs—but not the real one. 😉 We live close to an outlet, and I shop there for my office to scoop up sales! If you live close to one, I definitely recommend waiting for big sales (ahem, and not paying full price at the real store). These are pretty, however!

6. Wayfaren Push Pin Travel Map, $205 – We got one of these this year from my Copywriting for Creatives™ students—LOVE it as a family heirloom! We stab in a pin wherever we travel, and it makes me so happy.

Holiday Weekend DEALS

Primally Pure

  • Black Friday: Spend $60, Get a FREE 1.7 oz Deodorant of Choice

  • Cyber Monday: BOGO Starter Kits, Spa Kits, Baby Kits.

  • Enter “ASHLYN” to get 15% off your whole order!

Shop Primally Pure! >


SC Stockshop

  • Black Friday: 40% off everything in the Stockshop with the code FALL40.

Shop SC Stockshop! >


Cultivate What Matters: Powersheets & More

  • Save up to 50% through Mon., Nov, 26—no codes or door-busting needed!

Shop Cultivate What Matters and Powersheets! >



  • Everything up to 50% off through Mon., Nov, 26—no codes or door-busting needed!
  • Get a free limited-edition page marker with every order while supplies last.
  • Use the code CYBERMONDAY for an additional 10% off to our already up to 50% off deal on MONDAY, Nov. 26
  • After Monday, get an additional 10% off when you use the code JOLLY!

Shop Simplified! >


The Contract Shop

  • Get up to 40% off through Mon., Nov. 26—no code needed!

Shop TCS Contracts! > 


That’s a wrap. What’s on your entrepreneur gift holiday wish list as we wind down the year?

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Reading Time: 9 Minutes Reading time: 9 min. Whoop! It’s holiday season—which, if you’re like me, means clocking a few hours with your laptop in front of the cozy fireplace with a seasonal candle … in lieu of your desk. I did this last year, and thought it’d be fun again to do a gift guide for bosses and […]


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  1. bynicolexo says:

    hmm, I’ve got some shopping to do. thanks for the list. I definitely will be trying out the Primally Pure Lip Balm!!!

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