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5 Sales Page Examples to Load Up Your Copywriting Swipe File

Reading time: 10 min.

Do you know where to start when it comes to writing sales copy for your website? Or are you staring off into the distance looking for your inspiration or the creative juices to strike, so you actually feel like you wanna write your website? Well, I’m here to help—today, we are gonna get you over that creative roadblock hump with these FIVE sales page examples. I want you to be able to draw inspiration and creative juice, but I also want you to see what’s possible with these sales page examples. 

4 Must-See Examples Of GREAT Sales Pages | Ashlyn Writes

In this post, we are walking through FIVE great sales page examples of incredible website sales copy that work. These sales page examples will help get your creative juices flowing so you (yes YOU) can write AMAZING sales page copy.

Let’s hop to it! 

⬇️ Grab the sales page template used by Abby Grace in Example #4 right here ⬇️

No. 1 | Simon Tai (Remixologist)

I’m going to bring up number one example, my friend Simon. Simon’s business is called Remixologist. They are a DJ group out of the New England area in the U.S. Before I deep dive and show you his landing pages on his website, I want to give you a little story. 

Last month I was at a conference, Meg came up to me and she was asking about how she marketed her business when there were multiple different target audiences that needed to be included in that. So many of us run into that in our business, comment down below if that’s you.

Here’s what I told Meg. (And this is actually very apropos because as I’m writing this right now, this is not my house. I am on a work-cation.)

Sometimes, I do my best creatively when looking the complete opposite direction from my copy cave for inspiration and ideas. That is what you can do by looking to gain inspiration for your website copy in your sales page messaging from industries that are completely different from your own.

sales page examples-aw blog

I have told students over the years insde Copywriting for Creatives, that I get some of my best ideas when I’m looking at website copy or landing pages for like the mattress industry. So random, right?!

For example, if you can go out there and look at a very different industry from your own and see what they’re using and how they’re positioning things and what is exciting to interact with from a user experience on their website and then bring those in to your creative small businesses website—that can be absolute gold.

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sales page example-remixologists

Ok, back to Meg and Simon. 😉

Simon’s business, they have a corporate side where they’re doing killer named clients, and they have a side of their business where they market to weddings and events. Couples and brides are a lot of the times the ones that are on these pages making this decision. 

sales page example-remixologists

So you’ve got that corporate event planner, that’s one target audience, and then you’ve got the decision-maker for the wedding. Those are two very different target audiences, right? Well, what stands out here is Simon, he was a client on the copywriting agency side of my business. We were able to land on homepage messaging that speaks to both audiences.

sales page example-remixologists

If you’ve ever struggled with writing your homepage before then it’s okay, because that is the page in the funnel that has to market to more than one different types of audiences—that’s a tall order. I tell this to students inside CFC—don’t start writing your homepage first.

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I’m the SAME way when I’m writing a sales page, I don’t start at the top of the page, I start in the middle of the page. I start with the offer. That’s the best list to start when you’re drafting your website copy. 

Takeaway Tip: your takeaway from this sales page examples is always look for inspiration in industries very, very different from your own. 

No. 2| Alina

All right the next sales page example is Alina. I’m bringing up this because I want us to look at more of a low price offer. Alina is a photographer. She immigrated from Romania. She now lives and works in the U.S. and serves the U.S. market. She has her client side of her business, but she also has an incredible suite of offers, particularly, I wanted to show you her presets. 

sales page example-Alina

What stands out on this page? If you’ve ever ordered a preset pack before I am definitely not a photographer, but I love buying preset. Even when I’m taking pictures of my kids, it just makes it look better for this best aren’t photographers. 

You may know that sometimes the download comes with really cool, creative names for the different presets in there. That’s fine and wonderful and serves a purpose. But for Alina’s sales page, what we wanted to do is to call attention and bring it the fact that she doesn’t do that, and she doesn’t do that for a reason. Instead, her presets have very specific names. So we were able to communicate that in the copy. Here’s why I bring this up. And it’s coming to the takeaway tip part of number two here. 

Sales Page Examples-Ashlyn Writes Blog

Many times you’re so close to your offer and looking at it that you can’t see other different pieces of it. That may be a great variation point.

It’s the biggest compliment when somebody tells me, oh my gosh, this copy or the way you outlined it makes me sound smarter than I am. No, you just saw that little, little aspect of your offer as just some throw away fact, but let’s pull it out. Let’s spotlight it. Let’s make it a hook to hang your hat on. And that’s why learning to test your message in a community is vital. 

Takeaway Tip: The next time that you have a piece of messaging ready to show off, maybe it’s a new landing page you have finished, or your homepage or your about page. I want you to send that piece of messaging to one of your business best friends and have them turn on loom and talk through it.

Even if it’s three minutes, four minutes of them scrolling down the page and telling you what they think, I promise you more times than not. They’ll bring up something. They’ll be reading the copy out loud, interacting with the design and they’ll say, oh, I really like this. Or, oh my gosh. Yes, that is so cool. If it is a long form page and if you’ve spent the time figuring out what your onlyness factor is like my students inside CFC do, and you’ve put in the time to craft a beautiful overview of what all is inside that offer— I am willing to stake my life that they’ll notice something you didn’t think was cool. Make it cool. 😉

No. 3 | Jenna Kutcher & Amy Porterfield 

I pulled all sorts of sales page examples for you, but what I want to bring attention to you now is a landing page that I created for a launch that Jenna Kutcher and Amy Porterfield were partnering on. This landing page needed to help make sure that people from Jenna’s audience, one audience, understood when they were landing there, that from here on, they were getting, yes support from Jenna and her team, but also they were getting a product from somebody that maybe they knew, but maybe they didn’t. That is a message that we had to communicate higher up in the funnel. But sometimes you run into that, even on your own website.

 If you have things that you affiliate for in your business or partners that you work with, you have this landing page and we have something we need to work on called message matching. So the people coming in the traffic that’s hitting that page are expecting a certain message. They’re landing there with preconceived notions about whatever it is that they’re going to see. But if you don’t match that right off the bat and help then on down through your copy, explain what you’re driving them to…that can be confusing for them. 

Takeaway Tip: Address the elephant. I love this technique. So if there is an objection or something that people would say about your offer, what it is that you do, and it’s going to hold them back from purchasing, then this is a key thing that on that offer page, in that sales copy, you need to go ahead and call out. Don’t shy away from it. Call attention to it. Let me show you what this looks like!

If you’re inside Primed to Launch, you know, I talk about the dominoes that we want to fall over and over during the pre-launch process. But go ahead and in the sales page, copy itself, bring up the thing that is holding that person back, or the thing that yeah, the elephant in the room, bring it up.

No. 4 | Abby Grace

All right. That brings us to sales page example number four, Abby Grace Photography and full disclosure, the program that is in this sales page is near and dear to my heart because Abby is my brand photographer and she has taken this who knows how many photos of me over the years that I can use in my marketing. I bring up this sales page because it is a classic example of a signature offer in your business.

Takeaway tip: you can write your own copy that converts without a copywriter. The secret is using the right frameworks along the way, this sales page that I’m going to show you, Abby messaged us and it converted at 10% during the seven days that it was live. And average sales page conversion rate is from about 3 to 5%, 10%. That is amazing. But she used the framework and it helped her understand how to do the client and customer voice hacking that I’ve talked about in previous videos and how to orchestrate that inside this framework, she was able to spit out this sales page, converted like crazy. 

Let me walk you through her sales page —->

You can grab the Sweet 16 Sales Page Template that Abby Grace used from the Copy Bar here!

Now you have some sales copy to-do’s from the examples , but when you’re writing those, wouldn’t it be helpful to have amazing testimonials? Yes, yes, it would. I’ve got that teed up for you to watch here.  So, I’ll see you in that one.

sales page template



4 Must-See Examples Of GREAT Sales Pages | Ashlyn Writes

Reading Time: 8 Minutes Reading time: 10 min. Do you know where to start when it comes to writing sales copy for your website? Or are you staring off into the distance looking for your inspiration or the creative juices to strike, so you actually feel like you wanna write your website? Well, I’m here to help—today, we are […]


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