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February 29, 2016

3 Modern Calligraphy Summit Tips for Your Calligraphy Business

Reading time: 4 min.

Scritch, scratch. After a long day as a copywriter in Atlanta pounding words with keys for creatives, all I want to do is let those same words drip off my calligraphy nib, scrawl on paper threads, and see their forms dance and spell in a way — though just as beautiful — so different from writing by keypad…

I love being a calligrapher.

Modern Calligraphy Summit Atlanta Wedding Calligraphy

The past week has been part one of a two-week course I’m virtually attending, the Modern Calligraphy Summit. It’s brilliant: for 14 days, Ashley Lurcott hooked up some of my most FAVORITE penablers (get it?) from around the world divulge tips and tricks in video classes and handouts to make our calligraphy even stronger.

Good news? You can get it now, if you want to take: the Modern Calligraphy Summit is open for year-round registration!

As a calligrapher, I’m challenging myself to write out my favorite lesson from each teacher. Going to stick these to memory, I will, I will! Follow these ladies on Instagram for tips and tricks, and see what I learned about calligraphy in week one’s content below!

  1. Laura Hooper (@lhhooper) – Honestly, didn’t take a TON from Laura, but her class was Beginning Calligraphy and I’m three years in. I did learn a new “A” I just may adapt for scribbling my own name, and a great ampersand. 🙂
  2. Fozzy Castro-Dayit (@thefozzybook) – Man oh man, can this cutie do a warm-up or what? Your calligraphy will improve so much if you take five minutes to warm up, so if you’re a calligrapher, commit to these wrist warm-ups before you pull out the envelope stack. Some of these are Fozzy’s, but some of them are some of my favorite I’ve used for years — when I ACTUALLY take the time to warm up my hands, that is! I’m adopting this trick, no doubt. Fozzy is incredible.
  3. Anne Robin (@annerobincallig) – Hurray, envelope tips and tricks! First, I’m going to remember to print wedding address lists on paper, typing and centering the name and address. This will be much better for my visualization than Excell — DUH, Ashlyn. Secondly, white charcoal pens (here’s the best one from Amazon) are a dreamboat when it comes to sketching out big signage. Finally, Anne helped calligraphers who can’t seem to nail every envelope perfectly centered (cough-impossible-cough): use flourishes and extensions to visually center your envelope.

and (I saved the best for last) finally,

    4. Victoria Rothwell (@DesignHouseofMoira) – Victoria taught about flourishes, which have always been my favorite part of calligraphy! But the real highlight for me was a side comment she spoke so fervently, this takeaway quote:

It’s the real life of a calligrapher. our nails are always destroyed, we always have ink under them. our nibs are always covered in ink. There are beautiful wooden holders, but we like the crappy plastic ones — they’re workhorses. Life isn’t always pretty. There is a messy process behind the finished piece. And the process is the most fun part.

— Victoria Rothwell

Atlanta Calligraphy Ashlyn Writes Ashlyn Carter

Victoria reminded me I’m not an imposter, just because it took me three years to go “full-time” calligrapher. The calligraphers I’ve swooned over for years? They prefer the plastic pen holders — JUST LIKE ME! They don’t always wash off their nibs. They mess up all the time.

Friend, no matter your art or passion-project, remember @@just because you’re still “in corporate” and not “full-time” does NOT mean you’re not a professional, or a true artist.@@ Good reminder.

I will hold myself to a standard of grace.

Not perfection.

In calligraphy and beyond. 🙂 Click to learn more about this quote — and snap up the print — from one of my favorite believer-wife-mama-lady-bosses, Emily Ley, and soak that up today, y’all!

p.s. Fellow calligrapher? Let’s pin! Join my Pinterest board dedicated to calligraphy here.

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  1. Victoria Rothwell says:

    yay!!! so glad you’ve enjoyed the summit!!
    xoxo – Victoria

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