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Abby Grace Photography Makes AW Investment Back 5x Over


“You gave us elevated copy. AW is for people who don’t mess around—elevated copy for serious business owners, but that doesn’t take itself too seriously or feel out of touch.”

The Challenge

Abby Springmann is an international photographer who, after falling head-over-heels in love with weddings, realized that there are a LOT of small business owners out there in need of a strong, visual brand. She pivoted to brand photography, knocked out dozens of clients (including Ashlyn!), and began teaching her system in 2021.

She developed The Brand Photographer Academy for photographers who are looking to shoot brand portraits but, because of how new the industry is, weren’t sure where or how to get started. There IS no “industry standard” or “best or most common practice” yet. Abby set out to make one. “I love finding the gaps where my clients’ photos either aren’t working, or are missing completely, and then figuring out ways to creatively turn their invisible or intangible process into a tangible, photographic result,” she said of her process.

Abby reached out to AW for launch support for The Brand Photographer Academy. “I love teaching, but I HATE writing sales emails,” Abby said. “It’s the worst part of any and every launch. I’d love to be able to hire y’all to write that for us so we can focus on finishing up this course and working on a webinar that’ll convert well.”

But with a limited budget—DFY launch copy ain’t cheap—and first launch with tons of variables to test, we needed to get creative: this wasn’t a complete $10k service we’d be offering her. Instead, we recommended a results-driven approach that would get The Brand Photographer Academy a KILLER ROI for its pilot launch, giving Abby and her husband Matt the funds to reinvest into future launches … and plenty of data—and profit—along the way.

The Solution

We went in with surgical precision and a combination of copy solutions: at our team’s recommendation, Abby purchased 3 The Copy Bar templates specific to her launch needs, including the Sweet 16 Sales Page Template, Ad Copy Templates, and the Sales & Launch Sequence Email Templates. Tailoring these templates to her launch, she truly DIY’d almost all the copy for her initial launch. 

“The templates were such a Godsend. The part I dread most of any launch is writing sales copy, and having Ashlyn’s proven collection of emails + her sales page template to use as my guides made the process easier to tackle than I could have dreamed,” Abby said. “I mean you essentially helped to plan our launch. We had the material written, the material for the course, but the structure itself of the launch, you helped to really fill that out.”

The Visual


Abby rocked an initial launch, clocking in at a whopping 295% OVER her sales goal, pushing WAY past her 100 sales goal.

That was an 2500% return for what she invested in her launch and funnel copy assets—making her investment back more than 25 times over, so heck.freaking.yeah to that. The email sequence prior to her webinar pulled in an 33% show-up rate, and the sales page converted—that Abby wrote off my template—at an 18.9% (industry standard is around 2%, we say).

“I would, without a shadow of a doubt, recommend the templates + strategy calls solution for anyone looking to launch a product for the first time,” Abby told us. “Looking back, if we’d simply outsourced the copy in its entirety, I realize I would have struggled to enunciate my own USP to Ashlyn. But after making my way through her templates and having to put words to my product’s ‘Onlyness Factor,’ I came away with more confidence in, and a better understanding of my own product because I had to think, *really* think, through my customer’s main problem and how this course would help them solve it. I’m wildly more confident about my product, and as a result, better equipped to sell it to my audience.”