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Location: Virginia, USA
Project: Primed to Launch Curriculum

Manali Sontakke Commands More Buzz—& Higher Booking Rates—with Primed to Launch

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“PtL was ABSOLUTELY worth the investment of time, energy, and money. It gave me a framework and a mindset shift around what content to put out when—and how to do so in a way that wasn’t draining.”

The Challenge

Manali works to capture heart, soul, and impact as a wedding photographer for the modern multicultural couple—and she regularly spills her secrets with other photographers as an educator. 

As she worked to generate more and more leads at scale, Manali quickly realized how her content planning directly impacted her revenue.

But it wasn’t *quite* smooth sailing–yet.

“My content marketing planning felt very scattered, all over the place, all-consuming and like it wasn’t truly serving a purpose or impacting my bottom line,” she said.

“So I felt overwhelmed, and defeated … like I was doing a lot of work for not a lot of return.”

We can’t be having that—especially not for someone with work as exquisite as Manali’s. “Even if I was posting consistently, I didn’t have a purpose behind WHAT I was posting.”

To solidify a tighter content and launch plan mechanism for her photography business, Manali sought a tool to nurture those efforts—and she reached for the Primed to Launch methodology. 

“I’d been following Ashlyn for a LONG time and absolutely love the wisdom that she has.”

The Solution

In order to streamline her marketing energy, Manali recognized she needed to ditch the content topic rotation game. Instead? She dove head first into crafting a promo plan based off the sales she needed to make. 

“PtL showed me how to plan out my content based on my launches/marketing pushes, rather than rotating through content buckets randomly,” she explained.

Working through the curriculum, the story mining hacks got her mental wheels grinding the hardest. Creating the hours to actually get through those sticky moments was a necessity. 

“It came down to just the matter of carving out the time and space to work on it,” she added. “But Ashlyn breaks things down in a really easy-to-understand way.”

The Visual

The Results

Now? Mani is generating X% more leads YOY—without the mind-numbing amount of content for content’s sake can tend to take.

“Primed to Launch was ABSOLUTELY worth the investment of time, energy and money,” Manali told us. 

“It gave me a framework and a mindset shift around what content to put out when and how to do so in a way that wasn’t draining.”

Heck yes, but even better? Let’s talk about that ROI:

“I’ve been consistently booking at higher rates since I’ve been able to drum up more buzz around exactly what I’m launching,” Manali went on. “I think it’s helped make sure my audience isn’t confused with posting across different buckets as I’ve done in the past.”

“Now, I’m able to spend more of this time better serving my clients and growing my business!”

We’re all about an added bonus, which Manali found as she enhanced her brand messaging post-Primed to Launch: “It’s also helped me change the copy on my website & repurpose old content in new ways to speed up the amount of time I spend writing.”

“Ashlyn does a great job of making sure you understand how this plays into the larger part of running your own business.”

“This gave me a clear-cut way to organize my content in a way that impacted my sales goals,” she said.



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