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KT Merry’s Six-Figure First Launch with Ashlyn Writes Support


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The Challenge

KT Merry is a global destination wedding and editorial photographer documenting people, story, and all the ways they intersect. Named among top wedding photographers by The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, PDN Magazine, and Harpers Bazaar, she and her husband travel the world photographing weddings, fashion, and—when she can—landscapes and threatened species.

KT came to us wanting to refresh her website, but chiefly for the premier launch of her course, The Abundance Plan. In terms of the punch list for Ashlyn our team, KT was looking for launch strategy, sales emails, and—of course—the long-form sales page.

With build-out of the course in progress, KT also needed ideas for getting pre-launch off the ground, building out a solid plan for the welcome email nurture sequence as the ad strategy was revving up.

The Solution

Can we say #allthethings? We kicked things off with a FULL Brand Excavation, to get under the hood of the many pieces of KT’s glam business—and get into the grit of the upcoming launch. Deliverables began firing asap, as we had multiple members of Team AW writing messaging pieces and landing page copy, as well as email marketing funnels (f’real … it was ALL the things).

“I really admire and appreciate the way you run your business,” KT said during our process as she interfaced with the team. We’ll take it!

We ended up drafting a whopping 7 pages of website copy for KT’s main website, which features her as not only an educator, but sells the high-end photography services she provides as well as Render Loyalty, the brand’s shop.

Next, we tackled an email funnel and a long-form sales page for The Abundance Plan (“I just re-read the sales page and think there is sooo much gold there,” she said), and asked to copy chief and give ideas for funnel and webinar landing pages along the way … mostly because we’re nosey like that. We stuck with the project for copy install by giving install feedback to the designer, Jen at Tonic. We worked in tandem for an exquisite page.

For funsies, we threw in some initial inquiry email copy templates, too—a version for KT’s wedding couples, and a version for the wedding planners that reach out.

The Visual

The Results

KT was even able to refresh pieces of the program itself based off copy we’d written for the sales page: “I was so thrilled with how she translated those to the sales page and especially the creativity she brought to the titles of concepts and processes. I wanted to make sure we are still hitting those points as we further develop course scripts.”

KT’s initial launch clocked in at $XXX,XXX, but—more important to our team—she’s been able to further use the sales page copy to turn around and launch MULTIPLE times since. “I can’t thank you enough for the incredible support and experience,” KT told us. To date, the program has brought in more than a quarter-million dollars for her business … and still uses the copy we drafted.

“Thank you for the wonderful work you’ve done for our brand,” KT’s assistant wrote post-project. “We are so happy with the final deliverables and with our entire experience with your team. I can’t wait to work with you again!”

We love cheering on Team KT—she’s one of our favorite fellow female-business owners to watch.