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Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
Project: Copywriting for Creatives Curriculum

Ponderlily Increases Ecommerce Response Rates by 191% with AW

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“CfC was worth every penny. I live for Ashlyn’s swipe files and frameworks. They help get me started with my own copy—and I’m off to the races.”

The Challenge

Take a business analyst specializing in efficiency and combine with a lifelong stationery lover: boom, you have Carina Lawson and the hatchling of an idea in Ponderlily. Smart, stylish, and eco-friendly, Ponderlily’s productivity products are for busy women seeking to find joy, purpose and empowerment in their daily to-do’s and decisions.

By 2020, Carina was ready to change how she handled messaging and digital marketing. A brilliant business mind with quite the track record, she (like most of CfC alumni) assumed without the formal training as a copywriter, her sales copy would always fall flat.

“I couldn’t accurately describe my business. In a way, that meant I was also never confident in my messaging,” explains Carina.  “I always felt something was ‘off.’”

“I thought I could never write my own copy because I wasn’t formally trained as a copywriter. English is also my second language, so I spent a long time editing my copy to make sure it was grammatically correct.”

Ponderlily needed a more unobstructed brand message and a more effective way to add personality. Carina decided to embrace Ashlyn’s philosophy and Copywriting for Creatives methodology, and what’s more, go through it as the CEO (in lieu of outsourcing to the AW team).

Carina researched a range of solutions, but it was Ashlyn Writes that grabbed her attention.

“I thought, ‘If Ashlyn’s YouTube videos are SO packed with value that I actually write an entire page of notes on her videos, I couldn’t imagine what I’d get for a paid course.”

The Solution

With the help of Ashlyn & the team inside the program, Carina started renovating her brand messaging, which was based around her beautiful website. She also began by digging into the frameworks and swipe files inside Copywriting for Creatives.

“CfC Was worth every penny. I live for Ashlyn’s swipe files and frameworks. They help get me started with my own copy—and I’m off to the races.”

Carina also developed Ponderlily’s messaging with insight from other members (read: potential ICAs and shoppers) inside CfC.

“The feedback in the CfC community is legit. Not only do you get feedback from the super supportive community, but Ashlyn’s team is right there to offer their expert advice on your copy.”

Carina has continued to use Ashlyn’s copywriting tips to excavate her messaging and optimize her email marketing (subscribe, they’re awesome!) which show up consistently like clockwork.

“I’m now forever looking for ways to excavate brand message,” she said. “Describing my products and services in my customers words has been one of the best things I could have done for my business.”

One thing I (Ashlyn) love is that Carina had the insight to skip what she didn’t need and apply what she DID.

“True, I skipped some of the homework—not gonna lie … BUT I worked on the parts I needed the most.”

And that is what makes her messaging—from website to email marketing—sparkle today.

The Visual

The Results

Since adopting the Ashlyn Writes methodology, Ponderlily has seen some tremendous results, including a significant increase in leads and partnership opportunities.

“I write with confidence, every time. I know when and where to add conversion copy. My customer survey response rate increased by 191%. Yup, you read that right. I developed 4 new products as a result of the feedback I received AND I know exactly what my customers expect from my company. I have a great feeling about what’s next.”

“Ashlyn’s track record speaks for itself. She knows her stuff and I’m nerdy too, so I felt like I was in great company.”

Looking ahead, Carina plans to keep working intentionally to create products designed to encourage women to dream fearlessly, set meaningful intentions, and take bold actions. It’s honestly an honor that she picked us to help her make that happen.

“Ashlyn’s the fairy-godmother of copywriting. Copywriting for Creatives™ is the ONLY copywriting course you need to learn to write for your business like a boss and make bank.”



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