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Financially Thriving Mom Taps into Revenue Growth with Ashlyn Writes


“I made more money the first quarter of 2021 than I did all of last year—but I also have more TIME, because I’m so clear on who and how I serve, I know what to say yes to and what opportunities to pass on.”

The Challenge

Tania Brown, the certified financial planner behind Financially Thriving Mom, is passionate about helping women build money sustainably—using practical steps to redefine the way busy moms live out God’s purpose. 

Tania was using a number of solutions to manage her business’s marketing activities and score more clients. However, as she describes it, the root issue was “a crisis of confidence mixed in with confusion.”

“When it came to copywriting, I felt like reaching for a bottle of Advil.”

Tania turned to Ashlyn Writes when figuring out what made her different became the #1 need in her business. 

“I struggled to differentiate myself from the enormous pool of others in the personal finance space. I felt I was noise in a sea of other personal finance experts … I didn’t know how to narrow my focus,” Tania said. “I knew learning how to align what I do to the words I used would help me establish my brand and what makes me different—and that’s why I turned to Ashlyn.”

The Solution

Tania’s commitment to making financial wisdom & proper stewardship understandable for women drives everything in her business … talk to her for about 5 minutes and you can see that. But it was through CfC that Tania was able to drill DEEPLY into exactly who those women were.

“Interestingly, my biggest takeaway from the program was confidence in my message, in my ability to help others, and in what I have to offer. I quickly learned the group I attracted was different than I thought, which helped me shift the tone of my message to fit my customers needs. CfC helped me articulate that.”

She also used the Brand Messaging Excavation framework inside Copywriting for Creatives to pull things down to the bare-bones of what Financially Thriving Mom is all about, which allows her to amplify her brand and its message. Tania was also a big fan of the opportunities for hands-on review of her messaging and drafts. 

“Ashlyn has such a clear, concise way of taking the complex and breaking it up in digestible pieces in a way so it’s understandable.”

Once she saw her UVP was the ticket to finding the “get out of my head” moments in her website copy (and they’re there—seriously, go look!), Tania quickly subscribed to the Onlyness Factor-obsession ethos. 

“Ashlyn, was delight to work with, and discerning what my ‘Onlyness Factor’ is was my favorite part of working together. If I’d only learned that, it would have been worth it.”

The Visual

The Results

Tania says Copywriting for Creatives has enabled her small business to curate resources, tools, blogs, and—of course—services SPECIFICALLY for the woman Tania most wants to support. She’s the type who walks the walk, and you witness her thirst for and gifting to connect with her ICA when you speak with her. Clearly, serving women who love the Lord but feel stressed and clueless with money is something that she’d always wanted to do.

“I made more money the first quarter of 2021 than I did all of last year,” Tania told us. Obviously, that’s a MASSIVE win—but as a working mom, it’s just as big of a win as more focused professional time.

“I also have more time—because I’m so clear on who and how I serve, I know what to say yes to and what opportunities to pass on.”

Looking to the future, Tania plans to continue to help her clients make better decisions about financial security, and break the bondage of living paycheck to paycheck. One thing I so admire about Tania is how she puts God’s biblical, practical wisdom about money and breaks it down for mamas like me who DON’T naturally take to numbers.

“From Ashlyn, I learned how to write in a way that connects what you do to who you want to serve in a way they actually understand.”