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Location: North Carolina, USA
Project: Primed to Launch Curriculum

Hygge Design Co. Crushes Annual Marketing Plan in 1 Weekend

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“I receive so many compliments from people about how authentic my content feels. That’s helped me attract MORE ideal clients and book those people that want to work with ME!”

The Challenge

Website design is a stressful, emotional experience … especially for the creative set.

Ida Winstead of Hygge Design Co. saw an opportunity to disrupt the traditional brand strategy and web design process to make the experience more efficient—with every ounce of beauty.

After working through Ashlyn’s Copywriting for Creatives program, Ida was off to the races promoting her services, Showit templates, and beautiful website to potential clients.

But when it came to audience priming and content marketing? 

“I’d usually just write whatever felt good in the moment,” Ida explained. “Ideas pop in my head and I just kind of went with it!”

“I was working to understand how to meet the needs of my ideal clients, while also producing content that would move the needle—it was a bit stressful and confusing.”

When she saw the chance to hop into the Primed to Launch methodology, she jumped. “It was an incredible deal (gotta be honest here), but when I started the course it was amazing,” Ida said. “It was so engaging and truly actionable.”

The Solution

Ashlyn’s Primed to Launch methodology expedited Ida’s ability to grow Hygge’s client base through her blogs, weekly content, podcast episodes, and social media posts. “I receive so many compliments from people about how authentic my content feels. That’s helped me attract more ideal clients and book those people that want to work with ME!”

As she worked through the curriculum, Ida started looking at story differently—seeing it as a way to hook readers into her content.

“If the only thing I gained from the program was Ashlyn’s 52 Content Creation Story Starters, that would have been worth it,” she said. “I gained so much clarity and started looking at the world (and stories) in a completely different way. EVERYTHING is a story these days.”

Ida went all in—“I even purchased the wall calendar and really committed to the idea of planning this out.”

Heck yes. She put in the grit, which has lead to GREAT results.

The Visual

The Results

With the help of Primed to Launch, Ida was able to plan out her marketing campaigns to promote her 1-on-1 services and free content in just one weekend of intense, focused time. 

In fact, she said the longest part of the whole method was actually “TRULY taking the time to sit down and plan it all out.” 

“Ashlyn is so genuine. She truly cares about her craft, and it’s so evident that she really knows her stuff,” Ida said. “It’s inspiring to see her success and then get to learn from her!”

Today, Ida credits PtL as a central game-changer of Hygge’s content calendar, which is bustling with how-to’s, tips, and tricks for brand strategy.

“I spend way less time confused about how to start or even plan out my content. I feel so much more confident kicking things off with a little story and sharing more of my life with my audience as I’m sharing free content.”

Keep cranking in those leads and selling those beautiful Showit templates, Ida—we’re cheering for you!



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