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Primed to Launch Gets Lucille Roache Live & Prepped for More Podcast Downloads


“Ashlyn just gets launches and she can break the information down with clear examples so that it all makes sense. These principles taught have saved me so much time and given me so much clarity.”

The Challenge

Business and career coach Lucille can hone in on helping others find clarity and focus with a surgeon’s precision. She tackles stages with keynote talks for hungry, pivoting professionals with ease.

Especially in a post-2020 world, her services for career-minded women matter more than ever. 

But making some noise about them? 

“I would send one email and then get annoyed that nobody bought,” she told us. “My content planning was stressful—and I never really launched.”

“I had never really had any guidance on how to effectively carry out a launch.”

Lucille also faced another challenge: content for content’s sake.

It’s not that her free training wasn’t valuable—her videos were incredibly full of substance!

“But the posts I was putting on social media didn’t have that same substance. I was posting to social media just for the sake of it, and not because it led to a product or service,” Lucille explained. “I was doing it to show up in timelines!”

Enter Primed to Launch. “I realized the reason I didn’t have success with my launches was because I had never really done one, at least not successfully.”

Game on, Lucille. 🙂 

The Solution

Lucille hit the books and took the Primed to Launch methodology seriously—so much so in fact that she set aside time to knock it out. 

“I actually dedicated the time to sit and go through Ashlyn’s material,” she said. “I realized that it was MY responsibility to make time to digest everything so that I could benefit from it.”

^^^ There’s a lesson in there … preach it, Lucille. 

“And when I did, I learned how to structure my content in a way that aligns with my launch.” 

“Ashlyn just gets launches,” said Lucille. “She can break the information down with clear examples so that it all makes sense.”

The Visual

The Results

Now, on the other side of Primed to Launch, Lucille said it was “absolutely worth the investment.”

“The strategies for how to plan launches in your calendar and to create content that directly leads to those launches have eliminated so much guesswork for me.”

Time matters to Lucille—the less time she spends on lead generation and content marketing, the more time she can put into what pays the bills … chiefly, SERVING those clients and delivering her signature workshops.

“The principles that Primed to Launch taught have saved me so much time and given me so much clarity,” Lucille said. “Content planning is now more enjoyable and I feel more in touch with my clients because I’m better able to speak their language. I can’t wait to put what I’ve learned to the test and see an increase in my conversions.”

We can’t either Lucille—we’re watching and cheering!