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CfC Alumna Lauren Lands 215% YOY Sales Increase


“Since the install of the new copy after CfC, my sales have increased 215 percent year over year, and my orders have increased by 200 percent. Hands down, CfC has been the single best investment I have made for my business.”

The Challenge

Babies don’t come with an instructional manual—but Lauren Anderson set out to create the next best thing. Her brainchild, the the TinyTracker™  is a true multitasker: a planner, tracker, memory book and development guide all-in-one. 

Naturally, we root for the working mama lifestyle around here, and were thrilled when Lauren came into our world.

She could schedule feeding times and see systems in diaper changing madness with the best of them, but messaging was another story.

“My copy was a hot mess. Seriously. Before CfC, I didn’t have an elevator pitch, I couldn’t tell you what makes my product unique, and I couldn’t tell you who I serve or how I would describe my brand voice,” Lauren said. “Everything was up in my head bouncing around, but couldn’t seem to get organized and channel it into copy that converts.”

“Every. single. time. I sat down at the computer to write copy for my website or brand, that blinking cursor gave me flustered, sweaty palms. I’d pound even more coffee and spend HOURS trying to craft something-anything-that I could put on my website but it never felt right.”

Lauren bought into the (dumb) lies that 1) she couldn’t write copy herself or 2) she had to wait until she “made it” to have good copy and hire a copywriter.

“Ashlyn totally busted all of those former fears filling my mind from years past and made copywriting actually fun and relatable,” she said.

“I knew my website copy needed a major refresh in order to grow my business and make a true impact.”

Mission accepted, Lauren!

The Solution

Ashlyn helped Lauren come up with an overall brand messaging system for the TinyTracker, and get that on paper prior to writing any sales copy. 

“The moment I realized that it was actually possible for me to learn and write my own copy despite my complicated relationship words was the tipping point. I also knew Ashlyn’s experience in both agency and as a successful entrepreneur more than qualified her to teach on this subject.”

“Hands down, CfC has been the single best investment I have made for my business.”

Lauren put in the sweaty equity along the way, drilling into the homework and research—which in turn helped her develop product.

“It started to get easier for me to describe my product and connect with customers in a way I couldn’t before.”

She totally embraced Ashlyn’s Client & Customer Voice Hacking system, too.

“I learned to survey, survey, survey and voice hack,” Lauren said. “Your clients write the best copy, but you have to ask—and ask often!”

“From the slides to the examples and online group chats/phone calls, I loved every minute of CfC. It was approachable and fun. I kinda wish she would have taught me how to write in high school!”

Lauren actually lengthened her original launch date to accommodate a bit more time in research. “I wanted to reach my completion date, but the coursework was so good (and I didn’t want to rush through it!) that it took me a little longer than expected.”

Her efforts? Totally worth it.

The Visual

The Results

In just 6 months after joining Copywriting for Creatives, Lauren launched her refreshed messaging to some INCREDIBLE gains. 

“Since the install of the new copy on my website after CfC, my sales have increased 215 percent year over year, and my orders have increased by 200 percent.”

HECK yes, Lauren! And that all-important unique visitor stat went up, too. “My unique visitor traffic also increased by 125 percent,” she added.

“The Copywriting for Creatives coursework was relevant, engaging and allowed me to finally hone in on my brand voice—which for a small business owner is essential in the beginning stages,” Lauren said. “It’s make it or break it. I’m so glad I did not wait one.more.minute to sign up for CfC, because it has literally impacted every single piece of copy I publish into the world.”