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Alina Thomas Photography Sees X% Growth of Sales Post-AW Copy Install


“After writing my own copy for years, I knew that something had to change if I wanted to scale my business … it’s like they read my mind and put everything I was thinking into words.”


Alina is a photographer and educator specializing in weddings, posing, and editing. With a background in math and computer science, everything she teaches her students is based in easy-to-remember systems that provide consistent results.

Prior to working with AW, Alina felt like she had too many ideas and was slow-moving to get things launched.

To make this shift, Alina told us she wanted someone else’s input that has gone before her and had the experience to help her succeed. She’d been promoting her digital products via Facebook ads which had been successful … but was ready to rev up and scale.

At the same time, she knew her sales pages needed revisions, and the brand messaging in place to launch a posing course for photographers. What better time to officially rebrand AlinaThomas.com to educator AND wedding photographer, right?

The Solution

Alina turned to the AW team saying she was a “recovering perfectionist,” and hey, it takes one to know one—we were a fit.

From the moment Alina started getting deliverables like her Brand Messaging Style Guide, she felt like she was inching closer to that rebrand goal.

“You guys have absolutely nailed every detail. The elevator pitch and Onlyness Factor you wrote are spot on!” From there, the team put Alina’s messaging into copy for 2 website landing pages and 2 offer pages, including a long-form sales page.

The Visual

The Results

While Alina said SHE wanted to buy her own stuff after reading her website copy, we wanted to make sure her prospects felt the same way. After launch, the change was so apparent that Alina saw an influx of sales, securing more students for her Pose to Profit course. Additionally, her presets landing page now converts at X%.

“Your team really took the time to dive deep into my brand and create copy that matched my personality perfectly,” she said. “In fact, the drafts I received were SO good that they made me want to buy my own products!! I’m beyond excited for what’s in store next!”

As Alina’s brand continues to grow, we’re personally hands-to-the-heavens stoked to see her take her messaging insights—and a gorgeous new design that makes our copy look slick—and apply them across her business.