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How Ashlyn Writes Helped Jenna Kutcher Make $1.2M in Affiliate Program Sales in Seven Days


“Ashlyn’s a conversion expert. She can sell your products and services better than you can sell them yourself. She’s always tweaking and testing and is never satisfied—that’s a really big deal.”

The Challenge

Jenna is a superstar in the world of online marketing. She has helped thousands of women business owners build profitable, sustainable, and authentic businesses through her programs, online resources and Goal Digger podcast.

A natural storyteller, she manages all of her own social media accounts and is a wizard at online marketing.

But even though Jenna has a knack for connecting with her audience, trying to close sales online can leave her tongue-tied.  Her podcast and programs have helped thousands of small business owners grow their businesses, but something about composing a written sales pitch can trip her up. Even though she’s a primo sales pro, she—like other business owners—can struggle to to guide readers down sales funnels because she’s too close to her own offers. Jenna needed the words on her landing pages, sales pages, ads, and emails to do the selling for her.

She wanted readers to come for her stories, but then sign up for a program or want to know more. If the words on her landing pages, sales pages, ads, and emails could do a better job of closing sales, Jenna would be able to grow her business and achieve more balance in her life with time for family, travel, and (her favorite) naps.

Jenna needed a conversion copywriter. But not just any conversion copywriter. She needed a team who could nail her brand voice, choose the right words to sell her services, and (ideally) share her love of spicy margaritas.

The Solution

In 2016, Jenna brought Ashlyn onto her team. Ashlyn immediately immersed herself in Jenna’s brand by binging Jenna’s podcasts and absorbing every stitch of Jenna’s content. She also took the time to get to know Jenna on a deeper level—and they bonded over their roles as entrepreneurs and, later, new moms.

“Ashlyn’s gift is helping to build a true brand through words. I love pulling her into projects because she’s always studying her craft. She’s always tweaking and testing and is never satisfied—that’s a really big deal,” she said.

Before long, we’d absorbed Jenna’s voice so thoroughly that Jenna could no longer decipher what she had written and what AW had written for her.

AW took the same thorough approach with Jenna’s program launches. Ashlyn wrote Jenna’s sales-related copy and painstakingly hypersegmented Jenna’s audience, conducting split tests to see which words performed best with which audiences.

Ashlyn also leveraged her online marketing knowledge to test new practices that could garner even better results—such as subtle shifts in ad copy that could turn readers into buyers. As a result of Ashlyn’s efforts and expertise, Ashlyn helped Jenna reach a level of sales success that had seemed unimaginable before.

So when Jenna had the opportunity to offer her audience a program by a best-selling author and online marketing expert as an affiliate, Jenna knew this could be her biggest sales launch yet.

The Visual

The Results

Jenna’s prediction was right. The launch exceeded all expectations, earning $1.2M in sales in seven days. Jenna ranked number one in affiliate sales for the program and accounted for one-third of total sales for the program’s entire launch.

Today, Jenna no longer worries about getting tongue-tied or feeling apologetic about selling. She still leaves pieces of her sales writing and testing to our team, knowing she’ll continue to exceed expectations.

With Ashlyn Writes, Jenna was able to focus on what she does best and enjoys the most: sharing stories with her audience and thinking strategically about her business.

Just as importantly, our team’s involvement gives Jenna the time and space to relish other moments in life, such as watching her baby sleep—and napping alongside her. Win, win. 😉