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Location: Michigan, USA
Project: Copywriting for Creatives Curriculum

Desk & Design Now Leverages Copy-Driven Artistry with Ashlyn Writes Education

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“CfC … gave me the tools to write my website … and this made my work as a designer more impactful. I hear all the time from clients who are signing on that they were so impressed by my website, and how organized everything is.”

The Challenge

Mariana Durst has a clear mission: to support fine artists building their online marketing presence. 

Outsourcing copy—something Mariana naturally consulted her website design clients on & wanted to teach her future students—didn’t make strategic sense. She’d been successful in pinpointing clear messages for her clients, but as her own brand continued to grow, it became more evident that there was a need for capturing her own message well in order for her to scale (and move from purely 1-on-1 services to a roster of digital products).

“The scope of my services was overwhelmingly broad,” Mariana said. “I wasn’t completely clear on how to present my offers concisely—or in a way in which they truly spoke to the people who I wanted to serve.”

“Copywriting was just something that had to get done,” she went on. “But I started realizing that I was missing out on a tremendous opportunity to connect with my audience. I began stressing over every word wondering if I had it right, but never truly knowing if the words were going to land the right way. I wanted to get more people sticking around on my site.”

In search of a solution, Mariana turned to Ashlyn Writes and enrolled in Copywriting for Creatives.

“I had already gotten so much value from Ashlyn through all her free content … so signing on to CfC was a total no-brainer,” she said.

“I had a good newbie understanding of what copywriting could do, and I was excited to learn from someone as gifted and generous as her.”

The Solution

With Copywriting for Creatives, Mariana was able to address her own marketing needs in-house … without hiring out copywriting. It also allowed her to better understand her incoming leads and efficiently create and research future tools to help them out and set them up for success.

“CfC helped me uncover a passion for writing that I had forgotten for years. Suddenly I the task of writing for my business became an art,” she said.

“Writing copy is now something I look forward to every day.” What the what!? Heck YES! 

“Booking voice hacking interviews and getting clients from them (even though they were pitch-free) was such a win,” Mariana said.

Mariana didn’t stop there though and made the time to dig in and actually get feedback on the work she was turning around inside CfC.

“I found the weekly lives with Ashlyn supremely valuable. Having her eyes on my copy was priceless.”

The Visual


By compiling all her brand messaging in one place and by treating her business like a client (the ever-elusive goal for most small businesses like us), Mariana was able to crank out a conversion-ready website facelift for her own brand.

“CfC made writing faster for my business. It gave me the foundation and all the pro-level secrets to make my business stand out from the rest.”

Mariana’s business was also able to launch The Artist Website Academy, her signature course which has helped her become more nimble and efficient with a DIY version of her 1-on-1 service. This skyrocketed Mariana’s ability to reach more leads and increase her customer base as a designer, and gave Ashlyn the chance to consult with Mariana on the sales page and offer.

“CfC not only gave me the tools to write my website, but also helped me understand how copy comes before design. And this made my work as a designer more impactful.”

(And it’s beautiful, copy-driven work—go look at it!)

“Ashlyn’s passionate about copywriting and is generous in sharing her knowledge,” Mariana said. “CfC is a course that teaches you how to see your business offers as uniquely positioned to perfectly serve your specific audience and how to convey that clearly with words.”



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