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Relationship Coach Pivots, Niches & Rebrands with Help from Ashlyn Writes



“I’m so excited for my copy to be finished, but SO sad to be finishing. This has been way more fun than I anticipated. You are a brilliant genius and it’s been a gift to work with you.”

The Challenge

Oh, relationships, dating, and DTR situations: they’re not for the faint of heart. 

Unless you have Crystal Irom in your back-pocket, that is. When we first met Crystal, she was conducting business coaching … but had a natural knack for helping driven, confident, go-getter women wind up in winning relationships.

With that, Crystal pivoted from business coaching into the uncharted waters of relationship coaching, her TK podcast launch just an inkling of an idea. 

Crystal and Ashlyn’s team would use the Brand Story & Website Copy service to breathe life into Crystal’s vision, but first, we needed to get on the same page. 

“I want my clients to understand that if they’re feeling the pull to work with me,” Crystal told us. She knew she had the “it” factor: “I can help someone shift in their relationship mindset in a few minutes. My content and courses are so enlightening for someone like that—it’s just not the same things you’ll hear said anywhere else.”

Ok, dreamy coach, tall order, but we were up to figure out how to put it on paper. 

The Solution

The Brand Story & Website Copy package was central to pulling Crystal’s voice out and getting it prepped to head to her website designers, Davey & Krista Jones. 

She didn’t skimp on giving feedback or making sure Team AW was in the loop on what she had in mind early on in the process. “I LOVE what I’m seeing so far,” she said as we worked together. “I just figure since this is such a foundational element, the more thorough and on the nose it is, the better and easier everything else will be.”

Correct, Crystal—more is more at this point in the process!

After brand messaging was solidified, we moved over to website copy, fleshing out Home, About, and Podcast page deliverables, and even consulting on her lead generation quiz.

Crystal wanted to be warm and relatable, but with an equally elevated/authoritative tone, and that’s precisely what we worked toward.


Client Love

Great working with them!

– Katie


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