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The Baby Notebook App Launches New Website with Copywriting for Creatives


“Ashlyn truly takes it to the next level. She gives you a system to use your customer’s words on your website and in your copy. I couldn’t be happier with her—or our new website.”

The Challenge

Founded in 2020, The Baby Notebook App is a modern baby bookmaking service that acts as your assistant and practically fills itself out—get app notifications based on your baby’s age and reminders to write down the meaningful moments … which in turn fill up a beautiful, hardbound traditional book.

Davia—one half of the sister duo behind The Baby Notebook App—came to Ashlyn Writes’s Copywriting for Creatives program as a designer working on the app’s website.

“Our site was designed to be beautiful, but it totally lacked its purpose of selling,” she said. “Ashlyn’s YouTubes had a ton of value packed into them so I knew CfC would, too.”

Like a huge chunk of our students, Davia had an eye for style and design. Stunning visual container? Check. Beautiful, breezy marketing imagery that has moms like me salivating? Also check. But it was the messaging process that had the team stalled. “Before CfC ‘copywriting’ was very unfamiliar to me,” Davia went on. “It was a new word for my vocabulary. We lacked voice, personality, and didn’t have any idea what we were doing when it came to copy.”

The Solution

The Baby Notebook App targets busy mamas who have felt the stress of needing document sweet snuggles and growing babes—finding those moments between washing bottles & managing home duties ain’t no joke (source: Ashlyn’s life). Davia got started hacking into what those women need to hear with Copywriting for Creatives curriculum.

“Ashlyn walks you through exercises to get the perfect message for your ideal client so that when your ICA is reading your copy they are nodding yes,” Davia said.

Davia worked hard to dig into Client & Customer Voice Hacking (“I didn’t have a problem with this because I am motivated” … separating her from a LOT of course takers out there). She also did an incredible job asking for feedback and vulnerably putting her copy out there for review and teardowns—that one of our favorite things about CfC: it’s an incubator of folks who understand your goal, but also may fall into you target market. “Connecting in the Facebook group and on calls was one of my favorite parts. It was surprising how helpful everyone was. You don’t always need an expert’s eye—sometimes you just need another BUSINESS owners eye to make sure they understand your product or service. That was valuable.”

A graduate of Marie Forleo’s B-School, Davia was no stranger to hosting Zoom-style interviews with potential customers for product development and research. “But Ashlyn takes it to the next level,” she said. “She gives you a system to use their words on your website and in your copy. Now, I have content for everything and I have the confidence to continue to interview and learn from our customer.”

“There is no way anyone could write in a google form as good of ICA info I received in those transcribed calls. It also made me pay attention to how I describe our app to others verbally and I started writing those down.”

^^ #winning, because if your copywriting isn’t a repeatable system, you’re doing it wrong. 😉

The Visual

The Results

And with that, the website went live. The copy sparkles, and is full of “get out of my head” moments for her ideal reader and customer. Plus, Davia got feedback on her email sequencing from a lead magnet into a sales sequence.

“Ashlyn teaches you how to write copy to sell your creative talents. For me, her system worked for our Baby Book App as well. ALL the other copywriters sell you copywriting courses for online course sales or coaching. I was searching for copy I enjoyed reading and related to. I binged watched all Ashlyn’s YouTube videos, and she was someone I knew wanted to learn more from.”

Bonus points that Davia’s moved into Facebook ad copy for the app—“After taking CfC I had the confidence to not only write and launch our website, but write and launch Facebook ads, too.” Woot!

The Baby Notebook App keeps building momentum and achieving leads. In the first month after launch, the app grew to X downloads and new leads, and HOW HAS IT MADE THEM CONFIDENT.