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How Betty Lu Paperie Converted Leads Faster with Ashlyn Writes


“Each year, I like to make one *big picture* investment–and this year, AW was on the list. In a nutshell, everything is so clear to me now.”

The Challenge

Valerie came to us wanting to rebrand her wedding stationery line. Formerly, she was known for watercolor floral wedding invitations—she’d made a big splash with that style on Etsy, but after (almost) eight years in business, Valerie wanted to rebrand towards her true love: classic wedding stationery for southern brides. Think monograms, crests, and elegant scripts–a boutique stationery studio where less is more.

Though she’d completely mapped out an evergreen email sequence–thanks to Ashlyn’s Copywriting for Creatives program–it was time for a refresh, along with her website copy and product descriptions. Further, while Valerie’s Betty Lu Paperie business got decent traffic every month from her blog posts, the sell-through wasn’t where she wanted it. Her readers were just getting the info they needed and moving along their merry way. Most of her sales came from Etsy, but she wanted to move away from that to a standalone website.

The Solution

We set out for a Brand Story and Website Copy project (with a tish of email copy and long-term nurture sequence consulting), kicking off with our signature Brand Messaging Excavation and client interview process. “I love the idea of having a copy bank and phrases to pull from for copy in the future,” Valerie told us. “it’d be great to map out a consistent brand message for BLP that I can use for years to come.”

Sweet spot activated—we worked to hone in on Valerie’s focus and what her goals were moving forward, pulled voice of customer data from our client interviews, and laid things out in a style guide and 4 pages of website copy. ” And I would love for someone to help walk me through sales copy for wedding invitations … aside from the old, ‘Let’s set the tone for your wedding!'” With that, we moved into mapping out a customer journey and website wireframe that pulled in her ideal clients from opt-in landing pages to email nurture sequence.

Next, we provided a long-term nurture sequence email map for Valerie to see how to slot in her current opt-in strategy into a welcome sequence, then sales sequence for potential clients, both for full done-for-you services, and for the off-the-rack wedding invitation styles she has available in her shop.

The Visual



Valerie is in the process of implementing AW’s entire strategy—from the website copy to the drip sequence—but is already converting more leads.

“It sounds nerdy, but I love the strategy of everything—I learned a LOT about my business and my brand. Mission accomplished,” she said.

Since teaming up with AW, Betty Lu Paperie has seen remarkable results. During a single month of June 2021, for example, the nurture sequence shifted from an open rate and click through rate of X and X respectively to X and X—as well as a pat-herself-on-the-back number of leads and customers for Valerie.

“The web copy is beautiful and amazing—you guys are awesome, it really is spot on,” Valerie said. As we dusted off the project dust from the newly minted email sequence, Valerie told us “I’m just so in love with the emails! I can confidently take the baton from here and finish up the series.” She went on, “I’ve had an email series for a while now, but this is the biggest (and best!) deep dive I’ve taken in regards to strategizing it.”

“You brought my brand to life, it honestly was the shiny, fresh coat of paint my business needed. Before, my website felt bare. I didn’t really know how to get clients where I needed them to go. And I was doing it all wrong. Being a product-based business, I thought I had to do everything like all the big brands. I didn’t know how to inject my personality and my mission to serve clients through the copy, or that really showing readers who I am first (before showing them my products) would give them the rust they need to move forward with a purchase. After installing my brand new copy, my website now feels so much more personable—bonus points that it’s so much easier for readers to take action too, as it leads them along the way from my mission to my products & services to the checkout.” Looking ahead, this working mama of two can keep up building a brand of passionate and loyal BLP fans—and boy, we’re thrilled to get to watch her go.