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June 15, 2018

3 Ways to Write Better Facebook Posts

Reading time: 4 min.

Having a Facebook business page is kinda non-negotiable—but when it comes to writing better Facebook posts, you don’t need me to tell you things have changed on the landscape!

How to write better Facebook posts from creative copywriter ashlyn carter of ashlyn writes

In today’s video and post, I’m digging into 3 ways that you can write better copy for your Facebook posts.

What to Post on Facebook: Why It Still Matters

Now, more direct traffic comes from Google than Facebook. That used to not be the case (ahem, there’s your argument for SEO!).

Additionally, According to the statistics of Pew Research, only 10 percent of the teenagers say that Facebook is the social medium that they use most often. Social media use of teenagers has changed rapidly, and not in favor of Facebook.


Facebook is still essential, and nobody knows how these trends will evolve. It’s too early to decide!

So, how do we cope? Investing in high-quality and engaging content on Facebook. The beauty of Facebook is that good posts are working time after time, 24/7. For example, when you run an ad campaign, you’ll be able to leverage what’s on your page and “reap” (weird word, but I don’t know how else to put it) from the audience that’s tuned into your videos, engaged with your posts, etc.

Bottom line, it behooves you to keep up a Facebook business page with good posts.

How to Write Engaging Facebook Posts

So let’s talk about these 3 simple ways you can get started writing better copy in your Facebook posts on your business page.

No. 1: Remember that this is social media

Social media is the internet’s cocktail party, and creatives tend to forget that when we put our small business owner hat on. I know I have TOTALLY gone into the mode of thinking I’m a business posting in lieu of remembering I’m a PERSON posting on a social platform.

Facebook wants to show users content they care about. Content their friends care about. If your content gets a lot of engagement, it’ll probably do better in the news feeds.

So—just like you’re not supposed to “post and ghost” on Instagram, treat Facebook likewise. Engage. Ask questions. Thank people for sharing. Reply back quickly. Steer more towards posts that are more “normal” for the platform. Use emojis. Type like you’d actually talk.

We typically find that engagement trumps purely educational content on our page and Facebook ad campaigns we’re writing.

Action step: Try different things. From GIFs to embedded videos, albums to live broadcasts, and even *just* copy (which some experts say don’t do, but we’ve found does great for our engagement many times), play around with types of content to post on your page. A rule of thumb? Post whatever will keep them on Facebook’s platform longer—for example, dropping a link to your YouTube video likely won’t perform as well as just uploading the video file natively to Facebook.

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No. 2: Create content regularly.

The longevity of your posts will stretch out if you’re able to rely on week after week of solid content, so go ahead and determine a weekly posting routine where you sit and batch write the copy.

If you’ve been around here, you know I’m a batching queen. That’s my secret sauce to knocking it out, checking for voice and grammar, and teeing up posts.

Like I mentioned earlier, when it comes time to run ads or move into a launch, you’ll be in much better shape if you have weeks of content to fall back on!

Don’t be afraid to recycle content either. I show a few examples of this in the video, but Instagram Stories, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, and even newsletter content can all be recycled into a post. Blogs can be repurposed into a micro-blog post, too, so don’t discount them.

Action Step: Decide on one hour each week that you’ll load in 7 posts to go up on your business Facebook page. For me, I go ahead and have a “theme” for each day of the week. For example, I decide one day a week where I’ll post a quote, one day where I’ll post a GIF from last week’s YouTube video, one day where I’ll highlight another business, etc. That way, there’s not a guessing game about what I post on any day of the week.

Then, use a platform to pre-load your posts. I’ve used Facebook natively in the past, which does great for engagement.

Lately, loading into our editorial calendar tool CoSchedule has done just as fine on engagement for us! That’s a *bit* easier for me because I can visually see our week’s content—from YouTube to Facebook, newsletter to other platforms—all laid out, but use whichever works for you.

Watch the video to see how I do both of those!

No 3: Watch what copy works in the app & steal like an artist.

Lastly, expand your mind on what works. Open up your app, scroll through, and screenshot what you like. Maybe it’s a personal post from a friend, maybe it’s an ad, maybe it’s a post from another business. 

Why does it catch your eye? What phrases and copy are they using? How have they made the post more informal and easy to read? What type of content seems to be getting more engagement?

No, you won’t know the stats behind the post, but you can screenshot and start a swipe file of ideas as you create content.

That’s it for this time! To wrap it up, test, try, and tweak and repeat what works on your Facebook page.

What’s your business’s Facebook page? Post it below so I can check it out!


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