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The Branding Shoot Method Rings in Evergreen Sales with Ashlyn Writes


“I’m still completely mind blown about the copy you did for me. I seriously cannot wait to get this all up and implemented. I already feel so much clearer!”

The Challenge

Sandra Chau is a stylist and creative director: her clients come to her to help them develop the visuals for their campaigns, and a simple scroll of her Instagram feed shows off delicate, exquisitely styled imagery.

Her sweet spot nails the strategic, thoughtful, and minimal vibe, so we were thrilled when she reached out about messaging needs (Plus, you know those trained lawyers … Sandra’s meticulous about everything, and that’s JUST our type!).

Sandra came to AW because she said “I feel like people don’t always fully understand what I do and don’t understand how strategy plays a huge part in my styling. It’s not just about a pretty picture.”

While Sandra’s visual brand presence is immaculate, she knew tightening her brand message was paramount, especially as her course—The Branding Shoot Method—launch date was around the corner.

Sandra’s a mom of 3, and needed to put her time on this re-launch on product refinement and traffic—“I’d rather spend my time moving my business forward than stressing over copy. I’m all for outsourcing to the experts.”

The Solution

Sandra got her homework in lickety-split, and also gave us access to her program’s pre-launch video series, her course Facebook group, and all the other places we could dig into researching.

With budget and time tight, we dove into a modified version of working together, cranking out as many deliverables as possible through 2 day rates and strategy calls.

Ashlyn worked through a 7-hour version of our signature Brand Story & Website Copy package as she refined brand messaging pieces for Sandra, including drafting a suggested Brand Messaging & Style Guide (think suggested positioning statement, elevator pitch, brand & tone guidelines, etc.), as well as 3 pages of website copy.

With another day rate, Ashlyn tackled a 4,588-word sales page and some abbreviated launch consulting for Sandra’s signature The Branding Shoot Method course. *pant, pant, pant*

The Visual

The Results

Since deploying her updated sales page, Sandra has created an engine that can bring in (and close!) leads to get that Sandra Chau style … without the 1-on-1 price tag that comes with full-blown custom copywriting services.

In the first launch after our ~14 hour project, Sandra converted 4% of her warm leads with an email list just over 1k—right in the sweet spot. With the average conversion rate for e-commerce at just 1.6 percent, we work to hit with a 3-5% of warm leads conversion rate. So this was *chef’s kiss* right above that, where we like to be.

After that? The game becomes driving traffic, which is what Sandra’s been up to. Ashlyn preaches copy that works when you can’t, and how you should be able to use launch messaging for a while—sustainable messaging is our sweet spot. Sandra’s been able to CONTINUE to use the sales page for The Branding Shoot Method course, turn it on evergreen, and allow it to do its beautiful thing.