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Photographer Sees Upped ROI from a $97 Investment in AW


“I am still making payments on that $3,000 course, and I’m seeing more return on investment for my $97 investment with you inside your Primed to Launch method.”

The Challenge

Capturing family stories, showing off your brand personalities, and educating business owners in how to automate their small biz is Dolly’s jam. And boy, is she good at keeping all those plates spinning (on top of being a wife and mama!).

As a photographer, Dolly knows how to make it look breezy and beautiful … but that’s a lot of types of audiences to serve up with some marketing plans!

She described her content planning situation as “a bit … well … scattered.”

“I was paralyzed because I didn’t know where to begin, and there are so many voices online,” Dolly went on. “Honestly I had too many tabs opened up in my mind—and was getting too many opinions.”

We don’t know the feeling, wink. 😉

“When I decided to hone in listening to Ashlyn’s voice and guidance, it gave me more clarity. Because I had content to offer, but I didn’t know how to prime my audience in the best way … I didn’t even know I needed to prime my audience.”

Dolly took her time getting to know what Ashlyn was all about before she jumped into the Primed to Launch system (love that!).

“I kept watching her free content on YouTube and after several months I decided to take the leap.”

The Solution

Once inside Primed to Launch, Dolly clicked with the concept of the Quarterly Champagne Campaign systems. “Learning about the 4 yearly launches—and the lead up to them—was the biggest ah-ha moment for me,” Dolly said.

Dolly didn’t play around, either. 

“I took the action of printing everything off AND I put the paper in a folder in laminated sheets! I went above and beyond and followed everything to a T.”

“Once I got over my nervousness of ‘not doing it right’ and just taking action on Primed to Launch, I felt confident,” Dolly said.

And boy, does she have the results to show.

The Results

Take a look at her website and you’ll see Dolly doesn’t shy away from putting it all out there, and building a TON of valuable tools for her audience. Dolly’s 2021 sales calendar, which promos things like her client spots and photography education resources (like her shop products, including Dubsado Workflow Templates for Family Photographers) is reaping the benefits from her Primed to Launch insights.

“I finally have a plan and STRATEGY for implementing my launches! I have planned out my entire 2021, my launches, and I even have a set plan for how I batch my content every month,” Dolly said.

She’s also using the hacks & strategies to cut down on writing time, too:

“The time saved for me by learning how to batch with strategy was an amazing win for me.” <<< That’s high praise from an automation whiz like Dolly.

“I cannot believe you are only selling this for the price you are. I have learned so much from you over a course I paid over $3,000 for—I’m serious. I am still making payments on that $3,000 course, and I am seeing more return on investment for my $97 investment with you,” Dolly continued. “Plus, Primed to Launch was simple and straight to the point.”

“Ashlyn’s honest, funny, straightforward, and personable.” Go get ‘em, Dolly—more people need what you do, from sustainable systems for busy creatives to those gorgeous family heirlooms.


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