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70% Increase in Launch Sales Goal for Horizon Found with Ashlyn Writes


“Thank you so much for always being the queens of Slaytown. I absolutely loved going through and reading everything from your genius minds.”

The Challenge

Horizon Found is a husband-and-wife duo and photography-based business. Nicole is a technically trained commercial fashion photographer, and she and her husband are the duo behind Horizon Found. Nicole and Dustin were searching for a team to support their first photography course launch—sales page, ad copy, email sequence, and webinar script—when they discovered Ashlyn Writes.

Traditionally, MANY photographers-turned-educator are self-taught—Nicole offered her future students a different approach, both with her specialization in fashion and commercial shoots and because of her technique-driven focus. She explains why she wanted to provide an education curriculum for her followers, saying “I think our audience so far is engaged and connected because they feel seen, heard, and less alone in a very intimidating industry.”

Nicole and Dustin had conducted and on hand a few hundred-course surveys with the Horizon Found audience (“I feel like we have pretty good insight into what they’re struggling with and what they want from our course!”), but they were struggling with how to describe the new offer in the right way, so that it makes sense… and sells. “We’re photographers, we’re not word angels like you guys… this is definitely not our strong suit,” she said.

The Solution

The AW team took off researching and outlining deliverables as Nicole and Dustin focused on product build-out and list growth. We saw their course as a potential game-changer in a market that primarily sees photography education for the wedding niche. The campaign hit the ground running, giving HF the space to CREATE: “we’ve been spending so much time trying to write copy that our course launch date just keeps getting pushed back. I love how you write, I love how you can adjust your voice for each of your clients and that it’s not all just the same for every person you work with.”

We started out by researching voice of customer data (thanks for the zillions of surveys, N & D!) and Nicole’s brand voice, since it was important to her that copy be a de-light in inboxes—“You really hone in on their unique voice and style and that’s what I really really want for this. I want it to feel real and genuine, and I truly feel like you guys do that well.”

We set up a 26-part suggested email funnel and 5,259-word sales page, for the premiere launch of The Photographer’s Path (spoiler: it did so well we ended up working together to tweak for the second launch … and added 8 sets of ad copy, too).

The Visual

The Results

Nicole and Dustin saw the payoff of working with Ashlyn Writes immediately to demonstrate the value of The Photographer’s Path. Nicole explains, “Your word genie magic is in full force and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. (Dustin chimed in on a few deliverables, “OK, every single one of these is insane. You’ve straight up outdone yourself, I love them, they’re perfect.”)

Their launch clocked in to score a 70% conversion lift from the goal, for solid conversion rate of 7% on the entire funnel (industry standard can be anywhere from 2-5%). For the pre-launch sequence, our emails helped push webinar turn-out to a 36.5% show-up rate (Ashlyn doesn’t sleep well if it’s under 30%), We also consulted a bit on the checkout page, which clocked in at 57% conversion rate.

Another key success factor for HF was the sales attributed to FB Ads, a whopping 77%. We also provided consultation for things like program bonuses, opt-in ideas, and name generation for different pieces of the product. With Dustin & Nicole dreaming big for their initial launch, we were stoked & honored help them push over their goal by 70% more. They say we can’t get rid of them now … and we don’t hate it, wink.