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How Ashlyn Writes Helped Julie Solomon Create a Seven-Figure Sales Funnel


“My project manager had worked with many other copywriters, and she was really impressed with Ashlyn. Ashlyn brings the perfect mix of creativity and strategy and sets the bar high for other copywriters.”

The Challenge

Julie is a ground-breaking brand strategist, digital marketing expert, and marketing educator. She’s also the host of The Influencer Podcast, a viral sensation with millions of downloads in over 170 countries. Named one of the top 100 leaders in influencer marketing, Julie’s podcast and programs help women influencers and bloggers connect with their audiences and monetize their platforms.

She started writing about PR, marketing and branding at the request of a few influencer friends. Within a remarkably short period of time, she was landing $250K worth of brand deals a year and hosting a massively popular podcast.

While her business was booming, Julie wasn’t entirely happy with the sales pages on her website. Thus far, Julie had been writing all of her own copy. She didn’t begrudge the time she spent on it because she considered it part of the bootstrapping process and a way to learn the ropes.

But with her success, Julie’s time was increasingly in short supply—and writing her own copy made less and less sense. In addition, Julie’s online sales process was about to get more complicated. She and her team planned to automate sales for her two main programs, which would require a proper email funnel and a carefully thought-out strategy.

So Julie needed a professional writer who could develop a marketing strategy, build an email sequence around it, and choose the right words to take Julie’s program sales to a whole new level.

“I was writing all my own sales copy and had never worked with a copywriter before. But when we decided to automate the selling of our programs, I knew I needed to bring in a professional marketing writer,” she said.

The Solution

In early 2018, Julie brought Ashlyn Writes onto her team to develop and write the email funnels and sales page copy for her two biggest programs.

“My project manager had worked with many other copywriters, and she was really impressed with Ashlyn. Ashlyn brings the perfect mix of creativity and strategy and sets the bar high for other copywriters,” she said.

Ashlyn immediately launched into learning about Julie’s programs and audience. She dove deep into Julie’s podcast and combed through her programs. She even traveled to an out-of-town seminar to meet some of Julie’s followers and absorb how they spoke.

With such detailed research, Ashlyn started to distinguish between different audience segments, and Ashlyn embedded this critical distinction into our work. Throughout the process, AW freely shared and explained her choices to Julie’s team, which deepened the team’s understanding of how to sell Julie’s programs—and took everyone’s game to a new level.

At the end of the process, AW delivered ten email map funnels and sales pages, with every word carefully selected to turn readers into buyers.

The Visual


The sales funnels and sales pages were even more successful than Julie had imagined, with one of the funnels nearly reaching seven figures in just two years.

“Ashlyn not only writes great sales copy, but she’s also mastered the strategies that need to underlie it. And that’s just as important,” Julie noted.

Today, the AW-written email funnels and sales pages continue to outperform expectations, and Julie still relies on Ashlyn Writes for critical projects, including a project to develop a nine-month retargeting email sequence.

In addition, the words AW wrote two years ago continue to pay dividends outside the original email funnels today. Julie’s team has repurposed a lot of our copy for use in Facebook ads, social media posts and other content vehicles—HECK yes to copy sustainability.

Just as importantly, we were able to relieve Julie of a mind-bending headache, giving Julie more space to serve her audience and work on other important aspects of her business. “Ashlyn Writes is a great investment. You’re not just getting a sales page or an email sequence, you’re getting written copy—and expertise—that you can learn from and apply everywhere in your business,” she said. Aw, shucks. Thanks, Julie!